by Citizen Nobody

We who live within the machine system exist within a state of unbalance between the ego and the whole. And we have built a society that is based entirely upon the fragmentations of the ego that sees the physical separation of all things as the totality of the reality of which we are a part. And this ego-centric worldview has brought about an insane world of selfishness, greed, domination, division and fear. The physical separation of all things is not seen as an abstraction that is enfolded within the totality of the whole that is one flowing unbroken movement but as the sole totality of existence.

It is as if we see the raindrop that falls into the ocean as separate from the ocean. This is what the indigenous worldview has to teach us for through our ego we have forgotten what it means to be human, that the human species is one of many species that share this interconnected and interdependent world together. We human beings are part of this reality just like all the other animals and life forces with which we share this world, and indeed this universe together.

We have forgotten the Earth does not belong to us we belong to the Earth, that the physical is enfolded within the metaphysical. That everything touches everything that nothing exists in isolation.

There is a war going on all the time everywhere. And this war is a war between fear and love. We live in a society that is governed and ruled by fear. Everybody knows this is how it is. Fear of mortgage payments. Fear of jobs that we loath and give half our waking life too. Fear of losing. Fear of loneliness. Fear of authority, of poverty, of the oppressive denial of natural freedom. Fear of death.

And there is an authority that comes with this fear and some can submit to that authority and some can’t. The ones that can submit to it are called society. Society is submission to fear and authority. Some resist this. Some choose love over fear and refuse to submit to the abstractions and surrender to the whole.

Within this society of fear the ones that preach love we kill. And the ones that preach fear we put in the White House or in Parliament or at the head of a multi-national corporation.

The society of fear is governed by sociopathic abusers whose authority is built upon the use of violence and whose authority could not exist without the existence of that violence.

And that is not to say that there is no love in society. People are full of love, love for their families, for their children, for animals for lots of things but that love is not a product of that society it survives in spite of this society of fear, not because of it.

Yet, this love brings a need for security which in turn breeds a constant and very real insecurity. The insecurity of a job and a house payment or the price of a kids school uniform or Christmas or the next holiday or car or the future or of failing the will of the authority of the insane oppressor who owns this society of fear.

The insecurity of tomorrow, tomorrow I could lose, tomorrow I could die, tomorrow they could take your home because you lost your job and you can’t pay the rent or mortgage or because you lost your mind or yourself and could no longer function under the stress and abuse of this mirage of this society of fear.

We live in a society where it is ok to give a trillion dollars to law breaking banking cartels but those same banks can throw a family out onto the street and take their home because they can’t make the payments because they lost their jobs due to the greed of those very same banks that crashed the system in the first place. Then we wonder why so many collapse in despair under the cruelty of such a system.

The people that own the money own this system because they control the supply of money and in a society that is built upon money, a society that makes you pay to exist a price is paid for your right to your existence. Some people will not be able to pay that price and so down comes the violence and oppression.

And that price is not peace with wolves but the monetisation of the energy of our spirit that we sell to the machine system to feed it constant greed for energy. For our spirit too is part of the energy of this Earth.

Whoever owns the terms of that payment will have the power over the other and this will exist as long as we have this subservience to its authority and a desire for ownership. Ownership over money and people and nature itself.

In the society of fear we see the homeless on the streets, human beings that have been so defeated by this society that they lie in the street in the rain and snow drunk out of their minds in their own piss and vomit freezing to death and we just walk on by like they don’t exist.

Our hearts and minds have been so mined by the machine of our natural resources of love and compassion and empathy that we don’t care or maybe we ignore the homeless because we realise that tomorrow it could be us on the street and we don’t want to face that reality.

We watch nature constantly raped of resources for every dollar and it takes and takes and takes and never stops. It’s as if the machines ownership of us and nature physically is not enough to satisfy its insatiable greed so it’s comes back for ownership of our soul.

We can see this in the perpetuation of war everywhere for control of resources and power. We see it in the devastation of the environment. We see it in the amount of mental illness that pervades our lives like a rotting sore that we ignore because we are so afraid that we are afraid to even admit that we are afraid.

We see it in our addictions to television, to drugs and alcohol and cheap cosmetics and junk food and pornography and shopping and social networks. We spend our lives working to buy plastic junk that we don’t even need just so we can pour it down the hole in our soul hoping it will fill our emptiness and it never does.

The total destructive disregard for the environment where nature is seen as a wealth to be exploited not as who we are, not as the key to our survival but as a thing to be bought and sold in the market place as a cheap commodity is a reflection of our own internal spiritual crisis.

And we serve this governing power structure of society that destroys our spirit, destroys our environment, destroys the world our children will live in. It converts the energy of our lives into dollar bills and spends it how it wishes even though it is not theirs to spend. And they can only do so because we follow the illusion of their power.

That is what they call democracy in this society of fear. A society of fear that will always bring insecurity even if it brings physical freedom because at any moment you could lose everything that you ever thought of as security.

What this society of fear sees as freedom can never be freedom because fear is the opposite of freedom.

Even if it brings physical freedom through wealth still it cannot bring spiritual freedom. A freedom that is not the freedom that politicians talk about with their nationalism and their love of power or the so called freedom of choice of consumerism.

Nor is it the freedom to destroy and consume and call it wealth or the freedom of money. Or the freedom to do as you are told. I speak not of that freedom, but a spiritual freedom. Or psychological freedom, depending on your politics.

This society of fear
Values money over justice
And fear over love
And subservience over freedom
Where the most insane become the most powerful
That destroys river systems of wild fish
so we can water our lawns in summer time
That cuts down forests to build golf courses
So the bourgeoisie can fill up the hole in their soul with more nothingness
The self serving vanity of our hypocritical insanity
A society of domination and control
Where bank robbers spend more time in jail than rapists
Has conquered us by our spiritual defeat to it
And disconnected us from nature
Is at war with nature
That gives Ritalin to children
And dioxins as breast milk
Where the psychopathic rule
All its borders an illusion
Nature synthesised, forces felt but never realised.
Everything desacredised
A breakfast of slavery
Unspoken but by the gods of the hummingbird
That refuse to be conquered
For our refusal to conform is the last refuge of human decency.

We must declare independence from the society of fear and declare our dependence upon the freedom of nature. A declaration that says that freedom is fearless love and that a society of fear can never know freedom.

A declaration of dependence that says that fear and love are two forms of surrender which have two very different outcomes. Fear surrenders to the part and love surrenders to the whole.

That says that life is like a river. That says that life is like a lucid dream where you realise that you are both the dreamer and the dream. The observed and the observer.

That says that we can never escape death but we can escape death in life.

So follow the river and don’t be afraid, because no matter how hard we try or fight to stop it we can never stop that river from flowing.

And sometimes that river will be wild and the deepest shade of blue and the darkest kind of darkness and sometimes it will be gentle and tender and sweet and more beautiful than we can ever imagine.

Swimming against the tide yet carried by it
the water will flow so let go.
Be carried, wounded even but free as running water.
The wound is the place where the light gets in
somethings gotta end before something begins.

So just follow the river. Don’t fight it. Surrender to its flow. Look at the flowers, not the concrete.

The concrete is there but so too are the flowers.

Remember that.