Reject S.3737 (Promoting Public Health Information Act) and All Other Legislation, Tools, & Infrastructure Targeting Free Speech

by Margaret Anna Alice. Originally published on her Substack.

“In 1946 the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution reading in part, ‘freedom of information is a fundamental human right, and the touchstone of all the freedoms to which the United Nations is consecrated.’ This is our touchstone as well. This is the code of the Voice of America. We welcome the view of others. We seek a free flow of information across national boundaries and oceans, across iron curtains and stone walls. We are not afraid to entrust the American people with unpleasant facts, foreign ideas, alien philosophies, and competitive values. For a nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people.”

—President John F. Kennedy, Address on the 20th Anniversary of the Voice of America, February 26, 1962

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

—CIA Director William Casey, February 1981

I am calling on you to reject S.3737 (Promoting Public Health Information Act introduced by Senators Ben Ray Luján and Chris Murphy) and every other instrument of censorship under consideration now and in the future.

Below is one of the dubious duties delineated in S.3737:

(C) strategies to improve communication and dissemination of scientific and evidence-based public health information to the public, and, as appropriate, to address misinformation during public health emergencies, including strategies to—

(i) identify the most effective methods for the dissemination of information during a public health emergency;

(ii) determine best practices and communicate information to populations that may be impacted by such misinformation; and

(iii) adapt approaches for the dissemination of information, as appropriate, to address emerging trends related to misinformation.

This proposed anti-democratic legislation would establish a Public Health Information & Communications Advisory Committee that would in effect serve as a Ministry of Truth for the realm of public health, which we know after two years of liesconsistently failed policies, and human rights violations has only resulted in astounding numbers of injuries and fatalities for We the People.

This proposed anti-democratic legislation would establish a Public Health Information & Communications Advisory Committee that would in effect serve as a Ministry of Truth for the realm of public health.

While authoritarian COVID policies have shoved ordinary citizens deeper into poverty, Pfizer has been crowned a “$100 billion pharma goliath” and BigPharma enablerspropagandistscolluders, and tyrants have become grotesquely affluent, with COVID racketeering making a new billionaire every seventeen hours.

Now that the hysteria and injectable product uptake levels have peaked, that’s down to a new billionaire every thirty hours, according to the latest Oxfam report, which reveals “the world’s ten richest men own more wealth than the bottom 40 percent of humanity, 3.1 billion people.” Time to fire up the next extortion scheme.

Had legislation like S.3737 and California’s AB2098 existed in the past, the physiciansscientists, and individuals fearlessly countering the menticidal propagandizing about hazardous products would have been stomped under the jackboot of the fascist corporate-government pantechnicon, and the quacksalvers would still be wreaking destruction on the populace today.

Children would still be getting paralyzed and dying of lead-arsenic poisoning from Paris Green-drenched strawberries, enjoying 170–330 millirems of radiation with their Quaker Oats courtesy of MIT, and being intentionally infected with Hepatitis A under the aegis of vaccine development.

Babies would still be being born with missing limbs and organs outside their bodies from their pregnant mothers having taken thalidomide for morning sickness, and Dr. Frances Oldham Kelsey would have been stripped of her license, libeled, and unpersoned for “reject[ing] the application for thalidomide on the grounds that it lacked sufficient evidence of safety through rigorous clinical trials” instead of being given the President’s Award for Distinguished Federal Civilian Service by President Kennedy.

Victims of Thalidomide
Victims of thalidomide
Dr. Frances Oldham Kelsey Being Awarded the President’s Award for Distinguished Federal Civilian Service by President Kennedy
Dr. Frances Oldham Kelsey being awarded the President’s Award for Distinguished Federal Civilian Service by President Kennedy

Mothers would still be dying of puerperal fever during childbirth, and Ignác Semmelweis would have died a lonely, tragic death in an asylum because the “experts” of his day scoffed at his advice to wash their hands between autopsies and deliveries. (Oh wait, that is what happened to Semmelweis, but “The Science” eventually caught up with his recommendations and countless children didn’t grow up motherless because of it.)

Parents would still be spritzing their children with DDT before they went out to play, and kids would still be darting through clouds of DDT at the beach like sprinkler jets.

DDT Spraying and Ads

Women would still be smoothing radium cream into their cheeks and drinking “fresh, invigorating, natural radioactive water.”

Radium and Radioactive Products

One in 1,000 children would still be contracting poliomyelitus from the early polio vaccines, and Dr. Maurice Brodie would have been vaulted into bankable celebrity instead of dying of a suspected suicide at thirty-six.

Mothers would still be soothing their teething babies with cocaine, heroin, chloroform, morphine, opium, and pentobarbital products.

Ads for Cocaine Products

Patients taking Merck’s Vioxx for osteoarthritis pain would still be dropping dead of heart attacks and strokes beyond the 55,000 premature deaths found to have been caused by “the FDA’s failure to recall Vioxx earlier.”

Patients taking Merck’s Vioxx for osteoarthritis pain would still be dropping dead of heart attacks and strokes beyond the 55,000 premature deaths found to have been caused by “the FDA’s failure to recall Vioxx earlier.”

People would still be developing infantile paralysis from lead chips at their places of residence and employment, and children would still be suffering neurological and organ damage from exposure to lead products (oops, that’s still happening, too).

Doctors would still be performing lobotomies, whose inventor was awarded the Nobel Prize for a “technique that just possibly came too soon for the technology and medical philosophy of its own epoch.”

Mercury would still be “considered a near-miraculous substance capable of eradicating the most severe diseases,” and patients would still be downing “mercury cyanide, mercuric iodide, mercury benzoate, and mercuric chloride” from corporations like Eli Lilly and Sharpe & Domme.

Babies would still be getting patted down with Johnson & Johnson’s asbestos powder.

Johnson and Johnson Baby Powder Dangers

Pinto gas tanks would still be bursting into flames at 28MPH impact, and Chevrolet Corvair passengers would still be enjoying acrobatic rollovers and getting “impaled by noncollapsible steering wheels.”

Doctors would still be hawking cigarettes, and tobacco corporations wouldn’t have had to pay a $246 billion settlement to victims of their scientific fakery.

Cigarette Ads Featuring Doctors and Scientists
97% of doctors agree: Cigarettes are good for you!

Dr. Oliver Sacks (one of my favorite human beings to have ever lived and whom I affectionately refer to as “The Cherub” and “The Patron Saint of Neurology”) would have been discredited, delicensed, and demonized for repurposing L-dopa for his postencephalitic patients—an audacious experiment that sparked the miraculous responses and scientific breakthroughs he would go on to document in Awakenings.

Oliver Sacks and Robin Williams on the Set of "Awakenings" (via the Oliver Sacks Foundation)
Oliver Sacks and Robin Williams on the set of Awakenings (via the Oliver Sacks Foundation)

Dupont would still be causing conditions like “kidney cancer, testicular cancer, thyroid disease, high cholesterol, pre-eclampsia and ulcerative colitis” for the 100,000 residents of the Ohio towns of Parkersburg, Vienna, Little Hocking, and Lubeck by dumping PFOA powder and sludge into the Ohio River, “digestion ponds,” and landfills.

You could pack a library wing with examples of malignant corporate chicaneryfatal medical errorsmedical blindness, and harmful scientific experimentation that once passed as mainstream, officially sanctioned $cience™ and only ended because ethical doctors, scientists, whistleblowers, journalists, and other truth-tellers risked their reputationscareers, and lives to expose the corruption, fraud, injuries, and deaths caused by unscrupulous entities.

You could pack a library wing with examples of malignant corporate chicanery, fatal medical errors, medical blindness, and harmful scientific experimentation that once passed as mainstream, officially sanctioned $cience™.

Substacker Mickey Z. recently attempted an abbreviated synopsis of such examples, including Chester M. Southam, who “injected unknowing inmates at the Ohio State Prison with live cancer cells,” and:

“the Tuskegee Study, mercury fillings, chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), veal crates, electroshock therapy, napalm, mustard gas, automatic weapons, sonic weaponry, directed energy weapons, weapons in general, surgical experiments (without anesthesia) on slaves, deforestation, Vioxx, DDT, eugenics, GMOs, fossil fuels, the Milgram experiments, factory farming, the medicalization of the birthing process, vivisection, mountaintop mining, MK ULTRA, conversion therapy, forced sterilizations, pre-frontal lobotomies, waterboarding, deep-sea bottom trawling, Accutane, land mines, and the electric chair …”

In Slanted: How the News Media Taught Us to Love Censorship and Hate Journalism, gutsy investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson encapsulates the dangers of mindlessly trusting “mainstream science”:

“[P]ropagandists are implying that we must always view ‘mainstream science’ as trustworthy and never question it—despite thousands of reasons why good journalists should be far more circumspect. After all, mainstream science once gave its stamp of approval for pregnant women to use thalidomide, later blamed for birth defects in forty-six countries. Mainstream doctors once said smoking was good for us. Mainstream scientists gave approval to the RotaShield vaccine to prevent diarrhea in newborns, but the medicine was found to cause a fatal disorder in some babies. You can probably think of more examples. The point is that although mainstream medicine has done incredible things to save and improve lives, it is hardly infallible or without conflicts of interest. What is seen as mainstream science today is often not mainstream science tomorrow. Yet many in the media today suggest that acknowledging this fact is heretical. Journalists used to believe part of their job was to question in a rational way. Now many see their job as convincing the public not to question certain narratives and bullying those who do.”

She describes how the narrative-shapers justify their manipulation of facts:

“[T]he people behind a narrative do not always have cynical or evil motives. They may even be acting according to what they believe to be a higher purpose. In such cases, these people share an important belief: that they are smarter than you are. They do not trust you to process information and draw your own conclusions because you might draw the wrong ones. You must not be left to your own devices. So, much like Big Brother, they dictate which views are to be considered legitimate and which are off-limits. They tell you what to think. They become the ultimate arbiters of truth even when it’s a matter of debate or opinion. It’s all for your own good.

“Settled science. Not open to debate. Everyone agrees.”

In this exhaustive exposé of BigPharma corruption, health writer Rebecca Strong notes that the “Pharmaceuticals and Health Products industry is able to spend more on lobbying than any other industry in America.”

As a legislator, you understand this reality better than most. You know politicians like you are payolaed to blind yourself to pharmaceutical company crimes; deafen your ears to the lamentations of vaxx victims; ignore the 1,277,978 adverse reaction reports (including 28,312 deaths) received by the CDC through May 20, 2022, and those documented in hundreds of peer-reviewed articles; deny evidence of clinical trial fraud; propagate life-threatening disinformation; defer to pharma-captured coverup agencies like the FDA and CDCrefuse to answer questions that jeopardize Minitrue’s COVID narrative; and suppress your conscience about all of these and the legion other contemptible acts committed on behalf of your paymasters and mendacious puppeteers.

As Health Freedom Defense Fund Founder and President Leslie Manookian reveals in this illuminating article:

“Though banned for decades in America, the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 legalized the dissemination of information in the US whether the information is true, partly true, or completely false.”

In other words, for the past decade, the United States government has been legally permitted to wage disinformation wars against its own citizens—a dark art that has been taken to wizardry levels over the past two years.

And guess what? We know it. Sixty-five percent of Americans have woken up to the fact that the experimental-injectable-products-without-stopping-condition you’ve been blackmailing, bribing, arm-twisting, and coercing us into accepting into our arms are unsafe and ineffective. Even 87 percent of Twitter users know it:

To paraphrase a quote frequently attributed to Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn:

“We know you are lying, you know you are lying, you know we know you are lying, we know you know we know you are lying, but you are still lying.”

Bob Moran: A Modern Retelling of the Emperor's New Clothes

This rampant prevarication has caused irreparable damage to citizens’ trust in governments and politicians worldwide, and they will register that distrust at the ballot box—despite public-opinion engineers’ instructions to hard-pivot ahead of the midterms:

Impact Research February 24, 2022, Polling Report Re: Taking the Win over COVID-19

Even line-toeing policymakers like Los Angeles County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer (h/t Chris Bray) understand the degree to which their credibility has been destroyed by their persistent deceptions and obfuscations of the data (@ 56:38):

“But the science has changed. And we can’t really lie to everybody. We can’t have a quarantine policy that doesn’t reflect some natural immunity. We can’t have a quarantine policy that doesn’t reflect that vaccinated people, particularly when they make up the majority of the population, are very likely to get infected.…

“The places we fail are the places we’ve failed historically, and the work to repair this is gonna take some time.… People don’t trust us.…

“We’re disadvantaged because the data’s complicated. The story we’re trying to tell is complicated. If I stand up and I acknowledge that ‘Vaccines don’t work so great at preventing infections’ while I’m trying to get more people to get vaccinated, you could see why people are saying, ‘Well, don’t share that information, don’t tell people.’…

“Everybody knows the vaccines aren’t working so great. So if they don’t hear it from us … that doesn’t really help.”

In other words, the inconvenient data reflecting the reality that the injected get infected is making it “complicated” to maintain the false narrative that these snake-oil products are “effective.”

In other words, the inconvenient data reflecting the reality that the injected get infected is making it “complicated” to maintain the false narrative that these snake-oil products are “effective.”

(Newspeak tip: Whenever you hear the catchphrase, “The science has changed,” that translates to, “The political $cience™ has changed” (see polling report above), which can be further rendered to, “We need to change our story now that the public is catching on,” or “We’ve got to alter the public’s perception in time for the next election cycle.”)

Enacted in 1952 and declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in 1967, New York State’s Feinberg Law provoked this dissenting opinion from US Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black:

“This is another of those rapidly multiplying legislative enactments which make it dangerous … to think or say anything except what a transient majority happens to approve at the moment. Basically these laws rest on the belief that Government should supervise and limit the flow of ideas into the minds of men. The tendency of such governmental policy is to mould people into a common intellectual pattern. Quite a different governmental policy rests on the belief that Government should leave the mind and spirit of man absolutely free. Such a governmental policy encourages varied intellectual outlooks in the belief that the best views will prevail. This policy of freedom is in my judgment embodied in the First Amendment and made applicable to the states by the Fourteenth.”

In The Rape of the Mind, Joost Merloo reflects on Black’s statement, noting:

“In our fear of being polluted, we create norms and schemes against which we measure the acceptability of unorthodox ideas, and we forget that the presence of minority ideas, acceptable or not, is one of the ways in which we protect ourselves against the creeping growth of conformist majority thinking in us.…

“Because of this policy [of freedom], public officials cannot be constitutionally vested with powers to select the ideas people can think about, censor the public views they can express, or choose the persons or groups people can associate with. Public officials with such powers are not public servants; they are public masters.” [emphasis mine]

Not only does the Supreme Court’s overturning of Feinberg Law make S.3737 and every other attempt to establish a Thought Police illegal, but it serves as a necessary reminder that you are public servants—not public masters, and you have neither a legal nor a constitutional nor a moral right to dictate which information citizens can consume, contemplate, or share.

Not only does the Supreme Court’s overturning of Feinberg Law make S.3737 and every other attempt to establish a Thought Police illegal, but it serves as a necessary reminder that you are public servants—not public masters.

The 1943 case West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette (319 US 624, 642) further cements the legal precedent for prohibiting the abridgment of free speech. As Justice Robert Jackson stated:

“[i]f there is any fixed star in our constitutional constellation, it is that no official, high or petty, can prescribe what shall be orthodox in politics, nationalism, religion, or other matters of opinion.”

No other policy is a graver menace to democracy than censorship. It is a defining trait of every dictatorship in history.

Václav Havel writes in The Power of the Powerless:

“If the main pillar of the [totalitarian] system is living a lie, then it is not surprising that the fundamental threat to it is living the truth. This is why [the truth] must be suppressed more severely than anything else.”

In his 1955 speech “Homage to an Exile,” Albert Camus addressed Colombian President and El Tiempo Editor Eduardo Santos, who had been driven into exile by the new dictatorship:

“… by letting your fine newspaper be destroyed rather than allowing it to serve falsehood and despotism, you were one of those uncompromising witnesses who, in all circumstances, deserve respect.

“… when you were the respected President of Colombia—you not only did not use your power to censor your adversaries but you kept the newspaper of your political enemies from being suppressed.

“That deed alone is enough for us to recognize in you a real free man. Liberty has sons who are not all legitimate or to be admired. Those who applaud it only when it justifies their privileges and shout nothing but censorship when it threatens them are not on our side. But those who, according to Benjamin Constant’s remark, are willing neither to suffer nor to possess the means of oppression, who want freedom both for themselves and for others—they, in an age that poverty or terror condemns to the excesses of oppression, are the seeds beneath the snow of which one of the greatest among us spoke.”

Resistance, Rebellion, & Death (Kindlepaperbackhardcover)

These lines from Camus’s speech could have been written directly to you at this historic moment in the battle to recover our First Amendment rights:

“whoever does violence to truth or to its expression eventually mutilates justice, even though he thinks he is serving it.”

Carl Joachim Friedrich and Zbigniew K. Brzezinski outline these six characteristics of totalitarianism in their 1956 book, Totalitarian Dictatorship and Autocracy:

  1. An elaborate guiding ideology
  2. A single political party, typically led by a dictator
  3. Use of instruments of terror such as violence and secret police to control the population
  4. A government monopoly on weapons
  5. A government monopoly on means of communication (such as state-controlled media and heavy censorship)
  6. A state-controlled economy

Thanks to autocratic COVID policies, the majority of countries around the world have nearly achieved all six characteristics of totalitarianism.

You can either escalate or roll back that tyranny, and voters will remember your actions accordingly.

Now that the COVID lies are collapsing of their own weight and the truth will soon triumph, you would be wise to reposition yourself on the right side of history by rejecting all fascistic legislation calling for censorship of thought or speech.

As much as dictatresses like Jacinda Ardern like to insist they are our “single source of truth,” no one, no matter how powerful, has the right to enshrine herself as the deified arbiter of truth—even under those states of emergencies tyrants so love to declare as a pretext for vacuuming up more power.

In an article titled COVID UPDATE: What Is the Truth? published in the peer-reviewed journal Surgical Neurology International, retired neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock opens:

“The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the most manipulated infectious disease events in history, characterized by official lies in an unending stream lead by government bureaucracies, medical associations, medical boards, the media, and international agencies. We have witnessed a long list of unprecedented intrusions into medical practice, including attacks on medical experts, destruction of medical careers among doctors refusing to participate in killing their patients and a massive regimentation of health care, led by non-qualified individuals with enormous wealth, power and influence.

“For the first time in American history a president, governors, mayors, hospital administrators and federal bureaucrats are determining medical treatments based not on accurate scientifically based or even experience based information, but rather to force the acceptance of special forms of care and ‘prevention’—including remdesivir, use of respirators and ultimately a series of essentially untested messenger RNA vaccines. For the first time in history medical treatment, protocols are not being formulated based on the experience of the physicians treating the largest number of patients successfully, but rather individuals and bureaucracies that have never treated a single patient—including Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, EcoHealth Alliance, the CDC, WHO, state public health officers and hospital administrators.

“The media (TV, newspapers, magazines, etc), medical societies, state medical boards and the owners of social media have appointed themselves to be the sole source of information concerning this so-called ‘pandemic’. Websites have been removed, highly credentialed and experienced clinical doctors and scientific experts in the field of infectious diseases have been demonized, careers have been destroyed and all dissenting information has been labeled ‘misinformation’ and ‘dangerous lies’, even when sourced from top experts in the fields of virology, infectious diseases, pulmonary critical care, and epidemiology. These blackouts of truth occur even when this information is backed by extensive scientific citations from some of the most qualified medical specialists in the world.” [emphasis mine]

Please take the time to read the entire article to unburden yourself of the lies you have imbibed and acquaint yourself with the ample examples of “misinformation” now acknowledged to be true.

Blaylock even praises “misinformation superspreader” Steve Kirsch and the numerous smeared physicians and scientists whose warnings, concerns, and statements have been proven out over time.

L.L.B. Angas once misquoted Arthur Schopenhauer as follows:

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

We are now approaching the third stage, and it is time for you to make amends to the people of conscience bills like S.3737 would penalize for “spreading misinformation.”

Instead of bulldozing those courageously exposing the malfeasance of the pharmaceutical drug cartel, governments around the world should be pinning medals like the President’s Award for Distinguished Federal Civilian Service on the Dr. Frances Oldham Kelseys of today—those scientists, doctors, researchers, and vaccine safety experts who are demanding the cessation of the most disastrous experiment on Homo Sapiens in history as devastatingly proven by rigorous data analysis and the tragic real-world consequences of this hubris.

Instead of bulldozing those courageously exposing the malfeasance of the pharmaceutical drug cartel, governments around the world should be pinning medals like the President’s Award for Distinguished Federal Civilian Service on the Dr. Frances Oldham Kelseys of today.

Rather than criminalizing and character-assassinating the physicians responsible for saving tens of thousands of lives with highly effective early treatment protocols, you should be honoring these groupthink-resistant voices, from Dr. Paul Marik to Dr. Peter McCullough to Dr. Pierre Kory to Dr. Vladimir Zelenko to Dr. Tess Lawrie to Dr. Meryl Nass to Dr. Joseph Mercola to Dr. Colleen Huber to Dr. Brian Tyson and Dr. George Fareed (authors of Overcoming the COVID Darkness: How Two Doctors Successfully Treated 7,000 Patients) to FLCCC Alliance doctors and beyond.

You should be humbly listening to the 17,000 battle-scarred physicians and medical scientists declaring “that the state of medical emergency must be lifted, scientific integrity restored, and crimes against humanity addressed.”

If you care about saving lives, you will quash legislation that squelches free speech and subjugates medical science to political $cience while promoting laws that let doctors be doctors and protect the physician-patient relationship from interference by the fascistic union of corporation and state.

As Kennedy urged in his June 11, 1962, Yale University commencement address:

“As every past generation has had to disenthrall itself from an inheritance of truisms and stereotypes, so in our own time we must move on from the reassuring repetition of stale phrases to a new, difficult, but essential confrontation with reality.

“For the great enemy of truth is very often not the lie—deliberate, contrived and dishonest—but the myth—persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic. Too often we hold fast to the clichés of our forebears. We subject all facts to a prefabricated set of interpretations. We enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.”

It is long past time to restore freedom of speech, communication, and thought in this once-great nation.

You can express your patriotism, attempt to salvage your personal credibility, and demonstrate your respect for the people of this republic by heeding Kennedy’s summons to let the “people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market.”

You can close the chapter on one of America’s most shameful periods in history and prevent this country from sliding into a totalitarian technocratic dystopia by refusing to sanction S.3737 and every other permutation that violates our First Amendment rights under the pretense of suppressing “mis/dis/mal-information.”

Draw fortitude from Camus’s words in knowing that:

“[you are] not alone and [your] action is not futile, that there always comes a day when the palaces of oppression crumble, when exile comes to an end, when liberty catches fire.”

Liberty is already catching fire and spreading across the planet. #DefundTheThoughtPolice to join the international movement for freedom, truth, and justice and to plant your stake in American history.

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