Brighter Future by Jordan Henderson

Jordan Henderson is an artist from the Northwest of the United States. He works in oil paint and charcoals.

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Safe and Sanitized

Expressing his ethos, he says: “Painting isn’t just a method of visual communication, it is actually communicating with visions.

“Covid-19 opened up a whole new horizon of ideas for me. It was the forced masks that fascinated me; the societal strife and the side you aligned with was now being worn on your face – or not, and the absence of a muzzle spoke even more loudly than its presence.”

Frustrated by the newly emboldened authoritarianism ushered in by Covid policies, Jordan decided to dedicate himself to using paint and canvas to speak out against the New Normal.

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Sheep, Shepherds and a Goat by Jordan Henderson

You can find more of Jordan’s work on either of his two websites.

jordanhendersonfineart.comOriginal Paintings

jordan-henderson.pixels.comFine Art Prints