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My name is Iain Davis and I am the creator of In This Together. I was born on the South Coast of England many, many years ago. After living and working in other parts of the country, I returned to the sunny south and have now plonked myself near the naval city of Portsmouth, affectionately called ‘Pompey.’

I’ve worked in health and social care most of my life. I was lucky enough to take a couple of sabbatical years and wandered about a bit to see some of the world. There are still plenty of places I would love to visit.

I have worked predominantly with people with mental health, substance misuse and acute housing needs. Working in front line services, I experienced firsthand the true impact of policy decisions on people’s lives. I’ve lived through the erosion of our vital public services as successive governments made, and continue to make, destructive, even cruel policy decisions. Always at the expense of the most vulnerable and always for the benefit of the holders of power.

With a lifelong interest in politics and geopolitics I’ve been an active union member and union steward throughout my working life. I’m passionate about writing and have scribbled away, researching the topics that fascinate me, since I was a child. Politically on the left for most of my life, in recent years, I have moved away from political, especially party political, dogma.

I believe education is a lifelong journey and, following 9/11, feeling uneasy with what I thought I understood about the world, I started reading more about the influence of the power brokers behind the scenes. Brzezinski, Patrick Wood, G. Edward Griffin, Antony C. Sutton, Quigley, Rothbard and many others, helped me to discover that what we call representative democracy is really just the public relations department for an establishment power structure which voters can never influence.

I began to understand that historical, political and scientific concepts, shunned by the orthodoxy, were far more worthy of consideration than I had been led to believe. It angered me that so much knowledge was simply being denied, cheating people of their right to exercise free thought. I understood that these perspectives were deliberately obscured by state education, academic and political institutions, always assisted by the pernicious influence of the mainstream media.

So, a few years ago, I started blogging at In This Together, hoping to encourage others to consider some alternative viewpoints and potential solutions.

I published my first book ‘A Dangerous Ideology’ in 2018 and embarked upon some adult learning (obtaining a higher distinction CPD qualification in journalism.) I have made a number of short documentary videos available on my channels. I am also a contributor to the leading news websites 21st Century Wire , the UK Column , the OffGaurdian , ZeroHedge and the Corbett Report among others.

I speak out because I know humans have the capacity for immense strength, compassion and solidarity. I’ve seen it every day, throughout my working life. However, we are constantly pitted against each other by an establishment built upon the concept of ‘divide and rule.’

These divisions can only ever lead to conflict. Often, that is the intention. Yet division is not innate to us, rather we have it thrust upon us by leaders who promise solutions but operate a strategy of tension.

I firmly believe that we, the people, have the capacity build a better society. I hope, through my writing and content creation, I can contribute, in a small way, towards reinvigorating critical thought. So, following redundancy, I decided to commit as much time as possible to this effort. Why not?

I’ll never advertise on In This Together because I want to be free to exercise freedom of speech and expression. However, If you like what I do, please consider gifting a donation to this website by using any of the donation methods below.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

All the best

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