by Paul Cudenec

Back in 2020 I was on the receiving end of a lot of vitriol from so-called “anarchists” who objected to the fact that I refused to abandon my commitment to truth and freedom in the face of the Covid coup.

That all went quiet after a while and, moving on, I stopped even caring what these confused people thought about me.

So it was a bit of a surprise to find, via my comrades at Nevermore Media, that I had been targeted by a few unpleasant paragraphs on the Montreal Counter Information website, as you can see here.

The main target of the attack was one of their own former associates, the Canadian activist known as Crow Qu’appelle, and one of the ways they tried to blacken his name was through his ideological association with me, so my name therefore had to be tainted with the odour of badness.

In predictable fashion, they condemned my exposures of the agenda behind the Great Reset, including the collaborative role of anarchists and the Left, as “full-throttle conspiracy mongering”.

Moreover, because I have dared to criticise the Rothschilds and challenge the transhumanist/transgender industry, I am apparently guilty of “propagating far-right conspiracy theories about Jewish bankers and trans people”!

When even the likes of George Galloway, Scots left-winger (and jab enthusiast), can be labelled “far-right” for challenging one aspect of the global mafia’s domination, the term has clearly been redefined to the point that it has no actual meaning.

But I do still find it irritating to be seriously misrepresented by an anonymous hack (possibly a spook, as Crow writes) who clearly has no interest in understanding where I am coming from but has merely set out to attack me.

So why the attention now, three years after I was first excommunicated by the High Priests of the Central Global Church of Woke Pseudo-Anarchism?

I think a clue lies in the reference to other like-minded thinkers with whom I have been collaborating both in the English-speaking world, partly via Nevermore, and also in France and Italy.

The article warns of “a transnational echo chamber of conspiracists who have been embracing increasingly reactionary, transphobic, and antisemitic ideas”.

In other words, they are worried that we are coming together and regrouping outside of the controlled woke-left mind-prison to begin to form a coherent long-term international resistance movement!

A similar angle was adopted by an article in the UK’s Freedom News which is referenced by the Montreal hatchet job.

This attack on feminist Jennifer Bilek claims she is a “source of growing anti-semitic conspiracy theories in the gender-critical movement”.

Again, the “antisemitism” here is an invention. It just so happens that many leading players in the transhumanist/transgender industry, as identified by Jennifer’s excellent research, have Jewish backgrounds.

She is obviously not saying that all transhumanists are Jewish, nor, of course, that all or many Jews are transhumanists.

Criticising transhumanism cannot logically be regarded as automatically “antisemitic”, whatever the ethno-cultural identity of those involved!

The spectre of “antisemitism” is merely being used here to close down any analysis of, and challenge to, the multi-billion dollar industry in question.

It seems very strange indeed to me that “anarchists” would use fabricated political smears to cancel criticism of rich and powerful movers and shakers in the medico-pharmaceutic complex and in the global banking system.

I mean, we’re supposed to be against the domination of an ultra-rich ruling class, aren’t we?

Perhaps some might imagine that this is merely a side-effect of the woke ideology, that their fixation with the threat from anything regarded as “far-right” blinds them to the bigger politico-economic picture.

But there is another line in the Freedom News article which is even more alarming.

Pointing to Jennifer’s previous involvement in Deep Green Resistance, it depicts that organisation not only, predictably, as “transphobic” but also as an “eco-terrorism promoting organisation”.

How could anyone identifying as an anarchist glibly roll out a phrase that sounds like it has been issued from the corridors of authoritarian power?

Real environmentalists are “terrorists”? Writing about real environmentalism is “promoting” terrorism? There is something deeply fishy about the Freedom News angle here.

I have previously written about the dubious connections enjoyed by many so-called “radicals”.

In November 2020 I exposed the ultra-rich “impact” capitalists of the WEF-linked Guerrilla Foundation who fund “activists” in the hope of profiting from “systemic change”, even paying them to hobnob with what should be their enemies at “Unlikely Allies” Impact Hubs.

In February 2021 I investigated Edge Fund, (aren’t they clever, with their pun?), a dodgy organisation which has been seeking to fund anarchists since 2013.

Deeply embedded in the global “philanthropy” network, Edge Fund enjoys links to Big Society Capital, set up by “impact capitalist” Sir Ronald Cohen.

In April 2021 I showed how woke “intersectionality” is, like the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, closely aligned with the impact industry.

And in January 2023 I looked into the four so-called “environmentalists” who had been smearing my French and Italian comrades and discovered that each one of them worked for the Macron regime and/or European foundations promoting vaccines and smart cities.

With regard to the strange “eco-terrorism” line in the Freedom News report, it turns out that they in fact lifted the phrase directly from a March 2021 article by the Trans Safety Network.

The network is a member of Consortium, which describes itself as “the national infrastructure and umbrella body for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans+ groups across the UK”.

My personal alarm bells were immediately set ringing by the fact that Consortium’s website includes an “Outcomes & Impact” section in which “we aim to help LGBT+ groups identify the changes their work is making and how to demonstrate this”.

Measuring “outcomes” is a key element of the digital slavery system known as impact investment and is one of the reasons why the global power nexus is trying to force us to lead our lives online, in an all-inclusive “metaverse” in which our digital twins are commodified for exploitation and speculation.

To this end, Consortium boasts of its Outcomes Framework which “sets out a standardised structure of five core areas of impact and associated sub-outcomes, as well as three underlying principles”.

Stressing the importance of “monitoring, evaluation and learning”, it complains of “an evidence gap around the achievements of the LGBT+ sector in the UK”.

Consortium explains that the impact outcome framework was produced with the help of Traverse, which it describes as “an independent social research and evaluation consultancy”.

It is with Traverse that we can see the real agenda behind Consortium’s outcomes obsession, the related activities of its members such as Trans Safety Network and the anti-radical smears parroted by the useful idiots in the not-so-alternative woke media.

One of the businesses with which Traverse proudly announces that it works is Arcadis NV, a Dutch “global design, engineering and management consulting company” involved in the construction of London City Airport, the A2 motorway in the Netherlands, the Millau motorway viaduct in France, the Tietê River Project in Brazil, and the Long Beach International Gateway, in California, USA.

Others are CITB (Construction Industry Training Board) – “It’s our job to help the construction industry attract talent and to support skills development, to build a better Britain” – and Horizon Nuclear Power.

Now why would any of the above want to smear real environmentalists (as opposed to tame corporate puppets) as “eco-terrorists”, I wonder?

Worse is to come. Two further businesses with which Traverse works are Wellcome Trust, the rotten heart of Big Pharma in the UK, and Big Society Capital, the entity with which Ronald Cohen launched his impact capitalism racket.

What was that again, about Traverse being “independent”?

This is all damning enough, but the trail doesn’t even end here: Traverse, it turns out, is itself “a member of Sonder, a group of organisations”.

The Traverse site tells us: “The Sonder Group and its individual members have been appointed to a series of governenment [sic] frameworks which allow Direct award of contracts in the Health Sector and other Public Sector fields”.

Ah, right! So it’s part of the ongoing privatisation of the public sector, including the NHS, by big business parasites – a process of which impact investment is very much a part.

Sonder, on its own site, says its aims are to “create change” and “achieve sustainable impact”.

It seems very close to a business called PPL, with two PPL co-founders and managing partners, Simon Morioka and Claire Kennedy, on the Sonder board.

PPL actually stands for Private Public Ltd, a name which evokes the business-state merger pioneered by Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler in the early 20th century.

Unsurprisingly, it is heavily into the impact capitalism scam.

Its Impact Report for 2020-21 brags how it had been “supporting the London Covid-19 vaccination effort” and announces that “we are working to launch a new charitable foundation which will help to ensure that the social impact funding we generate forms part of a long-term investment in local people and communities”.

And the following year’s impact report (2021-2022) declares that it aims to “maximise the impact of our growing social impact fund” and “spread our impact more widely than we have done previously”.

So we have seen that Trans Safety Network is part of Consortium, whose framework was provided by Traverse, which is a member of Sonder, which is run by business people from the likes of Private Public Ltd.

More light is shed on the nature of Trans Safety Network (originators of Freedom News’ “eco-terrorism” smear) by the fact that a glowing profile of its director Shash Appan features on the ILGA Europe website.

This organisation, the European region of the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association, describes itself as “an independent, international non-governmental umbrella organisation uniting over 700 organisations from 54 countries across Europe and Central Asia”.

ILGA Europe enjoys consultative status at the United Nations Economic and Social Council and participatory status at the Council of Europe and can boast of some heavyweight financial backing, not least from the European Union and the Government of the Netherlands.

Another of its funders is the Oak Foundation, set up by British billionaire businessman Alan Parker who made a “fortune” in “hedge funds and high tech” and is now happily installed, with his money, in Geneva, Switzerland.

Oak Foundation, itself Swiss-based, says it “comprises a group of philanthropic organisations based in various countries around the world”.

It seeks to “achieve high impact” and explains: “We define the impact of our investments in consultation with partners and support their capacity to assess and measure progress”.

This ties in nicely with the LGBT+ impact outcomes framework produced by Traverse for Consortium and thus, by extension, for its member Trans Safety Network.

A further funder of ILGA Europe is the EVZ Foundation (Remembrance Responsibility Future) which says its mission is “to keep the memory of National Socialist persecution alive”.

It explains that it “raises awareness of the intellectual and cultural heritage of German-language Judaism in schools and universities. Particular attention is drawn to the Jewish contribution to Europe’s political, economic and cultural development”.

It talks of its “substantive impact goals” and its involvement with the controversial IHRA definition of “antisemitism”.

For unspecified reasons, EVZ is also keen on “Support for Ukraine“.

It is likewise unclear why EVZ funds LGBT+ campaigning. I have the uncomfortable feeling that there may be some convoluted connection here with the “growing anti-semitic conspiracy theories in the gender-critical movement” of which Freedom News has been warning.

Indeed, this intuition is confirmed by the identity of the final listed funder of ILGA Europe, Wellspring Philanthropic Fund, formerly known as the Matan B’Seter Foundation.

Jewish media source The Algemeiner explains that it is part of a web of trusts and foundations set up by “a trio of philanthropists, who took great pains to conceal their giving” and provided “extensive support for Jewish charities”.

Its article explains that “for more than two decades, the partners at little known hedge fund TGS Management – Andrew Shechtel, David Gelbaum and C. Frederick Taylor – have coordinated their donations through lawyers who have helped them cover their tracks”.

As well as the $13 billion distributed through this secretive network, “an additional $1 billion was donated through public foundations such as the Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program, which distributes funds for thousands of donors, making the ultimate destination of their contributions impossible to determine”.

And yes, before you ask, this is indeed part of the same Vanguard empire that seems to own pretty much every major business in the world, along with sister companies like BlackRock and State Street.

Predictably, Vanguard Charitable says it is dedicated to “charitable impact through strategic and thoughtful philanthropy”.

The lesson from all of this is that people, particularly those on the “left”, urgently need to wise up.

They have to understand that the smears against us dissidents are false flag operations.

They appear on “anarchist”, “environmentalist” or other “left” websites and are couched in the appropriate language, passing themselves off as condemnations of the “far-right”, “antisemitism” or “fascist drifts”.

But the source of the propaganda is identical to that of the funding channelled furtively down to these public-facing groups and individuals.

Both money and smears issue from a secretive global network of “philanthropy”, “charity”, “impact”, “umbrella groups”, “consultancies”, “foundations” and “funds” closely tied to national and international institutions.

The likes of Montreal Counter Information and Freedom News like to pretend they are punching “up”, against a threat emanating from some kind of international “far-right” conspiracy, whereas in fact they are punching “down”, against free-thinking rebels, on behalf of the ruthless global criminocracy.

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