April 2023 Update:

Please send submissions to:

Are you an artist, journalist, activist, or human being with something important to say?

If so, we want to hear from you!

Nevermore welcomes submissions of articles, videos, short stories, poetry, visual art, and more.

If you think that your work would be a fit for the Nevermore, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Types of content we want to publish

Political Analysis

We publish analysis which engages with the pressing issues of our times. If you feel affinity with Nevermore, and you feel that your writing would be a fit for this project, please send us your writing.


Were you at a protest where some crazy shit went down? Did you witness a historic event? Do you want to set the record straight about something about which you have direct knowledge? Write a reportback! Please include pictures if possible.

Reports from different territories

How has the COVID coup affected the city, country, or region where you live? Nevermore has published reported from Croatia and Chiapas, and Romania, and we hope to publish many more reports in the months to come. Please write with an international audience in mind, assuming only basic knowledge of the politics and history of the region you are reporting from.

Investigative Journalism

Do you know about something important that isn’t currently being discussed in the media? Do you feel compelled to dig deep into a specific issue and break a story? Awesome!

As Nevermore grows, we intend to become a platform through which independent investigative journalism is published.

Visual Art

We welcome submissions of any type of visual art, such as drawings, paintings, photography, digital art, comics, etc… that illustrate the times that we are living in.


We welcome submissions of poetry. Please include at least one visual image to pair with your poem that we can use as a thumbnail to accompany your poem.

Prose (Fiction + Creative Non-fiction)

Have you written a dystopian sci-fi short story set in the near future that satirizes the insanity of the New Normal? Or did you write a personal account of an experience that you had that captures the spirit of the times? We would love to publish creative writing like this.

People’s History

We are interested in publishing accounts of history that are relevant to the current moment. For instance, we are now living in a time of increased censorship. What are some other times in history where censorship was prevalent? What can we learn from those episodes in history?


Know of an artist, activist, writer, or theorist doing things that you think the world needs to know about? Know of someone who was present when something important happened? Consider interviewing them for Nevermore!

Reviews & Criticism

Come across some amazing article, film, or podcast that you think the world need to know about? See something published that you think need to be critiqued? Write a review or a critique!