by Book of Ours

Many of us knew medical apartheid was coming when the National Emergency was declared on March 13, 2020. Many of us knew the vaccines would be the tool used to insert medical apartheid and undermine what some always assumed was a free society.

Vaccines have always been a point of contention among the American population. We also knew vaccines would be the thing that would cause society to split, bifurcate and split and bifurcate and then split and bifurcate some more, breaking the shattered remnants of our connections.

This was inevitable and no matter how good your intentions, it was always meant to be the goal. The means of affecting this goal would not be soft or easy or subversive. Open, obvious acts of cruelty would be the only means to achieve this goal. And using the vaccines as the tool to demonstrate this cruelty would be the thing designed to splinter the human population and close it down. Maybe forever.

There are the obvious outward signs of this Planned Cruelty in the Age of Covid. Governors and Mayors and State Heads assert the most draconian and frightening mandates that lead to potential legislation leaving much of the working class and self employed struggling and gobsmacked at this blatant abuse of reckless, unchecked power.

There is even cruelty in the social safety net infrastructure which our tax dollars pay into in order to keep people afloat while they are unemployed or become disabled or are out of work for whatever reason. The phone lines are always busy, the systems are always down, the upgrades take weeks and meanwhile people are wondering if and when their unemployment, workers comp or disability checks will be coming anytime soon. These agencies have always been slow but the lack of preparedness in the Age of COVID has been blindingly obvious and as anxiety mounts and poverty rises, there is this feeling this unabashed cruelty toying with people’s lives, torturing them for the sake of torture, is calculated cruelty in this organized deficit.

It’s difficult to avert your eyes from the focused shaming campaign illustrated through COVID propaganda on subways cars, hallways in doctor’s offices and signs on the front of stores. One would never expect we would succumb subconsciously to this cruelty. How were we to know that we would one day question the merit of our own existence just from glancing at cold anti-life, anti-human illustrations in the form of poster designs, worming their way into our subconscious? But whether we realize it or not, we do question our existence because that’s what the posters were designed to do.

All of this outward cruelty is now seeping its way into the family unit and our inner circle, as some of us suspected it would from the very beginning.

Story after story is pouring into social media, and filling up my personal Inbox, which tells the most horror-filled acts of abuse, abandonment, neglect, shame and marginalization.

A young woman in Pittsburgh has been “kicked out” of her real-life social circle because of her choice to make decisions for her own health. She was relentlessly shamed and forced into engaging in conversations about her health with her best friends, who demanded to know why she made the health decisions she made, as if they were somehow her newly appointed doctors.

A Washington woman has been told by her daughter and her husband that they want nothing to do with her. As soon as the daughter moves, this woman is cut out of her daughter’s life and the woman’s husband agrees with this decision and sides with their daughter. A daughter is throwing away her mother and a husband is throwing away his wife simply because she has chosen to educate herself beyond NPR or The Times or Democracy Now.

A midwestern man in his 50’s is being told he cannot attend the annual family reunion because his unvaccinated presence will put an entire family of vaccinated people at risk. This comes just weeks after he had spent a long weekend with quite a few of these same (vaccinated) people who would be in attendance at the reunion.

We hear story after story of people being refused necessary treatments for injuries or long term illnesses because they have chosen to make decisions about their bodies that differ from the corporate mandates that now control our corrupted medical institutions. These institutions have abandoned science, the Hippocratic Oath and practical medicine.

This cruelty is growing quickly. I see it. I see it every single day. It’s a malignant cancer that seems to be out of control and I feared this real-life marginalization of the innocent and dog-piling of the autonomous ones would surface one day.

After all, it’s been years that social media seems to be feeding this beastly cruel behavior and gave it life. It started with unfollowing your one friend who talks too much about impact markets, then blocking your cousin who talks too much about the dangers of the current medical experimental trial we are in, then flagging posts of people who warn of the dangers of masks on children. Social media accounts are flagged, removed, blocked, ignored and shadow banned. Algorithms are created to marginalize these posts and accounts.

This cruel nature that was born out of the Age of Covid isn’t natural. It is not our natural tendency to humiliate wives for asking different questions or attack best friends for making decisions for their own body or freeze out brothers from yearly family reunions.

It may not be natural or a human tendency but it is inevitable.

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