by Margaret Anna Alice. Originally published on her Substack.

Sparring with the Belligerently Bamboozled Tug of War

I spent Easter Sunday sparring with a Covidian on Twitter. It started out with a debate on my tweet announcing Are You a Good German or a Badass German? and spilled over into my subsequent tweet on Letter to the California Legislature. I have consolidated our exchanges here for your amusement and education regarding the Covidian mind.

JOHN KOCUREK: I read insane people as a hobby and I think this is one of the 5 most insane COVID takes I’ve ever seen. Congratulations.

MAA: Like Good Germans, you’ve acclimated to the totalitarian inversion of sanity, so being called insane by a menticide victim is a compliment!

“A nation that normalizes and mainstreams mental illness is … a very large insane asylum with no refuge for the sane.”

—T. Goode Charley

JOHN: Yeah yeah, anyone who disagrees is a nazi. Been done a thousand times. Not interesting on its own. But your article was outstanding lunacy and I loved every second. Thank you.

MAA: You said that, not me. You created a straw man to knock down instead of confronting the reality that you have succumbed to propaganda.

“He who dictates and formulates the words and phrases we use, he who is master of the press and radio, is master of the mind.”

Rape of the Mind

JOHN: Ah you got me! Of course “Good German” has nothing to do with Nazis, how could I make that mistake😂

There is so much confident incompetence out there I feared I’d grown bored of it. You’ve reinvigorated me. I thank the adults in your life failing you.

MAA: Evidently, you don’t understand the term.

“‘Good Germans’ is a term referring to German citizens during and after World War II who claimed not to have supported the Nazi regime, but remained silent and did not resist in a meaningful way.”


“A citizen of Nazi Germany who participated in or overlooked atrocities while denying personal moral responsibility by appeal to his submission to supposedly legitimate authority.”

Urban Dictionary

“They were as uninterested in the outside world as their contemporaries in France—or America. None of them ever heard anything bad about the Nazi regime except, as they believed, from Germany’s enemies, and Germany’s enemies were theirs.”

They Thought They Were Free, The Germans: 1933–45

JOHN: See, that’s why you’re elite at what you do. Parsing of the language is Rush Limbaughesque. Congratulations. 

What cute term do you have for the small group of Germans that embraced psuedoscience (eugenics) and fostered anti-government rage in the early 1930s? I know a term!

MAA: You are confused again—the small group of Germans that fostered pseudoscience took over the government in 1933 and suppressed anti-government dissent and free speech, just like the Covidian cult leaders you have relinquished your mind to.

Your inability to parse language makes you susceptible to framing, propaganda, and mass formation. If you wish to recover from mind control, you will need to embrace that ability instead of slinging ad hominem attacks to deflect from your culpability in defending totalitarianism.

JOHN: You keep talking about totalitarianism. Who do you recommend I vote for in 2024?

MAA: I’ll wait to see if anyone with character and integrity steps forward, but I’m not holding my breath given the paucity of politicians with either of those qualities.


One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough… (It) has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back. – also Carl Sagan

MAA: Funnily enough, I just used that same quote in an exchange with another Covidian. Sagan really pegged you cult followers well, didn’t he? The question is, Why have you given charlatans control over you, and why are you so stubbornly resistant to waking up from your bamboozlement?

JOHN: I haven’t given charlatans control over me, I’m being a Badass German and arguing with one right now.

MAA: Fabulous! Welcome to the #BadassGerman Club, then, and congratulations on jettisoning the delusions being peddled by government-sponsored charlatans! I knew there was hope for you, after all. Anyone who quotes Sagan can’t be entirely lost.

JOHN: Thank you. Next time I’m in Ashland can I come pick up a badge or something?

MAA: I can mail you one if you give me your address.


Repetition & Ridicule Fallacy

“If you hear something enough times, you will believe it. No matter how ridiculous, if you are presented with ‘facts’ in a certain way, you are hardwired to believe them. This is known as the appeal to ridicule fallacy.… Alternatively, if a ridiculous idea is given gravitas and treated with reverence, it will seem more viable. Repetition is a powerful tool, and when teamed with a shaming technique, it can be effective.”

—Neil Morton, Psychological Warfare & Deception

JOHN: I willingly read your blog. I willingly read your “facts.” I seek out people like you for fun, yet I’m not swayed. Why not?

MAA: That was my question to you—why aren’t you swayed by facts? Is it because you’ve been brainwashed into fearing anything that counters the Covidian cult’s propaganda or because you actually haven’t delved into the thousands of hyperlinks I’ve provided as supporting evidence?

I appreciate that you’re reading my blog—that is a big step for a Covidian. I still have hope that you will awaken from your hypnosis. Keep reading and keep being willing to challenge your indoctrination, and you may be able to liberate yourself from menticide, after all.

JOHN: I haven’t seen any facts. You just put quotes over your very nonspecific opinions and present it as truth. I would love to see some actual science from you, because I’ve seen plenty which disagrees. You promote ivermectin for heaven’s sake.

MAA: What’s nonspecific about 1,226,312 adverse reaction reports, including 26,976 deaths to the CDC?

Or about Pfizer clinical trial data showing 1,223 deaths, 158,000 adverse events, and 1,291 side effects in the first 90 days?

JOHN: Adverse effects happen anytime you stimulate an immune response. That’s been known and is largely accepted as a reasonable risk because whichever disease you’re protecting about is gonna have even worse adverse effects. This is basic vaxx science.

MAA: Haha, a 300% increase in adverse events, including death, are an acceptable risk in exchange for an absolute risk reduction of 0.84% according to Pfizer’s own data?

This shows mortality rates reported to CDC following injections for all vaccines since 1990. See anything weird starting in 2021?

JOHN: Yes. COVID has killed over 6 million worldwide, and injured millions more. Non-vaxxed suffer wildly unequally.

There are medical professionals hired to make these calls and thank heavens for them. When housewives in Oregon get ahold of raw data they can’t interpret, well….

MAA: No, COVID *policies* have killed millions via murderous protocols like remdesivir and intubation/ventilation paired with the denial of life-saving early treatment protocols, which threaten the EUAs that gave BigPharma immunity from liability. Plus inflated death counts from fraudulent PCR tests and counting deaths “with” not “from” COVID.

Oh yes, shut down our minds and let the “experts” tell us what to think because we mustn’t worry our pretty heads about what BigPharma doesn’t want us to see. What a perfectly behaved little Covidian cult follower you are, enslaved to your bamboozlers.

“Non-vaxxed suffer wildly unequally.” Umm, no, that’s more propaganda. It’s actually wildly the opposite.

JOHN: “a naturopathic medical doctor.”

MAA: I would have cited the inventor of mRNA technology, but such a comprehensive smear campaign has been levied against him (remember the Vioxx hit list for doctors that exposed its dangers?), I knew you would immediately shut it down.

JOHN: I acknowledge it. I click every link you post. It’s nonsense.

Homeopathy is nonsense, too. It’s been discredited since… forever, so the only path for those quacks is to try to discredit actual science and doctors, which is where you come in. You’ve been taken by charlatans.

MAA: I agree with you about homeopathy being bunkum. Way to create a straw man and knock it down since it has nothing to do with this discussion.

JOHN: You linked to two different substacks by homeopathic doctors.

MAA: Colleen Huber is a naturopath, not a homeopath. I don’t know whom you’re referring to as the second one.

JOHN: Oh sorry, totally different.

MAA: Thank you.

JOHN: Do you think there could be an extremely obvious, Occams Razor reason mortality rates are up?

MAA: To deny it is delusional.

JOHN: I don’t deny it. Mortality rates are up. There is a pandemic running rampant and largely unopposed. Not complicated

MAA: Then how come mortality rates only started skyrocketing in January 2021 after the rollout of the global mass injection experiment?

JOHN: Vaccine rollout ended most lockdown measures.

MAA: So you at least acknowledge that your expert-recommended lockdown measures caused fatalities and harm, that’s something. Now how do you explain places that locked down during 2021 but still saw record-high mortality rates?

JOHN: Check overall deaths. It’s gonna blow your mind. Again, the argument isn’t that the vaccine is perfect, it’s that it’s a much better alternative than rushing COVID. The data back that up. 

Your inability to understand scientific data is the problem here.

MAA: Oh, thanks for reminding me! Overall deaths ARE mind-blowing. Life insurance companies around the world are reporting historically unprecedented mortality rates (non-COVID), such as a 40% increase for the 18–64 age group—a 12-sigma event.

Your unwillingness to acknowledge data that contradicts your belief system is the problem and yet another indication that you have fallen prey to charlatans of the Covidian cult.


“If you want to save your child from polio, you can pray or you can inoculate. … Choose science.” —Carl Sagan

MAA: Great example of how you’ve been bamboozled! You were deceived into believing these gene therapy transfections are “vaccines” so you would conflate them with historical vaccines and “trust the Science™.” See how easy it is to control you when you don’t parse language!

Bayer’s Head of Pharma Stefan Oelrich brags about how easily you were suckered into this bait-and-switch:

“If we had surveyed 2 years ago if people were willing to take gene or cell therapy and inject it into your body, we would have probably had a 95% refusal rate.”

JOHN: Oh, I see. Where did you go to medical school again?

MAA: That’s right, resort to appeal to authority because engaging in critical thinking, analysis, and independent thought are all verboten in the Covidian cult.

JOHN: Why would you be so opposed to a bill that bans COVID disinformation? There’s none of that going on here.

MAA: Good point. It’d be nice if governments were prohibited from using psychological warfare/disinformation campaigns against its own citizens.

The Reason You Don't Know You've Been Lied to, Conditioned, and Brainwashed Meme

JOHN: The daily mail, huh. Is that an offshoot of the new england journal of medicine or something?

MAA: Oh yes, I should have known you would fail to evaluate the content and would immediately dismiss anything your propagandists have warned you to fear. How about The Guardian? And this Yale study.

JOHN: Like, if I say 2+2=5 and nobody pays attention to me, am I the victim of a totalitarian state?

MAA: Yes, that’s exactly what you’re doing, and you are indeed the victim of a totalitarian state as evidenced by the fact that you now believe 2+2=5. That was the lesson of 1984.

JOHN: Hey let’s call 99.99999% of scientists wrong and evil then let’s quote Carl Sagan about it! I’m sure that’s what he was going for.

MAA: Thanks, John, for continuing to provide evidence of the mechanisms of your brainwashing. The Ministry of Truth has censored the voices of the million+ brave scientists and physicians courageous enough to expose BigPharma propaganda, fraud, malfeasance, and corruption.

Of Course All Scientists Agree When You Censor the Ones Who Don't

“When an entire society, particularly its professions, radically transforms the meanings of right & wrong & then lives by those inverted meanings … they cannot be excused from accepting responsibility for the consequences of their actions.”

—James Glass, Life Unworthy of Life

The scientists who remain silent are ignorant, cowardly, bribed, blackmailed, & coerced into committing scientific fraud like Dr. Andrew Hill admitted in his Zoom call with Dr. Tess Lawrie.

In Ordinary Men, Browning notes that only 12 out of 500 men excused themselves from massacring Jews when given the opportunity. Groupthink, the pressure to conform, & obedience were among the many factors that caused the majority to commit murder instead of refusing orders.

“Most people ‘slip’ into the roles society provides them … the exception—the real ‘sleeper’—is the rare individual who has the capacity to resist authority and assert moral autonomy but who is seldom aware of this hidden strength until put to the test.”

—Christopher Browning

Obedience Vs. Resistance White Rose Sticker

JOHN: A million plus?? Wow. Can you name like, 10? Should be easy.

MAA: Very easy: Great Barrington Declaration

I started a list off the top of my head in this comment and have added several hundred to my own list since then.

JOHN: Oh, glen greenwald. That explains a lot.

MAA: I agree, Glenn has really been a letdown when it comes to challenging the COVID narrative. But he still gets props for breaking the Snowden story and Biden laptop exposé, which the MSM is now reluctantly admitting they lied about to manipulate the election.

JOHN: I googled the very first guy and this is what popped up. Greenwald, like you, can’t tell the difference between “wrong” and “silenced.” The free market has spoken in you and your kind I’m afraid.

MAA: Haha, of course you did. Look how easily you’re corralled by the Ministry of Truth to shut your eyes, plug your ears, & stamp your feet at anyone they tell you to fear. Here’s a Forbes article from before Mike was unpersoned for challenging the narrative.

JOHN: Yeah, exactly. You don’t know how an airplane works so you trust the pilot, right? Do you trust the person who makes your computer or do you march on washington every time it crashes?

Critical thinking means knowing whom to trust. You trust homoeopathic quacks. This is a problem

MAA: “Critical thinking means knowing whom to trust.”

Amen! So why do you trust BigPharma shills instead of ethical doctors who challenge their lies? Like Dr. Tess Lawrie, physician & WHO consultant with 121 peer-reviewed pubs, 5,372 citations, & 186,895 reads at ResearchGate?

JOHN: Because she’s pushing unproven treatments and actively harming people? It’s not complicated.

MAA: You said you clicked on every link I post, but you obviously didn’t watch Letter to Dr. Andrew Hill documenting Hill’s scientific fraud committed on behalf of his paymasters, which he knew would result in 500k deaths due to denial of access to IVM.

JOHN: Here ya go friend

MAA: Beautiful example of the BigPharma-funded propaganda in action, thank you. Since you like reading my articles, I wrote a whole piece on the disinformation campaign against IVM.

JOHN: Yes.

“The study findings do not support the use of ivermectin for patients with COVID-19,” researchers said in the study published last week in JAMA Internal Medicine.

MAA: Oh yes, the JAMA study: “the actual data argued for it, raising the possibility the authors phrased the conclusion to say the opposite of their results so that JAMA would publish the study.”

Another example of the censorship of research & studies that contradict the narrative. British Medical Journal Editor Peter Doshi discusses this corruption of the scientific industry, & the BMJ is one of the few journals willing to expose BigPharma fraud:

JOHN: Can’t disprove it, must be corruption!

MAA: Don’t worry, there’s plenty of evidence of corruption (e.g., here and here).

JOHN: Ivermectin is a miracle! With no proven benefit whatsoever for COVID.

MAA: Haha, you really are a case study in gullibility, aren’t you? Did you examine the real-time meta-analysis of 82 studies I linked to? Do you know anything about the studies comprising hundreds of thousands in Brazil, Uttar Pradesh, and 20 countries demonstrating its efficacy?

JOHN: Merck makes ivermectin. Big poo harma conspired against itself?

You can write anything you want into this machine, but you can’t in court.  Your beliefs are flawed and your understanding is flawed and so you blame the government, a classic bogeyman.

MAA: Your ignorance is showing again. Pharma can’t profit from off-label medications, & a Nobel Prize–winning drug with a 40-year safety record & proven efficacy threatens their billion-dollar recurring revenue from the salfivic injection you’ve been peddled.

JOHN: [quoting Sagan from my essay]

“We’ve arranged the society based on science and technology in which nobody understands anything about science and technology, and this combustible mixture of ignorance and power sooner or later is gonna blow up in our faces.…

he’s talking about you, lady

MAA: Thanks for this impeccable specimen for my proposed DSM entry on Covidius Projectionitis—a.k.a. “Accuse the other side of that which you are guilty.”

“[The masses] turn aside from evidence that is not to their taste, preferring to deify error, if error seduce them. Whoever can supply them with illusions is easily their master; whoever attempts to destroy their illusions is always their victim.”

—Gustave Le Bon, The Crowd

It must take a Herculean effort to remain so ensconced in your hypnotic delusion that you can blot out objective reality so well. Tell me, is your belligerent ignorance from lack of awareness due to your gullible belief in propaganda or willful rejection of scientific facts?

If you wish to open your mind & awaken from the false narrative you’re so smugly wedded to, here are a few books to get you started:

JOHN: Referring to psychological phenomenon is not proof of anything, especially when you’re a walking bag of cognitive biases. Your posts are entertaining but would not hold up to any scrutiny, which is why you’re on substack and not some nobel prize panel.

MAA: There you go practicing Covidius Projectionitis again! Funny you should mention Nobel Prize winners because there are several who contest the narrative. And it is an honor to be on Substack, where I am not beholden to corporations that stifle speech exposing BigPharma corruption.

JOHN: How much money do you spend on substack subscriptions?

MAA: A lot less than you spend to be brainwashed by legacy media.

JOHN: Vaccines having limited adverse effects is not newsworthy, sorry.

Anyway I gotta go, thank you for being my entertainment for the evening. Have fun yelling at clouds. I hope your kids start talking to you again one day.

MAA: Haha, thanks for sparring, John. In another world, we could be friends. Maybe we can someday when you wake up from your hypnosis.

Note: Inline links have been embedded for ease of reading. I have left mistakes and truncated-for-Twitterisms intact for fidelity. In one case, it was unclear what John was responding to, so I include the orphaned line here for the record but did not want to change the meaning by placing it in the wrong context:

JOHN: Yeah that’s not a mystery

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