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by Paul Cudenec

A powerful and inspiring book calling for resistance to the Great Reset and its world is making waves in France.

What is perhaps surprising is that it has been published by Seuil, one of the big Parisian publishing houses.

What is less surprising is that Manifeste conspirationniste has come under attack from all the usual pro-system sources, not least on the left.

Although this anonymous work evidently comes from the Invisible Committee, of Tarnac fame, who are usually labelled “ultra-left”, these critics are seeking to smear it with the “far right” association which has today become so predictable as to be laughable.

Imagining a new opposition to this system, which entirely transcends existing classifications, is apparently beyond the range of their mental powers – or in contradiction to their underlying political aims.

Manifeste conspirationniste pulls no punches in more than 300 pages of analysis and condemnation of the Covid scam and of the abject historical failure of the left at the hour of our greatest need.

It declares: “Since March 2020, in every place and every language, the same feeling has been expressed of having entered into a dystopia from which we can no longer manage to escape.

“Some are trying to get used to this insane ‘New Normal’. They hope that if they don’t resist, they will suffer less.

“Others are trying to find the exit doors which the authorities are taking pains to close, step by step, on their fingers”. (1)

The last two years have been been a real trial, it says, for anyone who is sensitive, and in particular sensitive to logic.

“Everything seems to have been done to drive us mad”. (2)

We have been enduring a psychological “bombardment”, which has never stopped. (3)

“This is without doubt the first deadly epidemic which you need to persuade people is real”. (4)

The wordwide vaccination campaign “corresponds to no medical rationality”, the Manifeste points out. “The main ‘vaccines’ are more dangerous than the virus for most people and don’t immunise you against the illness itself. They even lead to the emergence of more virulent variants”. (5)

As for the “pass sanitaire“, whose introduction in July 2021 sparked a massive wave of revolt in France, this had nothing to do with health.

“It is a policing pass allowing them to sort out the docile members of the population from the rebels and to eventually usher in volontary digital tracking.

“It is a behavioural pass thanks to which they can force us to do whatever they like by threatening to withdraw it.

“It is a financial pass aiming to take a big step towards the digital personal identity without which all the data generated by electronic interactions, by all the sensors and connected objects with which 5G promises to saturate our everyday lives, are unsupported and therefore almost worthless.

“The market for connected objects represents a bounty of 1,500 billion euros between now and 2025. In this sense, the aim of vaccination is indeed the pass, and not the other way round”. (6)

The Manifeste muses on the sheer irrationality of the measures that have been imposed on us and the “foot in the door” psychological manipulation based on the knowledge that the kind of people prepared to wear masks outdoors would be prepared to swallow much more later on. (7)

“What claims to be the scientific handling of ‘the most terrible pandemic since the Spanish flu of 1918’, could also be described as subjecting citizens of entire societies to techniques of mental manipulation commonly attributed to ‘sects’. (8)

Subjects are methodically isolated, systematically cut off from other people, from the outside world, from the routines on which they base their lives and, at the same time, are told that there is an enormous source of Evil threatening them, sometimes taking the form of “traitors” and “dissidents”.

“This is certainly the most colossal attack we have ever seen on our joie de vivre“, (9) says the book, comenting that the “owners of this society” have assailed us with a mixture of all the psychological techiques developed since the Second World War.

It recommends reading the CIA’s interrogation manual to understand the close similarities between what we have been experiencing and the methods used to break prisoners’ resistance and make them co-operate. (10)

“Who could say that, for two years now, we have not been systematically subjected to a succession of stimuli aiming to generate a state of docile regression, to a methodical shrinking of our world, to contradictory commands designed to make us suggestible?” (11)

The “biopolitics” fuelling all of this logically results in a “permanent stage of emergency” (12) which amounts to “dictatorship”. (13)

“The notion of health propagated by biopolitics corresponds, in truth, to the very definition of sickness. This certainty that life on earth is impossible outside of the Machine”. (14)

The threat with which we are faced is not a virus at all, but the “technological acceleration” of the transhumanist project. (15)

The book is admirably direct about what is at stake here: “Those who have every interest in shutting us up in their world and closing off all the exits are, concretely, our enemies”. (16)

And it even names some of them: Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Emmanuel Macron, the Rockefeller Foundation, DARPA, Bolloré, Cargill, the European Commission, the WHO, Goldman Sachs, Louis Dreyfus, Bayer-Monsanto and the pharmaceutical industry in general. (17)

David Rockefeller

The Rockerfeller Foundation comes under particular scrutiny, as having started the whole war against traditional medicine and being behind the modern medical industry. (18)

“The first ‘public health’ campaign in France, against TB in 1917, was a Rockefeller project. What is less said is that, throughout the 20th century, ‘modern medicine’ never stopped meaning ‘American medicine’ and that the American medicine of the century was structured by the Rockefeller Foundation”. (19)

Adds the Manifeste: “The Rockefeller Foundation is not only the ignored-but-undeniable ancestor of Big Pharma. Its programme is more vast in other ways… it is total”. (20)

“What robber-barons like Rockefeller have realised is that if they want to preserve their economic power they are going to have extend their control to society as a whole”. (21)

With their background in eugenics, (22) the Rockefellers clearly have no love for the little people from whom they have long profited, but who have an annoying tendency to get in their way of their plans.

The Manifeste says of the ruling criminals in general: “Their resentment of the poor is boundless. The very fact that the poor carry on living, getting together and even feasting is enough to ruin the pleasure of world ownership”. (23)

But, of course, they don’t say as much when the little people are listening.

Instead, they pretend to be “philanthropists”, billionaires who care and whose lives are dedicated to helping those less privileged than themselves.

“They host numerous ‘data for good’ projects, ‘tech for good’ summits. They want us to think they are there ‘to do good’ and ‘for good’, these wretches. If this was really so, they wouldn’t have to announce it – we’d all know about it”. (24)

This hyopcrisy takes on a political hue, when the corporate slavemasters embrace all the rainbow colours of woke dogma.

With their ideal of security, their explicit calls for censorship and their congential technophilia, identity politics sing very much from the same hymn sheet as the general Great Reset chorus, says the book, noting that “the NGOs promoting this biopolitics are largely financed by the big US foundations”. (25)

The Manifeste takes a very critical view of the left which, it observes, seemed to disappear from the face of the earth in March 2020.

“Those who had accompanied decades of defeats with much wailing against the existing order, suddenly stepped back into the ranks, at the precise moment when what was needed was the courage to step forward”. (26)

The origins of the problem are sourced back to the left’s links to the 19th century positivist movement founded by Auguste Comte and its slogan of “order and progress”. (27)

“Everyones know people of the left – cultivated, progressive, cool, friendly, critical-minded – who, over the last two years, have aspired to nothing but deadlier restrictions on our freedom, while all the time talking only about ‘solidarity’, ‘altruism’ and ‘social inequalities’.

“Progressivism is essentially reactionary. It has always aimed to maintain order… The intellectuals’ socialism amounts to the same thing as the rulers’ conservatism. All this has never been so blatant as at present”. (28)

The left is now being exposed for what it is, says the Manifeste: “irrational by means of rationalism, obscurantist by means of scientism, insensitive by means of sensivity, morbid through hygienism, hateful through philanthropy, counter-revolutionary through progressivism, stupid for having thought itself cultivated and evil by dint of wanting to belong to the Good side”. (29)

The fact that it is now very clearly on the wrong side of history, that is to say on the side of the venal ruling class, is well illustrated by the way the left has been so eager to unleash the system’s “conspiracy theorist” smear against dissidents. (30)

In addressing this key issue, obviously central to its theme, the Manifeste Conspirationniste lays down some basic truth.

“If there are conspiracy theorists, it is simply because there are conspiracies”, it says. (31)

“There is a designer behind each and every innocent object we use, behind each detail of the urinal where we relieve ourselves, behind every single light in every shop display we approach.

“There is even one behind the newspeak terms which we pick up and are there to make us swallow some latest scam”. (32)

“What they have been rolling out under our eyes and into our lives over the last two years has every characteristic of a plan. This is confirmed by the otherwise inexplicable ferocity of the attacks against those who, without referring to this plan, have wanted to get involved with cures for Covid-19, or against those who have dared to highlight the gulf between show and reality”. (33)

Anyone with any sense is now a conspiracy theorist, says the book. Two years has left us plenty of time in which to get informed and sort out reality from falsehood. (34)

As such, we represent a great cause of worry both for the system and for those still asleep, who repeat smears and idiotic clichés regarding what the book describes as “our metamorphosis”. (35)

“Our crime, in truth, is to try to understand the world in which live and to have the gall to do so on our own terms, by our own means and, unforgivably, on our own basis”. (36)

The accusation of conspiracy theory serves to protect the barefaced lie

Manifeste Conspirationniste

The smears rolled out against “conspiracy theorists” are an attempt to place the system beyond all criticism, to create a smokescreen for future operations. “The acccusation of conspiracy theory serves to protect the barefaced lie”. (37)

“Anti-conspiracy rhetoric is used, by the owners of this world, to grant themselves a monopoly of the right to conspire”. (38)

The more the ruling clique feel threatened, the more they ramp up the rhetoric. But it is the same tired old rhetoric that we all have heard so many times before.

The book points out that the “anti-semitism” smear currently being used against dissidents was also used against the Nuit Debout and Gilets Jaunes movements in France. (39) In the UK, former Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn was the perceived threat targeted in the same way.

Censorship and absurd defamation go hand in hand. Web content which threatens the narrative is discretely made to disappear.

“Henceforth, it seems that a total nobody can threaten public security. You have never needed to do so little in order to become a quasi-terrorist”. (40)

An important element in the book is the historical context which it provides for the Covid coup.

It reminds us that no sooner had the Cold War against the Soviet block ended, than, between 1998 and 2001, a vibrant anti-globalisation movement hit the streets aross the world.

This only came to an end with 9/11 and the so-called War on Terror.

“For the rulers, their fear of the people has always outweighed that of the foreigner, the fear of the enemy within that of the enemy without. The struggle declared against one, serves primarily as an alibi for an effective struggle against the other”. (41)

Moving forward to 2019, the Manifeste recalls the riots in Hong Kong and revolts in Lebanon, Catalonia, Chile, Iraq and Colombia – as well as the ongoing Gilets Jaunes rebellion in France (cited as a cause for concern by the WEF’s Klaus Schwab in his book on the Great Reset).

It argues that for the rulers of the world in the autumn of 2019, it was “time to blow the whistle for the end of playtime”. (42) “They had to try something. They had to regain the upper hand, whatever the cost”. (43)

“This is why such a ferocious preventative counter-revolution is in full swing, under the pretext of handling an epidemic. The innocents will always find this hard to believe”. (44)

Despite widespread naivity in the face of “this world of professional liars” (45) we are now witnessing an “epidemic of disbelief”. (46)

There has, says the Manifeste, been a period of great confusion since March 2O2O. “But it is the sort of confusion which immediately precedes illumination. For those who allow themselves to see, the last two years have produced great clarity”. (47)

We dissidents, we conspirationnistes, are driving the rulers mad, says the book. We refuse to be distracted or terrified. We inform ourselves. We discuss. We read. We think. Worse still, we share what we believe we have understood.

“And, above all, we, for our part, know where we live“. (48)

I was very interested in this last line, as it chimes in perfectly with the theme of my new book The Withway. Knowing where we live is to enjoy a relationship to place which is regarded as a threat by a power which wants us helpless and lost in our real existence, totally dependent on the virtual grid of its remote control.

This encouraging impression was confirmed by several other passages in the book:

* “We are up against the outcome of an entire civilization. The anthropological and planetary devastation which is now being exposed everywhere is the culmination of a process which perhaps started with the birth of civilization, nay with our separation from ‘nature’”. (49)

* “Each time that they do away with that which connects a being with the world and with others, we are looking at an attempt at annihilation”. (50)

* “The fabric of relationships which creates our own power and our involvement in the world itself designates a place. We are this moving and inobjectible place. And this cannot be abstracted, modelled, spatialized, equated and then managed from afar – it is a place. If the cosmocrats really want to be everything, everywhere and take over everything; they will be nothing, nowhere”. (51)

* “There is a convention that we distinguish between different forms of participation, between our relationship to others, our relationship to the world, our relationship to ourself. It is an analytical convention. Presence to oneself, presence to others and presence to the world bear the same signature. We take something from that to which we clearly relate, but we even take something from the universe as a whole. Every microsecond, particles from the end of the universe bombard us, not least the light of the stars”. (52)

* “Living is not being an autogenous organic centre, nor a will to force or an organising force – it is participating in that which surrounds us. It is being in a state of cosmic participation”. (53)

As I make clear in The Withway, the empahsis on withness on every level is in direct contradiction to the dehumanising, disempowering industrial politics shared by all those currently lined up on the other side of the barricades in our epic struggle for freedom.

Uprooted, isolated, enfeebled, they offer less resistance

Manifeste Conspirationniste

In the words of the Manifeste, the biopolitics embraced by the left involves the use of “ways of depressing us, weakening us, killing us – by turning us away from our relationship with the world which nourishes us, enhances us, makes us shine, brings us alive in making us part of everything which lives”. (54)

The left’s language is a deceptive one, masking a dark agenda, explains the book. Its “social question” sounds positive to our ears, “loaded as it is with so many good intentions across 200 years by so many reformers and revolutionaries who have stupidly climbed aboard, is a ploy”. (55)

But the aim is to turn authentic and connected people (withfolk in my own terminology) into “extraterrestials” who can be moved around at will to suit the aims of the ruling mafia, with their territory plundered and poisoned.

The dispossessed, with no land to feed them, can easily be herded into factories, for the profit of the overlords.

“Thus uprooted, isolated, enfeebled, they offer less resistance to being treated as vague matter, with no specific qualities or character, a sort of clay to be modelled by the state’s engineers”. (56)

Those who feel that any talk of rootedness, of attachment to place and cultural belonging, is dangerous territory, perhaps the start of a slippery slope towards nationalism or racism, have fallen into the trap set by the system via “left-wing” thinking.

Adds the Manifeste: “For 200 years now, the social question has rendered this invaluable service; silencing with all its moral authority those who live somewhere, in a certain way and who care about that. It is a machine of devasation which has moreover perfectly succeeded and which is still used more than ever to bulldoze our lives”. (57)

“Those who destroy under the guise of improving seem terrified by the idea that we can relate to life on the basis of our own self, on the basis of where we are, on the basis of our involvement in the world. They have to use every means possible to abstract us from what we are, from what we know, from what we feel”. (58)

“We will only get beyond the social question by setting out a new geography, inseparably physical and spiritual”. (59)

There is an urgent need to break once and for all with this left, to leave it behind us and think differently.

I do not mean, of course, that we have to reject the points of view usually associated with the left with which we agree. But we need to shake off the left as an entrenched dogma restricting the depth of our understanding and our resistance, as an ideological cult which we can now see has been manufactured by the ruling mafia specifically to protect their power.

The Manifeste is very much a call to arms, a call for genuine dissidents to regroup on a new basis to take on the intensified tyranny being inflicted on us.

To do this, it says, we need to take up the conspiracy theme in a different way and “reappropriate the art of conspiring”. (60)

“The ‘good’ side of the Gilets Jaunes was the open occupation of roundabouts during the day and the discrete disabling of speed cameras during the night.

“The only notorious historical limit to conspiratorial activity is that it is vulnerable to infiltration. In the face of this, the remedy is the multiplication of conspiracies, so that they are so numerous and so varied and so widespread that none in particular is so central that its sinking will bring down everyone else with it”. (61)

The Manifeste says this conspiracy of resistance arises not from a heresy but from a schism. (62)

Nothing can be done, it says, for those who persist in projecting good intentions onto their masters, for fear of toppling the flimsy house of lies that is their own social existence. (63)

Nothing can be done for those who submissively accept total control as a condition for “getting their freedom back”. (64)

Its interest lies rather in the new spirit of rebellion which has seen the use of forged documents in France rise to a level last reached in 1944 under German occupation.

But while many worthy citizens have discovered within themselves the soul of a wartime resistance fighter, many others have revealed themselves to be modern-day collaborators. (65)

Hence the schism and the need to unite with others on the same side of the newly-evident faultline.

Ruling classes have always used the technique of divide and rule to keep us fighting amongst ourselves, rather than against them.

This is very much the case today, when so many so-called radicals are scared to resist alongside others who do not have exactly the required background or the “correct” opinions on everything.

The Manifeste makes an entirely legitimate analogy with the moment 80 years ago at which France was last faced with a danger of this magnitude.

“If, at the beginning of the Resistance, we had been stuck with asking who’s a catholic and who’s a protestant, who’s a communist and who’s an anarchist, who’s French and who’s Armenian, who’s a republican and who’s a monarchist, who’s a worker and who’s an academic, we would never have dared do anything”. (66)

The beauty of an impure insurrection was famously invoked by graffiti in Paris at the start of the Gilets Jaunes uprising in 2018 and the book adds: “The preaching of purity has always been the signature of the corrupt”. (67)

“The joy of conspiring is that of the encounter, of discovering brothers and sisters even in the last place we would have expected”. (68)

Vengeance for the last two gruelling years is the aim of this new conspiracy of unlikely allies.

“We want to get our own back. Get our own back for the last two years of psychological torture. For having had our arms twisted to get vaccinated. For the dead we could not bury. For friends lost, messed up or on anti-depressants. For the growing desert. For the forced silence. For the monstrous lies we have been made to swallow. For the insults to logic. For the scars on our sensivity. For the old, abandoned without warning, and the children, maltreated for no reason”. (69)

And against whom will our historical vengeance be enacted?

“We know who they are. We have been watching them at work for thousands of years. We are the accumulated knowledge of the generations, possibly of the entire species”. (70)

“The cosmocrats are now claiming to have all the solutions for the problems they created. But we know that they are the problem. We have no objection to make to the ‘Business for Nature’ coalition, to the global ‘Green New Deal’ or to the ‘Great Reset’. There will be no debate with them… We have to simply get rid of them. It’s not a question of a transition, but of their extinction”. (71)

The Manifeste concludes by offering a picture of the way ahead for the impure resistance which features “method, tenacity and prudence”, “trusted allies”, “daring attacks against logical targets” and “the certainty that we are the life which will, at last, be victorious”. (72)


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