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Since the very start, the Covid narrative has been a tissue of lies.

This has extended to the political sphere, with outrageous Orwellian reversals of the truth.

While many people who identify with the “right” have been repeating the bizarre claim that corporate schemers like Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates and Ronald Cohen are all in fact “communists”, their counterparts on the “left” have concluded that everyone opposing the fascism of the Great Reset must obviously be… a fascist!

This latter fabrication, which was rolled out everywhere across the world in an obviously co-ordinated manner, is today looking increasingly threadbare.

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Comrades reporting on the big December 18 freedom protest in London noted that although there are often “a few alt-right people skulking about” at such events, opinions always stretch “across the political spectrum and in the case of the many ordinary people turning up, sit outside of it”.

The photo essay from The Stirrer adds: “There were anti-vaxxers marching alongside the double and in some cases, the triple jabbed. There were army veterans marching alongside ravers from the 80s and 90s. There were white working class people marching alongside black and Asian working class people”.

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A similar honesty emerged on the anarchist site It’s Going Down concerning the confrontations in Rotterdam in November, which saw Dutch police firing their guns into the crowd.

Commented the site editors: “Some out-of-touch ‘leftists’ have tried to dismiss these riots because they coincided with and/or overtook a protest called by the right wing against new government restrictions. However, something like last night’s youth uprising against police cannot be so simply reduced”.

Their on-the-spot correspondent wrote: “The discontent is broadening, especially now that the state is imposing more and stricter repression to control the spread of the virus.

“Anyone who isn’t pissed about what is happening is not paying attention. The fascists are abusing these frustrations, and that should not be a surprise to anyone, but discrediting all participants as ‘fascist’ is a cheap approach that prevents serious analysis.

“Yesterday’s happenings were much more than a pandemic protest. It was a widespread revolt against the police that was joined by masses of youth coming out, youth who had little to do with the protests but had every reason to seize the moment and fight back. To claim that last night happenings were ‘a fascist riot’ is simply a lie.

“As we’ve had to endure an increasingly corrupt and shameless government, more and more people are coming to the realization that the state does not care for them. They are realizing that the police and all the state’s other institutions only fight for the most privileged. They aren’t there for us, they never were and never will be”.

He concludes: “The amount of self-proclaimed leftists cheering on the police violence from last night is repulsive and utterly hypocritical”.


There has been another massive wave of protests pretty much everywhere since our last Acorn was published, notably in Germany.

On December 23 alone there were more than a hundred of these and resistance is growing in towns and cities across the territory.

The Spanish state’s Great Reset repression has also met with huge protests, such as those in Barcelona, Valencia and San Sebastian.

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One protest in Vienna, Austria, was so big that even the likes of The Guardian couldn’t ignore it!

In the rebellious French colony of Guadeloupe, singing protesters invaded the main government building.

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People have also been taking to the streets in Belgium, the Czech Republic, Greece, Denmark, Peru, Australia, New Zealand, Israel and even Siberia!

The worldwide Great Resist is in full swing now and nothing is going to stop it!

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