The Stirrer

I sincerely hope that in light of recent events, the copyright free memes above will be self explanatory. I’m increasingly coming round to the way of thinking that those who presume to rule over us are engineering or allowing situations to develop that will generate hostile and often violent reactions. These reactions can then be used as a justification for further clampdowns on our freedoms. The problem as I see it is that in an increasingly brittle social, economic and political climate, there are too many people who are letting these bastards push their buttons without questioning the motives of those doing the pushing. This is something that I and many others want to challenge. My own modest contribution to this are the memes above and the post below.

I’m going to look at two recent events where it’s pretty clear that tensions have been deliberately ratcheted up with the aim of provoking a reaction. Sometimes, it’s all too clear who’s responsible for inflaming tensions. At other times, it does feel that things are being done at arm’s length in order to avoid having to take the blame for violence on the streets. Quite often, it’s a case of both taking place at the same time but working on different pressure points. What has to be born in mind is that the bastards who presume to rule over us are devious and underhand.

Firstly, there was the ratcheting up of the rhetoric in the build up to the Palestinian solidarity protest that took place in London on Armistice Day (11.11), where the divide and rule merchants were having a field day. This is something that I wrote about here: A few observations about what happened in London on Armistice Day 14.11.23. As predicted, what can best be described as a church and king mob, roused by a good few weeks of rhetoric, took to the streets of London on Armistice Day to supposedly ‘defend’ the Cenotaph war memorial on Whitehall. Suffice to say, what transpired marred the quiet commemorations the veterans and their families and friends wanted. The self styled ‘defenders’ were a rabble rather than anything organised with discipline.

Anyone who kept a cool head would have realised that the organisers of the Palestinian solidarity protest had no intention of going anywhere near the Cenotaph on that day. However, when some people get riled up by inflammatory rhetoric from papers, broadcasters, commentators and politicians with agendas, they’re not going to let inconvenient facts get in the way, are they? Anyway, the scenes that took place before the two minutes silence at 11am on Armistice Day will doubtless have been filed away for future use as justifications for a clamp down on protest. Silent thanks will be given to the useful idiots who turned out on the day.

Problem, reaction, solution…

The problem being not just the wrongly perceived threat to the Cenotaph but also the fact that in the eyes of some people, the Palestinian solidarity protest should not have been allowed to go ahead on Armistice Day. The reaction was the antics of the aforementioned church and king mob. The ‘solution’ will be further clampdowns on protest with ever tighter restrictions on those that are allowed to go ahead. You can imagine that should there be another Covid ‘crisis’ scenario, any attempt to protest against the inevitable restrictions will be met with a clampdown. So, to those self styled (self serving) ‘supporters’ of the pro-freedom protests at the start of the Covid ‘crisis’ who called for a clampdown on the Palestinian solidarity protest on Armistice Day, well done, you let yourselves get played!

On the evening of Thursday 23rd November, rioting broke out in the centre of Dublin, after a stabbing incident outside of an Irish language school in which three children and the woman who was caring for them were injured. The Garda have yet to confirm the identity of the attacker. It was the rumours about the attacker being a migrant or a refugee that sparked the violence on the streets later on in the day: What led to the Dublin riots and what does it mean for Ireland? – itvNEWS | 25.11.23.

The disorder that broke out in Dublin is a case of a combination of real problems and provocative rhetoric leading to an angry and violent reaction that took many commentators by surprise. We’re talking about commentators that obviously don’t have their ears to the ground in the poorer, marginalised, disenfranchised and forgotten areas of our towns and cities. However, those with a closer connection to what’s going on in these areas will not be at all surprised. What has to be born in mind is that this is not a situation specific to Dublin – it could happen anywhere here in the UK.

Coming in on top of years of austerity, a chronic shortage of decent affordable housing and diminishing prospects for working class people, we had the disruption to many people’s lives that were a consequence of the Covid ‘crisis’ lockdowns. Consequences that are only now starting to be belatedly acknowledged. One of which is the creation of a cohort of disaffected youth who fell through what was left of an already tattered safety net during the lockdowns. Disaffected youths who feel that society has failed them and that they owe society nothing in return. Ideal fodder for those wishing to exploit and inflame tensions for their own nefarious purposes. To say that the atmosphere is becoming somewhat brittle is an understatement.

Add into this mix concerns about the impact of what some perceive to be overly high levels of immigration, and it’s as clear as day that tensions are emerging, particularly if these concerns are airily dismissed. On top of this, there are concerns and fears about the impact of effectively dumping poorly supported refugees in areas already experiencing a range of problems. Concerns and fears which are blithely dismissed as racism. In my experience, not only do the authorities not give a shit about the welfare of refugees, they also don’t give a shit about the well being of the often deprived communities the refugees are being dumped in while they await their claims to be processed. All of this leads to a toxic mix where it doesn’t take a lot to ignite the myriad tensions bubbling away beneath the surface.

It’s another case of problem, reaction, solution…

The problem being a situation with immigration levels and the number of refugees coming into the country that a fair few people consider to be unsustainable. The reaction ranges from angry demands to drastically reduce the number of immigrants and refugees allowed into the country by whatever means deemed to be necessary, through to outbreaks of violent disorder such as those seen on the streets of Dublin. The ‘solution’ will be the imposition of digital ID and other measures to keep a tighter level of control over who can and can’t enter the country. ‘Solutions’ which some of the charlatans who latched onto the anti-lockdown protests in 2020 and 2021 have been actively calling for. It seems that their commitment to freedom is a very provisional one. Another part of the ‘solution’ will be a clampdown on protest, ostensibly to avoid the kind of scenes recently seen in Dublin. The reality will be that any protest that challenges the powers that be and their agendas will be subject to increasing restrictions. Mind you, those protests which further inflame tensions and are useful to the divide and rule merchants will still be tacitly encouraged.

You can’t help thinking that the powers that be are happy to let some of these issues get to a boiling point, albeit one that can be controlled and indeed, manipulated. Aided and abetted by divide and rule tactics that aim to get us at each others throats. One component of the arsenal cynically deployed by the divide and rule merchants are the ‘culture wars’ we’re being continually subjected to. All of this in order to justify the ‘solutions’ outlined in part above that they wish to impose upon us. Solutions that will drastically restrict our freedoms while the bastards impose their great reset upon us. If we let them that is…

One of the keys to resisting this is knowing when you’re being played to elicit a reaction that will be used as a justification for their freedom denying ‘solutions’. Then in recognition of this, refusing to act in a way that will further agendas that ultimately work against our interests.