We should be allowed to ask questions.

by Margaret Anna Alice. Originally published on her Substack.

Autumn Leaf Falling from a Branch: What Caused David Miranda’s Death?

“Somebody, after all, had to make a start. What we wrote and said is also believed by many others. They just don’t dare express themselves as we did.”
—Sophie Scholl, speech in court (February 21, 1943)

This is a tender topic that gives me no pleasure, but which is worse—making a fact-based speculation that a person’s illness and subsequent death were caused by the experimental injection OR stubbornly ignoring the snowballing evidence of mass harm and deaths inflicted on the victims who were deceived into believing a product was “safe and effective” and thus ensuring the massacre of countless others?

Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion

I’d rather be “impolite” than complicit in wholesale slaughter by participating in the collective delusion that everything is fine.

This Is Fine (Original Cartoon for Meme)

I’d rather be “rude” than remain silent in the face of insurmountable evidence that the globally coerced injection of an unsafe and ineffective product is wreaking historically unprecedented damage.

Academy of Ideas: Compliance and Tyranny
The Unvaccinated: No One Is Safe by Matt Orfalea

Truth hurts when you’re living a lie.

It’s called cognitive dissonance. No matter how hard you squint your eyes, reality will always come blazing through and expose your game of make-believe for what it is. You can only pretend for so long.

Denial is a warm blanket that offers temporary comfort, and it is understandable that one would wish to cling to it in the face of grief. But it only leads to more lies being propagated, more lives and health being wrecked.

I feel great compassion for Glenn Greenwald and his children, and I mean no disrespect by raising questions about his husband’s illness and death. I considered keeping this post private to avoid causing him pain should he stumble across it.

If it were me, though, I would want to know what killed my beloved—and if I found corrupt entitiesagenciesgovernmentstyrantsphilanthropaths, and lackeys were guilty of his homicide, I would want to hold them accountable and prevent others from suffering the same excruciating fate.

As the journalist who broke the Edward Snowden revelations, Glenn should understand it is our responsibility to ask questions. It is our responsibility to examine five-alarm indicators that a product is dangerous. It is our responsibility to call for the suspension of that product when evidence of harm is present.

While this piece arose from a discussion about David’s untimely demise, it really is about how all of us are coping with the bombardment of deaths we are experiencing in our own lives.

Some people think it’s inappropriate to ask about the cause of death. The fact-chokers will blast anyone who tries to understand what occurred and tattoo us as anti-vaxxer science-denying conspiracy theorists exploiting a tragedy to shame us into self-censorship. The Shut-up Playbook is oh-so-predictable.

What madness that we are forbidden from questioning why a young, healthy person died when our very survival as a species depends on understanding what causes unexpected deaths.

Say you have a tribe living in the rain forest. Some of its members discover a pond and take a few sips of the water. They start feeling ill, and some even die. All the people who abstained feel fine. None of them are dying or coming down with strange symptoms. The survivors would put two and two together and realize they’d better avoid that pond. And if they don’t figure it out but instead continuing drinking from that pond, the tribe will soon go extinct.

I Know So Many People Who Are Vaxxed Cartoon by @just_an_artist_questioning

The preponderance of scientific evidence indicates the injection has taken 17 million lives so far. How are we to stop the bloodshed if we don’t even allow ourselves to countenance that possibility?

Denis Rancourt: World Council for Health Presentation

If it were any other product that hadn’t been politicized, propagandized, and pounded into the public’s mind as the salvific solution that shall not be questioned, people would naturally wonder if it played a role in a previously healthy thirty-seven-year-old succumbing to a nine-month torment from a mystery illness that ultimately took his life.

Bob Moran: Elementary (Climate Change, My Dear Watson)

It is time to grow up.

It is time to stop hiding under the bed from the corpses piling up around you.

It is time to shake off the spell and rejoin the world of reason where we are permitted to ask the questions that could save others from becoming diedsuddenlies.

What’s happening is NOT natural.

One death per 470 persons is NOT normal.

Ten-year-olds are NOT supposed to have heart attacks.

Registered Nurse Nicole Sirotek Testifies to Senator Ron Johnson on Taking Care of COVID Patients in NYC

The Liars Choir is trying to gaslight you into believing there’s nothing to see here.

Anne Gibbons: The Bought and Paid for Liars Choir
Anne Gibbons: Sudden Invented Syndrome Syndrome

How many people do you know who’ve died since 2021? Make a list. I’ll wait.

Now how many people do you know who died in the preceding decade, including the supposedly deadly 2020?

I know more people in my personal network who have died or gotten life-threatening conditions like cancer since 2021 than I have the entire rest of my life.

Check the obituaries. Compare the number of daily obituaries in The New York Times, for example, in 2023, 2022, and 2021 versus 2020 and earlier. (Notice how they’ve almost entirely stopped mentioning the cause of death unless it can’t possibly be linked to the injection 🤔)

Take a stroll through Mark Crispin Miller’s archives and look at the faces of the thousands of diedsuddenlies whose lives he commemorates in his “in memory of” posts.

Read the stories of individual diedsuddenlies Dr. William Makis has been laboriously documenting.

See the diedsuddenlies attorney and Apocaloptimist Jeff Childers catalogs in his otherwise-uplifting daily missives.

And those are just the celebrities. Those are the people who make the papers.

They aren’t reporting the deaths of your neighbors, your relatives, your friends.

See how easy it is to hide a democide in plain sight?

“But wait,” you might say, “I know someone who died of COVID.”

Are you sure about that? Are you sure they didn’t die of a comorbidity and their deaths were simply tallied as COVID because they happened to test positive for COVID on a PCR test rigged to yield false positives?

Toronto Paramedic Testified That a Jumper Was Listed As a COVID Death

Or were they hospitalized for COVID and subsequently hospicided by financially incentivized protocols such as remdesivirventilation, and intubation so the hospital could liquidate each patient for up to $471,000?

Making a Killing Documentary Series

Maybe they developed bacterial pneumonia or a hospital-acquired infection? Or were they forced to stagnate instead of being encouraged to walk around as was previously recommended for respiratory infections prior to COVID?

Nurse Testifies About Deadly COVID Hospital Protocols

Perhaps they were denied antibiotics and life-saving early treatment protocols the propagandists had been paid to mock because it would have been illegal to grant emergency use authorizations for the billion-dollar injectables if effective treatments—much less cheap, off-patent ones—already existed?

Or maybe they were part of the Great Eldercide sweeping through nursing homes around the world?

Whatever the murder weapon, Mistakes Were NOT Made.

Prohibiting people from questioning WHY someone died is what killers, accomplices, and coveruppers do. Not what people who want to save lives do.

People who want to save lives ask questions. People who want to save lives investigate. People who want to save lives pull a lethal product from the market and hold the perpetrators responsible for their mass-murdering spree.

Understand I am doing this out of respect for all victims of democide, including David. They no longer have the voices to cry out for justice. We must demand it on their behalf.

R.I.P. David Miranda (May 10, 1985–May 9, 2023)

David Miranda Speaking; Photo by Michel Jesus/Câmara dos Deputados
Photo by Michel Jesus/Câmara dos Deputados

What follows is a series of exchanges that occurred on Substack Notes, beginning with my postulation that David’s death was injection-caused. I was sharing Dr. Pierre Kory’s recent report from the front lines in which he notes “the rise in sepsis being reported in the wake of the global vaccine campaign.”

When a reader requested more details, I outlined the rationale behind my hypothesis. What began with a discussion of a heartrending tragedy ended with an inspiring example of a person recalibrating his position in light of empirical evidence. This is the kind of life-preserving lesson on intellectual humility we can all benefit from practicing.

MAA: I am 99-percent certain Glenn Greenwald’s previously-incredibly-healthy husband David Miranda’s fatal sepsis was caused by the injection. When he was first diagnosed, I looked up “sepsis” in VAERS and found a couple thousand hits. Now there are almost 4,000. I don’t know if Glenn will ever be able to come to terms with the cause, but several people shared Dr. Paul Marik’s detox protocol, which I sadly suspect he didn’t pursue, and then it was too late 💔

It is fascinating and encouraging to see in Dr. Pierre Kory’s post how many medical professionals realize (tragically but wisely) their blood is tainted. If only the doctor who murdered Baby Alex had been so enlightened.

He was kind enough to speak with me on the phone about this along with my proposed #MakePharmaLiable and #PutPeopleOverPharma legislation and basically gave me a reality check about them never passing 😉 

I do think #RememberBabyAlex has more of a chance, though, especially with the rising awareness of the dangers of injected blood Pierre noted. I’m hoping he can nudge Ron Johnson on this idea if he has the opportunity.

Decensored News: Forgot how enthusiastic Greenwald was about the the vax.

He also said on Sept 28, 2021: “I got vaccinated the first day I could and so did everyone in my family.”

Glenn Greenwald: Pro-Vaxx Tweets

MAA: Thank you for bringing the receipts, Decensored News. The phrase “believe in the vaccine” is very telling.

Bob Moran: False Idol

Decensored News: Really well-written piece… thanks for sharing (and for writing) that.

MAA: Thank you, Decensored News, and glad you appreciated it! Sadly, it’s still all-too-relevant, as is this companion letter.

Decensored News: It’s definitely still relevant, and valuable due to your empathetic (and semi-Socratic) approach that speaks directly to the reader. Saving this one as a potential “mind unlocker” to share with the right person in the future.

Also bookmarking your “Letter to a Colluder” to read some time soon – looking forward to it. 😎

MAA: I appreciate that, Decensored News! Not to give you more homework, but here are a few more pieces along those lines that others have appreciated for the purposes you stated:

Diana Barahona: So, Greenwald and Miranda took the shot, knowing what they knew about the NSA??

MAA: Yes, such is the power of the vaccine cult that people you otherwise would expect to know better than to trust government/pharma fell into line. To his credit, Glenn pushed back against COVID tyranny like mandates and discrimination, but he failed when it came to performing due diligence on the injections, sadly.

Mrs. McFarland: Have you or has someone contacted Glenn Greenwald regarding this possible pathology?

MAA: I challenged Glenn on his position regarding the injections in the comments of his December 23, 2021, post:

“I know you have been vocal about fighting back against mandates, Glenn, but I did not realize you were still advocating for the vaccines themselves—despite overwhelming and harrowing evidence of mass harm (see Letter to a Holocaust Denier and Letter to an Agree-to-Disagree Relative for starters).

“I truly hope you will clarify your stance on this subject and, if needed, re-evaluate your position based on the escalating scientific evidence that these injections are both unsafe and ineffective.

“Thank you for your attention to this urgent matter, Glenn. It takes integrity to reconsider your position in light of new scientific proof contradicting what you were initially led to believe by BigPharma propaganda.”

That was before David became ill, and when Glenn announced his diagnosis, I saw a few people were gently recommending Paul Marik’s protocol, so my hope was he would look into that. It didn’t feel right to browbeat him about the matter when he was wrapped up in the trauma of caring for David, so pointing him in the direction of healing protocols seemed a more compassionate approach.

Once David died, I knew he would be too grief-stricken to listen objectively to concerns about the likely cause and would perceive them as insensitive attacks at an inappropriate time. I figured he needs to arrive at the point where he’s ready to investigate the matter for himself.

Just as Matt Taibbi has bravely reconsidered his position in light of evidence, I hope Glenn will work up the courage to do so before he subjects himself and his family to further injections.

JMcS: You seem to imply that Glenn’s husband’s death was related to vaccination or am I misreading you? If you are, do you have certain knowledge that David received the vaccine & that, if so, it was directly related to his illness?

MAA: Decensored News shared examples of tweets where Glenn said his family was fully vaccinated, and David was known to be an enthusiastic proponent of the injection.

On November 7, 2022, Glenn shared that David had endured a three-month ICU hospitalization (to drag on for nine months total before his death) for a mystery disease that “can change radically from one day to the next and has done so many times” and included “pulmonary infection,” “various forms of abdominal pain and digestive problems,” “complete renal failure,” “worsening lung problems,” and “various organs of his gastro-intestinal system were severely inflamed and infected.” Glenn stated, “That inflammation and infection entered his bloodstream (sepsis), and then traveled to and began to compromise and cause failure in one organ after the next: his pancreas, kidneys, liver and finally his lungs.”

These are all conditions known to be associated with the injections dating as far back as Pfizer’s own cumulative analysis of post-authorization adverse events reports through February 28, 2021, presented to the FDA revealing 1,228 deaths, 158,893 adverse events, and 1,291 side effects.

The nine-page single-spaced list of side effects begins here.

As British Medical Journal Senior Editor Peter Doshi reported on December 16, 2022, 1 in 800 injectees were found to be “seriously harmed” and have experienced “serious adverse events” in both the Pfizer and Moderna clinical trials:

Dr. Peter Doshi: 1 in 800 Seriously Injured from COVID Injections

Dr. Jessica Rose and numerous other scientists have repeatedly demonstrated satisfaction of the Bradford Hill criteria proving causality for the adverse events reported to VAERS (at the time of this writing, there are 1,595,001 reports, including 36,286 deaths, through September 22, 2023).

On May 17, 2023, one of the world’s premier experts on excess mortality analysis Dr. Denis Rancourt testified before the National Citizen’s Inquiry that 13 million deaths can be directly attributable to the experimental injection. Supported by an 894-page book of exhibits, this figure that has now been updated to 17 million deaths (1 death per 470 living persons) in the recently published report COVID-19 Vaccine-Associated Mortality in the Southern Hemisphere, where the authors write:

“We quantify the overall all-ages vDFR for the 17 countries to be (0.126 ± 0.004) %, which would imply 17.0 ± 0.5 million COVID-19 vaccine deaths worldwide, from 13.50 billion injections up to 2 September 2023. This would correspond to a mass iatrogenic event that killed (0.213 ± 0.006) % of the world population (1 death per 470 living persons, in less than 3 years), and did not measurably prevent any deaths.”

I have compiled thousands of additional references demonstrating evidence of injection harm and fatalities. This is a good place to start.

Occam’s razor does the rest.

If you have an alternative explanation for why a vibrantly healthy 37-year-old would suddenly develop a cascade of mysterious symptoms that baffled doctors whose salaries depend on their not understanding the cause, to paraphrase Upton Sinclair, and who can only come up with, “These things just happen,” feel free to share your evidence-supported hypothesis.

Otherwise, the onus is on those who have administered an experimental product with multilayered novel components (mRNA, lipid nanoparticles, spike protein) without performing the usual rigorous 10–15-year-long process previously required to test the long-term safety of new vaccines to prove this new technology is not responsible for the millions of deaths and injuries that coincided directly with the global injection rollout.

Here is a compilation of relevant articles if you would like to explore more evidence.

JMcS: Thank you for that comprehensive reply. Just to be clear, I am just ad sceptical about vaccines & Big Pharma (although without your knowledge) so my question was not a challenge. As a follower of Glenn’s work I knew the detail he’d published about David’s illness but had seen nothing published that raised the question of vaccines. So, this isn’t, as someone says on this thread, “another one bites the dust”. I simply now have some further information which is what I sought.

FYI (& anyone else) I was vaccinated, only then contracted covid, & will have nothing more to do with such ‘treatment’. What others choose to do I will leave to them.

MAA: Thank you for your thoughtful follow-up, JMcS, and I am grateful to know you found my response useful.

I applaud your efforts to seek corroborating details as it only does a disservice to the truth for people to make ostentatious claims like I admittedly did without something to back it up. Your asking that question gave me an opportunity to provide substantiating evidence, which I appreciate.

The fact that you got injected and subsequently woke up to the deception is to your immense credit and shows you have successfully completed my 12-step recovery program from menticide 🙂

By doing so, you likely saved yourself from long-term suffering and a tragically early death.

You are a rarity, and I only wish more people possessed the humility, wisdom, and clarity you displayed by reflecting on your experience and recalibrating your position accordingly.

You give me hope that others may one day wake from their daze and follow in your brave footsteps.

JMcS: It took no bravery I assure you. But thank you for your reply.

MAA: It may not feel that way to you, but too many people fear having their beliefs challenged and take the cowardly route of denial. They don’t realize the beliefs they are protecting so aggressively are not even their own but unexamined slogans that have been crafted by behavioral psychologists and drilled into their heads by propagandists.

Laura Dodsworth’s new book, Free Your Mind, guides people through the journey of liberation from this form of mind control that is so immersive, scarcely anyone realizes it is happening.

So you are to be congratulated for breaking out of the echo chamber and drawing your own informed conclusions, JMcS, even if you don’t realize what a significant step you have taken.

Additional thoughts from the inimitable Sasha Latypova:

Sasha Latypova: This is an example of vaccination induced dysbiosis, which depending on the person’s own vulnerabilities, will destroy them slowly or quickly, one – or multiple organs at a time. All vaccines today can cause it, but the genetic ones are obviously especially horrible, since they transfect the cells very efficiently. 

MAA: Thank you for weighing in with your considerable expertise, Sasha Latypova.

I was thinking while reading the progression of David’s symptoms that they sounded like what happens to patients poisoned with remdesivir. Would you say that is an accurate comparison, or is it an oversimplification to conflate them?

Sasha Latypova: It’s possible. Since we are just guessing here and don’t have medical history. It is also possible he was given remdesivir in addition to being injected, in which case that simply endured his demise. The establishment medical system is completely set up to murder people with a variety of “protocols”.

Note: Typos have been left intact for fidelity, and inline links have been embedded, unrelated remarks excised, and tags converted to names for ease of reading.

Notes for Discussion: If you would like to bear witness to the deaths and suffering of family members, friends, acquaintances, coworkers, neighbors, and other individuals whose lives and health have been stolen by injection, please feel free to share your testimony in the comments. Together, let us document the real-life experiences the demociders are using every propaganda arm and psychological weapon at their disposal to memory-hole.

Bob Moran: The Fog of War Cartoon

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