Situation report – November 2021

Taking a step back, it’s clear the rollout of vaccine passports is going to be a classic case of mission creep. It starts off with concerts and nightclubs, it will be moving onto pubs and restaurants and before you know it, supermarkets. It moves from what people are willing to sacrifice for the sake of principle to what they need to survive.

Putting the skids under the vaccine passports

Plenty of people have said that they’ve no intention of going to a concert, sports event, restaurant or pub if they have to show a vaccine passport, paper or digital. That includes a fair few double jabbed people as well as the un-jabbed. That will be a lot of people engaging in the tactic of boycotting.

‘Freedom’ deferred…

In an ideal world, freedom wouldn’t be for the government of the day to gift or deny us. Freedom should be our inalienable right as autonomous human beings. We live in a far from ideal world – not that any of us need reminding of that grim reality.