Welcome to Nevermore!

We have watched over the proceeding year, meekly, quietly, as other anarchists have toed the lines drawn by state bureaucrats. We have remained silent whilst witnessing acts of hostility towards those who have refused to comply with state mandates. No longer. Nevermore.

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Societies suppress truth at their own peril, just as civilizations that attempt to dominate the natural world will in time learn the error of their ways. For thousands of years, many empires have attempted to stamp out the disobedient heretics who refuse to believe what the state wants the people to believe, and we’re still here. The desire for freedom is a powerful force, and we will never surrender it.

Introducing Nevermore Zine

The monstrous Black Volcano which has loomed and leered menacingly over Happy City since it was founded has finally erupted. Vast rivers of lava are streaming down the mountain slopes towards the human settlement and ash is already beginning to rain on the rooftops. It is only a matter of time before a pyroclastic cloud scorches instant death onto the people or the molten rock pours into the narrow streets and kills everyone. But in the city there is complete calm. Reassured by the King’s insistence that they are in […]

How can we resist?

So we need to do more than just protest. We can act independently and without advance notice with groups of friends. Posters, stickers, leaflets, banner drops and graffiti all communicate directly with other people and create an atmosphere of urgent revolt.

We are Heathen

The spell that we have been living under all our lives is weakening, sister. The world is changing and everyone is just holding their breath We are released into the wilderness We wander through the primordial forest strangers to it, strangers to ourselves. We stalk the shadows that stalk us in the back alleys of a haunted city that we used to call home We inhale and exhale the smoke of illusion We put on new clothes for new occasions and do mention the hiss that the smoke machine makes […]

If Truth is the First Casualty of War, then who are we fighting?

Furthermore, it should be pointed out that social media platforms are scrubbing their platforms of any information deemed to be contrary to the recommendations of Public Health. This type of censorship works to create a type of groupthink by making criticism of lockdown measures seem like an extremist ideology, by placing it outside the bounds of what it is acceptable to say. The next logical step is the persecution of thoughtcrime, the imprisonment of dissidents & undesirables.

The world has gone mad

The world has gone mad again, And as the gulf between what is thinkable And what is sayable grows wider and wider I wonder what the future holds in store For those who will follow in our footsteps. A red moon looms overhead But her name is never to be spoken We must dutifully ignore The Gods of Yore. We have no need for such superstition now We are becoming omnipotent We will soon be immortal Who cares about a Moon Who says she is a Goddess? She clearly isn’t […]