The generally accepted view among opponents of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is that this is a key part of the trajectory to the dystopian future we’re fighting to resist:

> Maintaining the pressure to up the number of people jabbed to the maximum possible*

>This leads to the majority of the population having and accepting vaccine passports, most of which will be digital

> A high rate of take up of digital vaccine passports provides the base for the introduction of digital ID

> Digital ID will be getting developed and rolled out alongside the increasing push towards digital cash

> The combination of these lays the foundations for the introduction of a controlling system of social credit

*We know a fair few people who think that the push to get everyone jabbed is simply about protection from Covid. Given that many of those deemed to be vulnerable to Covid in one form or another have already received their two jabs, it should be clear that another agenda is at play – one that has nothing to do with the government and their corporate masters actually caring about our health.

There’s a lot to happen with that trajectory. In the last 18 months, a lot has already happened. We’re already suffering from a form of future shock. When people are perceived to be suffering from future shock, the thinking is that they’ve been softened up enough to simply roll over and accept what’s been done to them. Is this what the various parties pushing for vaccine passports and digital ID are hoping for? A look at the psyops that we’ve been subjected to could suggest this is the case. Will the bastards succeed in this endeavour?

Pause for a minute… It’s not all going to happen at once. The bastards pushing this agenda here in the UK have looked at what’s happening over in France where Macron has tried to push vaccine passports across as many aspects of society as possible and, unsurprisingly, this is meeting with some considerable resistance on the streets. They’ve learnt some lessons from this.

Macron is not naïve. Nor are those in the World Economic Forum (WEF) who are pushing this agenda. They know the reputation of the French people who will stand up when the government starts pissing on them. You could be forgiven for thinking that their reckoning is that many of us are looking to the French street to make a stand and that if they can be defeated, the rest of us will crumble.

However, what the WEF and their lackeys didn’t bargain for is that resistance to this is spreading with massive street protests in many countries alongside industrial action in France from may sectors and at the time of writing, truckers in Australia threatening to implement blockades. Not that you will see much about this in the mainstream media… The proverbial genie has escaped the bottle and it’s going to be a tough job for the authorities to squeeze it back in again.

Over here, the government appear to be going for a more incremental approach. So as things stand at the moment, it it will be the larger festivals, concerts, sporting events with large numbers of spectators and the like that will be getting pushed towards implementing vaccine passports. The thinking is that people will say ‘oh, its only for a concert’ and just accept it at that. After that, it will be the pubs and restaurants… They’re hoping that people don’t start to extrapolate and conclude that this could go a lot further down the line towards supermarkets and healthcare – not the optional things in life but what we need to survive in this society.

The authorities have invested a lot in pushing this agenda – they’re not going to give up without a massive fight. The psyops will continue to be ramped up. That includes an ever increasing amount of toxic divide and rule. The hope is that after the last 18 months, the degree of ‘war weariness’ in the populace means they will simply roll over. My gut feeling is that this will not be the roll over they’re hoping for…

This may just be anecdotal evidence but it’s worthy of consideration… We know a number of older people who complied with lockdown, social distancing, restricting their social circles, masking and ultimately, getting double jabbed and yet…they’re saying vaccine passports are a step too far. This particularly applies to digital passports. Part of that may be down to a mistrust of technology. Some of it is down to having parents who fought in WW2 and honouring the sacrifices they made to ensure they didn’t end up in a ‘papers please’ society. If the powers that be think that they have the older generation on side, they’re mistaken.

The corporate pub and cafe chains along with a number of nightclubs, concert venues and sporting venues may well feel obliged to carry on doing the government’s bidding in attempting to implement a vaccine passport scheme. That’s until the drop off in custom makes them turn screaming to the government to stop pressurising them to do their bidding. My gut feeling is that the independents don’t want the hassle involved in implementing and enforcing them. The only way they would comply is by enforcement. That responsibility would most likely fall on local councils. Have they got the resources to cover every cafe, pub and restaurant in their areas? Somehow, I doubt it…

We’re getting out and about a bit and find that by avoiding the chains and frequenting the independents, it’s almost like a return to the old normal. We can’t imagine any of them, when they don’t even bother taking your details for track and trace, suddenly asking to see a vaccine passport at the door. As for your average local boozer round our way, we just can’t see many people stepping up to the plate to take on a job on the door that would involve asking stroppy punters for proof of vaccination, let alone trying to turn them away if they haven’t been near a needle.

As for this being enforced at supermarkets, they’ll have to take on a lot of security to do this. That would create an ‘atmosphere’ which ultimately would not be good for business. Also, all it takes is a group of people at a Tesco Metro on a Friday night being denied entry and you have a ‘situation’. If people have no other options left to obtain food without being in possession of a vaccine passport, they will get angry and desperate. Angry and desperate people will do desperate things. One scenario could well be mass confrontation and looting. Do the Tescos and Sainsburys of this world really want do deal with the hassle?

There may well be a situation where for a while there’s a two tier economy with the big chains toeing the line while the independents carry on treating all of their customers like human beings. The independents will obviously come under intense pressure to toe the line. There will be a propaganda blitz aimed at getting a significant section of the populace to demand mandatory vaccine passports. More lockdowns could well be a tool to be used to ‘persuade’ people that if they don’t sign up to vaccine passports, lockdowns will be the only way of ‘controlling the virus’.

Then there’s the fact that this is a government IT project, albeit one that will be outsourced. There will be screw ups, particularly with a project on this scale. The reputation of the companies who sign up to implementing this could well end up being tarnished for a long time to come. This will not just be down to the inevitable screw ups, but also to the fact that they signed up to something that at the very least, has totalitarian overtones. However, we should not rely on the botched roll out of an IT project stopping it in its tracks. It’s up to us to provide the resistance to this…

While it sometimes feels as though we’re reeling from blow after blow, when you take a step back, this is still winnable. It does mean separating the debate around vaccine passports and the slide towards digital identity away from the one around the vaccines and instead, focusing on pointing out where the passports could lead to. That does mean keeping a distance from the anti-vaxxers…

Bear in mind that a fair few double jabbed people are dead set against vaccine passports. If they feel they’re going to be demonised by the anti-vaxxers, they’ll be understandably reluctant to join the fight against vaccine passports. The anti-vaxxers doing this need to realise that they’re playing the same kind of divide and rule games that the government demonising the unvaccinated are doing.

This can be won but we have to focus on the bigger picture and not get sidetracked. Getting tied up in debates on specific issues such as masking, who should and shouldn’t be getting jabbed and the like will result in losing sight of the bigger picture. Bear in mind that this is what our enemies want, which is why they try to bog us down with time and energy consuming rows about these issues while refusing to acknowledge the existence of the bigger picture. We need to resist getting bogged down in these distracting rows because we need to be the ones setting the agenda…