We hope that you have enjoyed this zine. We have made it our mission to shift anarchist discourse in regards to the coronavirus and the current propaganda-blitzkrieg being waged the population. When we began, we didn’t know what people’s responses would be. We thought that perhaps that we would be cancelled for contradicting the groupthink. We found, to the contrary, that people have thanked us profusely. Clearly there is a great hunger for critical analysis. Just as we reject the logic that dissent in war-time should be suppressed in the name of national unity, likewise we reject the logic that a protracted emergency means that we should fall into lockstep with those who claim authority over us.

If you did appreciate this zine, please take a minute to write us at nevermorezine@riseup.net. It really means a lot to us when we get some positive feedback. This project is a labour of love, and encouragement motivates us to keep plugging away. We will be creating an email list, so if you would like to keep abreast of developments, send us a message asking to subscribe.

The number one thing that you can do to support this project is to help distribute physical copies. Please print out copies of this zine and distribute them to people who will read them.

We are starting work on a second volume forthwith. We welcome submissions of original writing, artwork, and whatever else you want to send us.. We would like for this journal to become not just a place to publish careful critiques but also art that speaks to what it feels like to be living through this very confusing time in history, so please share your personal writing with us!

We are also looking for people who are willing to volunteer their services as translators. We are very interested in reports from different parts of the world, and we hope that by offering first-hand accounts from various parts of the world, a clearer picture of what is going on will emerge.

Also, if you have criticisms of this zine, please. Our method of inquiry is to assume that we are prone to logical fallacies, and that we must correct for our own biases by attempting to disprove our own assumptions. If you have a correction, even a minor one, please write us and we will include the correction in the next volume. We want to be wrong! We also are willing to offer space for anarchists who disagree with our analysis. Our goal with this journal is to kickstart discussion and debate, so if you have an opposing perspective, write us, and we may publish your critique.

The truth doesn’t go away when people stop believing in it. A society can become schizophrenic, and wage war against the truth, but the truth will always keep existing. It is impartial, non-partisan, and abides forever, whether or not people choose to believe in it. And it will always have an allure, because curiosity is a natural human instinct, and understanding of the truth confers advantages, for knowledge is power. Even if we are in for some dark days, so long as human beings exist, there will always be resurgences of the desire to know the truth. 

Societies suppress truth at their own peril, just as civilizations that attempt to dominate the natural world will in time learn the error of their ways. For thousands of years, many empires have attempted to stamp out the disobedient heretics who refuse to believe what the state wants the people to believe, and we’re still here. The desire for freedom is a powerful force, and we will never surrender it.

For the wild,