Guest post from Gaz in England

We do, there’s no escaping that, it’s clear to see. They’re coming in for the kill and they believe nothing can stop them.

Should the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill pass through the House of Lords in it’s entirety this country will have goose stepped via legislation into a dictatorship of one where the outcomes to what’s left of our fragile freedom mirror that of countries we sent brave misguided men and women of this island to kill and die for to allegedly protect us against.

Whilst we shout and scream about ‘illegal’ parties by the elites, the very head of them sells arms and is responsible for crimes against humanity and we never bat an eye.

The government talks of protecting our children against harm (a virus) yet happily in 2016 the now PM sells over a billion quids worth of British made weaponry to Saudi who with zeal turns it against the people of Yemen.

Over ten thousand children die in the ensuing horror and over eighty four thousand children face mass starvation. It doesn’t matter if he stays or goes, another will take his place and it will be business as usual.

Bukowski once wrote in The Laughing Heart, ‘There is a light somewhere, it may not be much light but it beats the darkness’. And so there is light, collectively around the world like mycelium thousands gather and connect becoming millions, the architecture of a global movement.

We can end this tyranny, we can put a stop to the psychological and physiological warfare that this government has battered the people of this country with and which now lines up for the total enslavement of its population.

It just takes one spark to light that fuse, to take to the streets in rebellion. Yes we can stay at home, lock in to the tv or google, and wish it away; it won’t. It will only grow stronger. And so must we.

I remember one time back in July 2005 at the G8 in Stirling, we were facing riot cops and heavy horse and tears of love came to my eyes as hundreds roared their defiance as the shields, batons and hooves rained down on us.

Legislation is in lieu of the baton for now though the effects are just as traumatizing to those it directly impacts and this is where right now we find ourselves.

I’m sure Rachel Corrie didn’t want to die crushed by a bulldozer but she believed in something that was unarguably true and in her death lit a fuse in me.

We don’t have to die for this, we can just simply walk into the street one by one ’til we are millions and say no.

“It’s only a choice, a choice between fear and love “

William Melvin Hicks – 1961- 1994