NEVERMORE is an anarchist multi-media project with the aim of revitalizing the anarchist tradition.

We are veteran anarchist organizers active with many decades of organizing experience between us.

As anarchists, we oppose lockdowns. We oppose the expansion of state power under the guise of Public Health, we oppose the profiteering of Big Pharma that has accompanied it, and we oppose the rebranding of dissent as “spreading dangerous misinformation”.

We started off in March 2021 by published ten thousands copies of a print magazine. You can check out the English version here and the French version here.

Through the process of launching this project, we have come into contact with activists from around the world with whom we are ideologically aligned.

NEVERMORE is now focused on uniting anarchists opposed to the medical-industrial-complex and the biosecurity state, that is to say, real anarchists.

The time has come to rise up against the tyranny of the biosecurity state, to declare that we will never again submit to tyrannical measures such as curfews, lock-downs, mask mandates, and vaccine passports.

The time has come to say NEVERMORE!