“Transhumanism is the single most important thing to resist if we are to stop the deconstruction of our species”, writes Jennifer Bilek on The 11th Hour blog (June 24 2021).

She warns that people are being groomed, specifically by a certain brand of gender politics, to tolerate “greater changes to humanity”, a “more complex melding with technology than we have seen thus far”, which will lead to us being “changed forever” if we do not wake up fast.

We agree. The warped transhumanist dogma, which wants to merge us with machines to create cyborgs, lies at the centre of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and Great Reset being promoted by the World Economic Forum.

As we have previously reported, its boss Klaus Schwab is rubbing his hands together with glee at developments in neurotechnologies and biotechnologies which “are forcing us to question what it means to be human”.

Just last week, the WEF was using the virus agenda to plug “wearable” 4IR technology in the form of “a novel face mask that can diagnose the wearer with Covid-19 within about 90 minutes”.

The threat of transhumanism has become so real because of the failure of the myopic left even to identify, let alone challenge, the danger, and its gullible swallowing of politically-correct industrialist spin.

So-called rebels who imagine there is something “radical” or “liberating” about the nature-hating, life-destroying transhumanist cult of artifice might like to note that it is being embraced by the UK’s Ministry of Defence.

wearable mask

“Human augmentation is our first insight of what lies beyond today’s information Age – the coming of the Biotech age”, declares the document on the government’s website.

And it adds, ominously: “It could be argued that treatments involving novel vaccination processes and gene and cell therapies are examples of human augmentation already in the pipeline”.

Tessa Lena writes in her article ‘The Great Self-Betrayal and the Great Reset‘ that the transhumanist Fourth Industrial Revolution is now in fact “an official goal of western governments”.

She adds: “We are asked to dance along the carrot and the whip of their biosecurity-state-impact-investment-gene-therapy-total-surviellance reform but they don’t tell us how it all ends for us. Nor do they care about minds or bodies”.

As this very good article on the Wrench in the Gears website warns: “We are currently on the precipice between freedom and serfdom and it is the responsibility of anyone with a conscience to expose the dystopia into which we are sleepwalking”.