Uruguay: A New Journal of the Plague Year

“… being Observations or Memorials of the most remarkable occurrences, as well public as private, which happened in Uruguay during the last great visitation in 2020. Written by a scholar who continued all the while in Montevideo.”

Situation report – November 2021

Taking a step back, it’s clear the rollout of vaccine passports is going to be a classic case of mission creep. It starts off with concerts and nightclubs, it will be moving onto pubs and restaurants and before you know it, supermarkets. It moves from what people are willing to sacrifice for the sake of principle to what they need to survive.

Denying reality: a dangerous delusion

In destroying the full metaphysical meaning of words like “essence”, “nature” or “universal” by means of their straw man constructs, the conformists of contemporary goodthink are destroying our connection to reality.

What happens next?

From Dave at Estuary Stirrings On Saturday 29 May, I attended a #UniteForFreedom anti-lockdown / anti-great reset protest in London – this was the write […]


by Raminder Mulla Over the lockdown period, a number of theories on the future of our society have been advanced. Some of them revolve around […]