Kill the “New Legal Framework” in the Infection Protection Act, Roll Back All COVID-19 Legislation, & #FireKarlLauterbach While You’re at It

by Margaret Anna Alice. Originally published on her Substack.

“The urge to save humanity is almost always only a false-face for the urge to rule it. Power is what all messiahs really seek: not the chance to serve.”
―H.L. Mencken, Minority Report: H.L. Mencken’s Notebooks (Kindlepaperback)

“He was a very different and distasteful type … obviously, second-rate, who poured forth all the cheap and shoddy propaganda on race teaching, etcetera. We could get nowhere with him because to every question we asked, there came a kind of gramophone record reply.”

—E. Amy Buller, Darkness over Germany (paperbackaudiobook)

Gesundheitswesen Über Alles

Shame on you, Germany. Schäm. Dich. Deutschland.

Of all the governments in all the nations in all the world, fascism walks into yours.

And you let it. You welcome it. You sieg heil it.

But it’s different this time—it’s for the public health! I’ve heard that one before:

“From 1933 to 1945, Nazi Germany carried out a campaign to ‘cleanse’ German society of individuals viewed as biological threats to the nation’s ‘health.’… This campaign was based in part on ideas about public health and genetic ‘fitness.’”

Here, too:

“Nazi propaganda often portrayed people persecuted by the regime as vermin, parasites, or diseases.… During the years of the Nazi regime, German doctors argued that Jews spread disease. Reflecting common themes in Nazi propaganda, these medical professionals repeatedly pushed the false claim that Jews were responsible for outbreaks of typhus—a deadly contagious disease spread by lice.…

“German doctors and public health officials in the Nazi regime helped advance these antisemitic ideas.…

“The respected status of German physicians helped spread the lie that Jews were responsible for spreading typhus. Concerned only with preserving the health of German personnel, German public health officials in Poland repeatedly urged occupation authorities to isolate Jews further from the rest of the population and deny them access to medicine. Their professional medical advice was used to rationalize the creation of ghettos throughout occupied Poland.”

Yellow Star Meme: I Am a Threat to the Public Health

Hey, that sounds like policies advocated by pandemic-of-the-unvaccinated Big Lie propagandist and quadruple-injected-now-infected Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach, who recently fulminated at the unvaxxed vermin in a textbook demonstration of defining the enemy:

“Thanks to your effort, we achieved this [saving lives during the pandemic]. But those of you protesting the [mandated] vaccination, you do NOT have a contribution to our success, and you are not supposed to be here. You do not have a right to be here!

“Here we have the [vaccinated] ones that we owe our success to. YOU on the other side did not play your part. It’s an impudence you have the audacity to join these rightful protests of those [healthcare] workers that always were and still are burdened with hard labor. YOUR work is worth nothing!”

Karl Lauterbach Talking to the Unvaccinated

Lauterbach is also the spouter of this coercive double-think:

“No one will be vaccinated against their will; the vaccine mandate will simply lead people, ultimately, to accept voluntary vaccination.”

George Bernard Shaw has Lauterbach pegged:

“He knows nothing; and he thinks he knows everything. That points clearly to a political career.”

Major Barbara (Kindlepaperbackhardcoveraudiobook)

There’s something so familiar about that still of Lauterbach addressing the crowd. What could it be.… Oh, I know!

Adolf Hitler Saluting

Okay, I flipped it so the angle would be similar, but you have to admit the resemblance is uncanny. Both are driven by the selfsame zealous fanaticism, extremist rhetoric, and spiteful contempt for Untermenschen we’ve seen proliferating among politicians over the past two-and-a-half years, Tyrant Trudeau being a peak example of such hate-mongering vitriol.

Karl really likes doing that salute thingy—someone better start coaching him on optics:

Lauterbach has followed his forefathers’ formulae flawlessly:

“Propaganda must facilitate the displacement of aggression by specifying the targets for hatred.”

—Joseph Goebbels

“It is more difficult to undermine faith than knowledge, love succumbs to change less than to respect, hatred is more durable than aversion, and at all times the driving force of the most important changes in this world has been found less in a scientific knowledge animating the masses, but rather in a fanaticism dominating them and in a hysteria which drove them forward.”

—Adolf Hitler

Historical Precursors

Karl treats dissenters with scornful disgust akin to that shrieked by Judge Roland Freisler while presiding over the trial of Dietrich Bonhoeffer and his July 20 Plot coconspirators:

Judge Freisler was also responsible for sentencing Sophie and Hans Scholl and fellow White Rose leader Christoph Hermann Probst to guillotining after Sophie had been caught cascading leaflets1 that read, “We will not keep silent. We are your guilty conscience. The White Rose will not let you alone!” from the third floor of the University of Munich’s central stairwell. The February 1943 trial that was to determine their fate lasted a mere hour.

In June 1942, Munich citizens opened their mailboxes to discover the first White Rose leaflet, which read in part:

“Isn’t it true that every honest German is ashamed of his government these days? Who among us can imagine the degree of shame that will come upon us and upon our children when the veil falls from our faces and the awful crimes that infinitely exceed any human measure are exposed to the light of day? If the German nation is so corrupt and decadent in its innermost being that it is willing to surrender the greatest possession a man can own, a possession that elevates mankind above all other creatures, namely free will—if it is willing to surrender this without so much as raising a hand, rashly trusting a questionable lawful order of history; if it surrenders the freedom of mankind to intrude upon the wheel of history and subjugate it to his own rational decision; if Germans are so devoid of individuality that they have become an unthinking and cowardly mob—then, yes then they deserve their destruction.…

“But these days, Germans appear more like a shallow, irresolute herd of opportunists who have had all the marrow sucked from their bones. Now that they have been robbed of their essence, they are willing to be pursued to their destruction. This is how it appears, but it is not so. Rather, every individual has been jailed in an intellectual prison after having been slowly, deceptively, and systematically raped. Only as he lies there in chains is he aware of his doom. A few recognized the pending perdition [for what it was]. The reward for their heroic exhortations was death.…

“If everyone waits till someone else makes a start, the messengers of the avenging Nemesis will draw incessantly closer. And then the last sacrifice will have been thrown senselessly into the jaws of the insatiable demon. Therefore in this last hour every individual must arm himself as best he can, aware of his responsibility as a member of the Christian and western civilization. He must work against the hostage of humanity, against fascism and all similar systems of an absolute State. Offer passive resistance—resistance, wherever you may be, prevent the continuation of this atheistic war machine before it is too late …”

During the final seconds before his beheading, Hans cried out, “Long live freedom!”

Bidding her parents a fearless farewell, Sophie predicted, “What we did will make waves.”

During the final seconds before his beheading, Hans cried out, “Long live freedom!”

Bidding her parents a fearless farewell, Sophie predicted, “What we did will make waves.”

In her book, their sister, Inge, records Sophie’s last written word:

“After a short while her cell, too, was empty. She left the indictment sheet behind, and on its reverse we found the word ‘Freedom’ hastily scribbled.”

Gestapo Mug Shots of Sophie and Hans Scholl

Lauterbach may not appear to have as much blood on his hands as Freisler, but desk murderers rarely do.

Trickle-Down Intolerance

That Germany not only permits such a petulant tyrant to remain in office but also to dictate national health policy is a sign that it has embraced its role as the New Normal Reich.

Indeed, the trickle-down effect of Lauterbach’s antagonistic attitude and prejudicial policies is evident in this execrable example of a hypochondriacal kapo wielding her petty power against a train passenger:

In The Origins of Totalitarianism, Hannah Arendt encapsulates this contagious bigotry and erosion of human rights thus:

“Those whom the persecutor had singled out as scum of the earth—Jews, Trotskyites, [unvaxxed,] etc.—actually were received as scum of the earth everywhere; those whom persecution had called undesirable became the indésirables of Europe. The official SS newspaper, the Schwarze Korps, stated explicitly in 1938 that if the world was not yet convinced that the Jews [unvaxxed] were the scum of the earth, it soon would be when unidentifiable beggars, without nationality, without money, and without [vaxx] passports crossed their frontiers. And it is true that this kind of factual propaganda worked better than Goebbels’ rhetoric, not only because it established the Jews [unvaxxed] as scum of the earth, but also because the incredible plight of an ever-growing group of innocent people was like a practical demonstration of the totalitarian movements’ cynical claims that no such thing as inalienable human rights existed and that the affirmations of the democracies to the contrary were mere prejudice, hypocrisy, and cowardice in the face of the cruel majesty of a new world. The very phrase ‘human rights’ became for all concerned—victims, persecutors, and onlookers alike—the evidence of hopeless idealism or fumbling feeble-minded hypocrisy.”

Under Lauterbach’s guidance, you have resurrected the “two Germanys” Milton Mayer observed in They Thought They Were Free: The Germans, 1933–45:

“That Nazism in Germany meant mistrust, suspicion, dread, defamation, and destruction we learned from those who brought us word of it—from its victims and opponents whose world was outside the Nazi community and from journalists and intellectuals, themselves non-Nazi or anti-Nazi, whose sympathies naturally lay with the victims and opponents.… those who did not dissent or associate with dissenters saw no mistrust or suspicion beyond the great community’s mistrust and suspicion of dissenters, while those who dissented or believed in the right to dissent saw nothing but mistrust and suspicion and felt its devastation.… there were two Germanys.”

You Have the Power

There are three key actions the Bundestag can take to heal the nation’s division and reinter this zombie incarnation of the most disgraceful chapter of Germany’s history:

  1. Reject the proposed “new legal framework” in the Infection Protection Act2 (Das Infektionsschutzgesetz, a.k.a. IfSG).
  2. Roll back all COVID-19 legislation.
  3. Demand the resignation of Karl Lauterbach.

Lauterbach summarizes the Autumn/Winter Plan (effective October 1, 2022–April 7, 2023) outlined in the proposed amendments as follows:

“The adjustments to the IfSG that have now been agreed are part of this plan to implement the Corona autumn strategy. Vaccination campaign with new vaccines, pandemic radar with daily updated data, test and treatment concepts, protection concepts for nursing homes and a legally secure framework for protective measures: we can work with them. With such an IfSG-stage model, we provide the federal and state governments with legally secure tools for pandemic prevention. This includes the nationwide use of masks and targeted testing for people who are particularly at risk. From 1.10. the countries can use the mask requirement indoors. If the situation requires it, masks are also compulsory at outdoor events and there are upper limits in public spaces.”

Germany's Infection Protection Act: Autumn/Winter Plan

In other words, he is recommending the continuation and escalation of previously failed, counter-scientific, and calamitous policies.

The nationwide “protective measures” are listed as:

  • Masks are compulsory in air and long-distance public transport.
  • Masks and test verification obligation for access to hospitals and full and semi-inpatient care facilities and comparable facilities as well as for employees in outpatient care services and comparable service providers during their work.

Despite a century’s worth of scientific research demonstrating the failure of masks to prevent the transmission of respiratory viruses and nearly three years of empirical evidence showing their inefficacy against COVID, the Infection Protection Act amendments still push “the nationwide use of masks.”

The plan would require both the public and staff to wear FFP2 “Filtering Face Pieces” (as defined by the EN 149 standard) in healthcare settings and undergo testing—itself another failed policy in which false positives are used to terrorize the populace into accepting the suspension of their rights and freedoms for the “public good.”

The Corona Occupational Safety Ordinance (Arbeitsschutzverordnung) and its associated (again, all failed) requirements for masking, testing, social distancing, plastic barriers, and injections would also be reinstated for private companies. Additional restrictions may be imposed according to the individual federal states’ parliaments.

Yellow Star Meme: I Wear This to Protect You from Me

None of this is terribly new to Germans, who have been enduring strict COVID-19 obedience testing since March 25, 2020.

In a new plot twist, however, those who supply proof of injection or recovery within the past three months may be exempted from masking requirements, which means anyone who doesn’t subject themselves to a quarterly injection or show proof of antibodies through testing must wear the mask of shame.

Yellow Star Meme: This Makes It So Much Easier to Tell the Difference Between the Good and Bad Ones

Let me repeat, this policy3 would—contrary to medical advice—incentivize people to undergo injection every three months, even though the data proves “vaccination does not protect against serious illness, or against illness at all” and German health insurers like Horowitz and BKK are observing vaccine injury claims as high as a thirty-fold increase, suggesting millions of Germans have been injured by these experimental injectables.

And that’s not even getting into the suspected number of Germans killed by the injection, which could be as high as 183,281 based on the application of this formula to the current Reuters COVID-19 Tracker showing number of COVID vaccine doses administered to date. That’s more than the 122,000 Germans believed to have died of/with COVID over 2020 and 2021 combined (the WHO’s reports of Germany’s COVID deaths having initially been greatly exaggerated).

While 2020 mortality rates were considered normal, “in 2021 the observed number of deaths was far above the expected number in the order of twice the empirical standard deviation,” with especially high excess mortality in the 15–79 age group.

Oh, and let’s not forget your plummeting birth rates:

Even the wholly captured and corrupted CDC just dropped the differentiation between the injected and uninjected because “breakthrough infections occur” and natural immunity confers protection, effectively ending the justification for discrimination based on injection status.

NPR: New COVID-19 Guidance from CDC Focuses on Individual Decisions

This equates to a silent admission that the nearly million Great Barrington Declaration signatories were correct and the past two-plus years’ worth of ruinous COVID policies unnecessarily demolished the global economy and caused the deathshospicidepovertycensorship, and suffering of millions, especially children and teens.

But Germany is still forging ahead with its prejudicial policies—contrary to all scientific findings proving the inefficacy and harm of such legislation.

Pathologized Totalitarianism

Under pathologized totalitarianism, the racial criteria delineated in the Nuremberg Laws is transmuted to medical criteria designed to target, penalize, demean, and segregate noncompliant citizens.

Nuremberg Laws Chart

In a move so tone-deaf to historical irony it beggars belief,

“German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach has announced that the nation’s digital contact tracing and vaccine passport app, Corona-Warn-App (CWA), will start assigning different colors to citizens based on whether they received a COVID-19 vaccine within the last three months.”

The CWA color-codes the “freshly vaccinated” as green, meaning they enjoy the privilege of free movement, whereas “orange and red mean quarantine for up to two weeks.”4

The Nazis had a color-coded system, too:

Nazi Prisoner Classification System Color-Coded

And yes, I know that’s going to get me accused of relativizing the Holocaust. Good thing I’m not a German citizen, or I might be arrested for that.

Can you think of a reason why a government would make a law prohibiting you from comparing its actions to the actions of a past genocidal totalitarian regime?

Could it be … they want to do it, too, but they don’t want people to be allowed to expose it or to be stigmatized and smeared if they try?

That sounds like a formula for turning “Never again” into “Again!”

As I wrote in this letter:

“I realize we had relatives at Auschwitz, and some people think it’s insensitive to draw comparisons between the World War II Holocaust and the New Holocaust.

“I, however, consider it a contemptuous insult to the memories of those who endured discrimination, incarceration, starvation, torture, and slaughter to fail to heed the burning message of ‘Never again!’ And Holocaust survivors like Marianne von RosenMarian Turski, and Vera Sharav agree.”

Vera Sharav Presentation March 2022

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum explains:

“The Holocaust was not a single event. It did not happen all at once. It was the result of circumstances and events, as well as individual decisions, played out over years. Key political, moral, and psychological lines were crossed until the Nazi leadership eventually set in motion the unimaginable.”

The Auschwitz Museum tweeted as much in 2018, when it was still acceptable to warn the world about the dangers of “legal exclusion” and “dehumanisation,” which the Infection Protection Act now legislates and Karl Lauterbach practices respectively:

If you think your progressively escalating authoritarian policies are justified for the “protection of the public health,” so did your National Socialist progenitors.

The Rallying Cry of der Führer der Gesundheitswesen

On March 23, 1933, the German parliament passed the Law to Remedy the Distress of the People—otherwise known as the Enabling Act. Like the Infection Protection Act, this empowered the government to suspend the rights and liberties of its citizens in the name of an emergency.

Bob Moran: Altar Native Science

This formula is as old as government itself, as James Madison cautions:

“Crisis is the rallying cry of the tyrant.”

Extending the state of emergency through the Infection Protection Act amendments does nothing to protect citizens, but it does permit the government to continue skipping through the ten stages of genocide while violating nearly every article under Basic Rights in the German Constitution (Grundgesetz), including:

  • Article 1 [Human dignity – Human rights – Legally binding force of basic rights]
    • (1) Human dignity shall be inviolable. To respect and protect it shall be the duty of all state authority.…
  • Article 2 [Personal freedoms]
    • (1) Every person shall have the right to free development of his personality insofar as he does not violate the rights of others or offend against the constitutional order or the moral law.
    • (2) Every person shall have the right to life and physical integrity. Freedom of the person shall be inviolable. These rights may be interfered with only pursuant to a law.
  • Article 3 [Equality before the law]
    • (1) All persons shall be equal before the law.…
    • (3) No person shall be favoured or disfavoured because of sex, parentage, race, language, homeland and origin, faith or religious or political opinions. No person shall be disfavoured because of disability.
  • Article 4 [Freedom of faith and conscience]
    • (1) Freedom of faith and of conscience and freedom to profess a religious or philosophical creed shall be inviolable.
    • (2) The undisturbed practice of religion shall be guaranteed.…
  • Article 5 [Freedom of expression, arts and sciences]
    • (1) Every person shall have the right freely to express and disseminate his opinions in speech, writing and pictures and to inform himself without hindrance from generally accessible sources. Freedom of the press and freedom of reporting by means of broadcasts and films shall be guaranteed. There shall be no censorship.…
  • Article 8 [Freedom of assembly]
    • (1) All Germans shall have the right to assemble peacefully and unarmed without prior notification or permission.…
  • Article 11 [Freedom of movement]
    • (1) All Germans shall have the right to move freely throughout the federal territory.…
  • Article 12 [Occupational freedom]
    • (1) All Germans shall have the right freely to choose their occupation or profession, their place of work and their place of training. The practice of an occupation or profession may be regulated by or pursuant to a law.…
  • Article 13 [Inviolability of the home]
    • (1) The home is inviolable.…
  • Article 18 [Forfeiture of basic rights]
    • Whoever abuses the freedom of expression, in particular the freedom of the press (paragraph (1) of Article 5), the freedom of teaching (paragraph (3) of Article 5), the freedom of assembly (Article 8), the freedom of association (Article 9), the privacy of correspondence, posts and telecommunications (Article 10), the rights of property (Article 14) or the right of asylum (Article 16a) in order to combat the free democratic basic order shall forfeit these basic rights. This forfeiture and its extent shall be declared by the Federal Constitutional Court.

By my calculations, German politicians like Lauterbach who are promoting fascistic legislation such as the Infection Protection Act amendments are guilty of violating multiple items in Article 18, meaning they have forfeited their basic rights under the law.

Bravest Politician in the World

Fortunately, not all German politicians are cowards, and a few of you have demonstrated magnificent courage during the reign of COVID authoritarianism—most notably Badass German MEP Christine Anderson (my nominee for Bravest Politician in the World):

Christine Anderson: This Is the Greatest Crime Against Humanity Ever Committed
Watch the full version of the Identity & Democracy Group Conference here.
Christine Anderson on Mandates
Christine Anderson: Your Decision

As you weigh your vote on the Infection Protection Act amendments, hear—truly hear—Anderson’s rousing summons to valiantly defend people, freedom, and democracy against the tyrantsphilanthropaths, and Covidians:

“As Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher living in the fifth century B.C. once said, ‘The truth often evades being recognized due to its utter incredibility.’

“So just because you cannot fathom your government having ill meanings towards you doesn’t mean it is not true. And on the other hand, I’d much rather be wrong than sorry.

“But it is up to you. You need to decide what you will do. But keep in mind, whatever decision you do make, you will not only make it for yourself. This decision will be made for your children and your children’s children as well.

“Your decision today will shape the society your children will have to live in. Your decision today will predetermine whether your children will live in a free and democratic society or if they will be subjected to a surveillancing police state.

“Now, I am determined to leave my children a free and democratic society. And this I will fight for tooth and nail, and should it be the last thing I do on this planet, so be it.

“So once again, dear government, bring it on, let’s see what you’ve got. I am not afraid of you. You will not be able to shut me up. You will not be able to force me into compliance.

“Oh, and one other thing? Trying to buy me off? Really? That isn’t gonna work, either. So go ahead. Offer me a million dollars. Heck, make it a hundred million dollars. But you know what? Securing a future for my children in a free and democratic society, you could not possibly put a price tag on that.”

The Dictatorship of the Future Has Become the Present

In a 1958 interview with Mike Wallace, Aldous Huxley predicted the dictatorship of the future we are watching made manifest today:

“I think this kind of dictatorship of the future, I think will be very unlike the dictatorships which we’ve been familiar with in the immediate past.…

“[I]f you want to preserve your power indefinitely, you have to get the consent of the ruled, and this they will do partly by drugs as I foresaw in Brave New World, partly by these new techniques of propaganda.

“They will do it by bypassing the sort of rational side of man and appealing to his subconscious and his deeper emotions, and his physiology even, and so, making him actually love his slavery.… this is the danger that actually people may be, in some ways, happy under the new regime, but that they will be happy in situations where they oughtn’t to be happy.…

“That’s why I feel it so extremely important here and now, to start thinking about these problems. Not to let ourselves be taken by surprise by the new advances in technology.… For example, in the regard to the use of drugs.

“We know there is enough evidence now for us to be able, on the basis of this evidence and using a certain amount of creative imagination, to foresee the kind of uses which could be made by people of bad will with these things and to attempt to forestall this, and in the same way, I think with these other methods of propaganda we can foresee and we can do a good deal to forestall.…

“[T]he price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”

Anne Gibbons of Anne Can't Stand It: Want the Convenience of a Digital ID?

The Nuremberg Code: 75 Years Later

August 19, 2022, marks the seventy-fifth anniversary of the Nuremberg Code.

In her August 20, 2022, speech commemorating the Nuremberg Code anniversary, Vera Sharav reminds us why our survival depends on recognizing—and resisting—the patterns that led to the Holocaust:

“The Holocaust did not begin in the gas chambers of Auschwitz and Treblinka. The Holocaust was preceded by nine years of incremental restrictions on personal freedom and the suspension of legal rights and civil rights.

“The stage was set by fear-mongering and hate-mongering propaganda. A series of humiliating discriminatory government edicts demonized Jews as ‘spreaders of disease.’ We were compared to lice.…

“If we are to avert another Holocaust, we must identify ominous current parallels before they poison the fabric of society.

“… few people recognize foreboding similarities between current policies and those under the Nazi regime.

“By declaring a state of emergency—in 1933 and in 2020—constitutionally protected personal freedom, legal rights, and civil rights were swept aside. Repressive, discriminatory decrees followed.

“In 1933, the primary target for discrimination were Jews; today, the target is people who refuse to be injected with experimental, genetically engineered vaccines. Then and now, government dictates were crafted to eliminate segments of the population.

“In 2020, government dictates forbade hospitals from treating the elderly in nursing homes. The result was mass murder.

“Government decrees continue to forbid doctors to prescribe life-saving, FDA-approved medicines; government-dictated protocols continue to kill.

“The media is silent—as it was then. The media broadcasts a single, government-dictated narrative—just as it had under the Nazis. Strict censorship silences opposing views.…

“This time, the threat of genocide is global in scale.

“This time instead of Zyklon B gas, the weapons of mass destruction are genetically engineered injectable bioweapons masquerading as vaccines.

“This time, there will be no rescuers. Unless All of Us Resist, Never Again is Now.”

It is time to supplant the New Normal Nuremberg Laws with a renewed commitment to the Nuremberg Code.

How Brave Are You?

You can either continue constructing the digital and physical bars for the new concentration camp while laying the foundation for the biosurveillance dictatorship Huxley warned us about, or you can stand up to fascism—like August Landmesser, the man who refused to salute Hitler:

August Landmesser Refusing to Salute Hitler, Almanya, 1936

After this period of darkness passes, it is the Christine Andersons who will be remembered as the Bonhoeffers, the Scholls, the Probsts, and the Landmessers of this attempted totalitarian coup by the globalists and their accomplices, whereas the Kurt Lauterbachs and Dr. Mengelfaucis will face trial for crimes against humanity.

Dawn is fringing the horizon. You are losing your last glimmer of moonlight to add your name to the list of noble politicians who shielded humanity from tyranny before you are tagged and tried as a colluder.

Dawn is fringing the horizon. You are losing your last glimmer of moonlight to add your name to the list of noble politicians who shielded humanity from tyranny before you are tagged and tried as a colluder.

You can still change out of your Hugo Boss uniform and join Team Humanity.

Do you want to be remembered for facilitating corruptionmenticidetotalitarianism, and democide, or do you want to cement your legacy as a hero who stood up for truth, liberty, and life itself?

Open up your second White Rose leaflet and read these words:

“Why is the German nation behaving so apathetically in the face of all these most abominable, most degrading crimes?

“Hardly anyone even gives them a second thought. The facts are accepted as just that and filed away. And one more time, the German nation slumbers on in its indifferent and foolish sleep and gives these fascist criminals courage and opportunity to rage on—which of course they do.…

“It is his apathetic conduct that gives these sinister people the possibility to carry out their deeds. He tolerates this ‘government’ that has incurred such infinite guilt.

“Each man wishes to be acquitted of his complicity—everyone does so, then lies back down to sleep with a calm, clear conscience. But he may not acquit himself. Everyone is guilty, guilty, guilty!

“But it is not too late to rid the world of this most awful of all miscarriages of government, in order to avoid incurring even more guilt.”

Hear the words of Hans Scholl ringing out before the guillotine descends:

“Long live freedom!”

The German people are watching. So is the rest of the world. Rejecting the Infection Protection Act amendments, dropping all COVID-19 legislation, and ejecting Karl Lauterbach from office would represent a reverberating refutation of the New Normal Reich and firmly place you on the side of freedom.

As Alicen Grey of When Humans Had Wings sings:

Your destiny’s waiting for you
under your patterns
and your excuses

Your fear is what’s keeping you here
until you let go of your illusions

I dare you seek
until you find
the power that
sleeps in your spine

I dare you speak
love into being

Which do you choose—fear or love? Fascism or freedom?

Are you ready to make waves?

Hans Scholl, Sophie Scholl, and Christoph Hermann Probst
Hans, Sophie, & Christoph, making waves

1. All seven leaflets are well-worth a read—especially when you consider many of the White Rose members gave their lives to write, duplicate, and distribute them. Below are some pertinent passages.

The third leaflet cries out:

“One day there will be nothing left, nothing at all, except for a mechanized national engine that has been commandeered by criminals and drunks. Has your spirit been so devastated by rape that you forget that it is not only your right, but your moral duty to put an end to this system? If a person cannot even summon the strength to demand his rights, then there is nothing left for him but destruction. We will have deserved to be scattered to all corners of the globe, as dust before the wind, if we do not pull ourselves together in this eleventh hour and finally summon the courage that we have been lacking till now. Do not hide your cowardice under the cloak of cleverness! Because every day that you delay, every day that you do not resist this spawn of hell, your guilt is steadily increasing, like a parabolic curve.”

In the fourth leaflet, they write:

“There is an old proverb that children are always taught anew: Pay attention or pay the consequences.…

“There is no punishment on this earth that is adequate for the deeds of Hitler and his followers. Out of love for the generations to come, we must make an example [of them] after the conclusion of the war so that no one will ever have the slightest desire to attempt something similar. Do not forget even the little scoundrels of this regime. Note their names, so that no one escapes! After all these atrocities, they should not be able to change sides at the last minute and thereby pretend as though nothing had happened!…

“We will not keep silent. We are your guilty conscience. The White Rose will not let you alone!”

The fifth leaflet issues the following summons:

“Germans! Do you and your children wish to suffer the same fate as the Jews? Do you wish to be measured with the same measure as your seducers? Shall we forever be the most hated and rejected nation in all the world? No! Therefore, separate yourselves from the Na­tional Socialist subhumanity! Prove with your deeds that you think differently! A new War of Independence is beginning. The better part of the nation is fighting with us. Rend the cloak of apathy that you have wrapped around your hearts! Make up your minds, before it is too late!…

“Later, all those who hid themselves cowardly and undecided will have to stand before a terrible and just court of law.”

2. This sounds awfully like the Decree of the Reich President for the Protection of the People and State issued during the state of emergency declared on February 28, 1933.

3. When challenged on the proposed loophole, Lauterbach threatened to ixnay the exemption if too many people actually used it, implying it is merely a coercive incentive to force as many people to mask as possible.

4. During a recent press conference, which rules-for-thee Lauterbach had violated Berlin quarantine ordinances to attend, he inadvertently revealed his status is red:

Karl Lauterbach Vaxxport Code Red

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