Humankind is facing the prospect of an unimaginably grim future and we urgently need to rise up and shout ‘no!’.We cannot allow ourselves, and generations to come, to be violently forced into lives of miserable slavery, deprived of our freedom and individuality, isolated from each other, controlled and exploited for every minute of our servile existences by an all-powerful technocratic elite.

But how can we resist? Words are all very well, but what are we actually going to do to break free from this unprecedented danger?

It is useful, of course, to come together on the streets in huge numbers to voice our dissent, as this signals to others out there that they are not alone, that resistance does actually exist beyond the system’s carefully manufactured consensus.

But these events need ongoing momentum, the sense they are leading somewhere fast, and the system’s smear-mongers, falsifiers, detractors, infiltrators and mockers will do all they can to kill that. 

So we need to do more than just protest. We can act independently and without advance notice with groups of friends. Posters, stickers, leaflets, banner drops and graffiti all communicate directly with other people and create an atmosphere of urgent revolt.

Individuals can resist on their own, even, by refusing to comply with the latest draconian restrictions, by cocking a defiant snoop at the authorities and helping to push their enforcement capacities towards breaking point.

As the repression is cranked up, and our right to dissent is further removed, people will inevitably be pushed towards sabotage of the system’s infrastructures as the only way to fight back.

In all its aspects, our resistance needs to be stronger than anything that any of us have ever experienced before in our lives.

It cannot be fuelled merely by political opinion and allegiance and it cannot simply express itself in the form of occasional symbolic protest or abstract argument.

We need to source it from deep within us.

We have to give voice to our primal need to live and breathe and smile, to speak and shout and sing, to touch and hug and kiss.

We have to be governed by our much-derided gut feeling, our innate human instinct. We need to shake off worries about the consequences of speaking up and fighting back – we need to go with what we feel is right.

We need to tap into the energies of solidarity, belonging and togetherness that have always played a huge role in human society but which are being deliberately destroyed by those who would control us.

Carl Jung regarded our collective unconscious as a latent force which could surge up and save humanity at the moment of our greatest need. But that force only becomes real when it is channelled and expressed by actual physical human beings!

We have to shrug off the chains of subdued conventionality and fake “rationality” with which we have been held down all our lives and allow this collective energy to flood through our blood, our limbs and our minds.

We have to all become the heroes and heroines of our myths and legends, the courageous men and women who face their destinies head-on and risk everything for the common good.

Fuelled by this timeless strength, we will suddenly find we are a thousand times more powerful than we ever imagined.