World War Three started (for the United States) on March 13, 2020. This was when the National Emergency was declared. All federal, state & small governments were occupied by corporate interests and a war on people was waged.

A coup.

The people must correct this by defying everything.

For instance this week in Pennsylvania the so-called emergency declaration has ended. But because local governments have been occupied by outside interests and committees that don’t represent the will of the people are sitting in seats of power now, nothing at all has changed. The government agencies can, with a flick of their wrist, issue stay home orders, school closures, mask wearing mandates and even further invasive medical interventions and seizure of rights. None of this is actual law and all of it violates your individual right.

It’s important not to live by the rule of invisible unelected committees that have seized power over your local governments and if your state’s governments have announced the so-called end to emergency declarations, then the same goes for you. Read the fine print. Nothing at all has changed. So, live for yourself. Lead by example. Defy everything.

This defiance comes in the form of simply saying “no” to anything that intervenes in your well-being, whether it’s forcing you out of your means of production, forcing you to cover half your face, forcing you to take an experimental shot, forcing you to stay away from people or anything at all that interrupts your choices for yourself.

This defiance comes in the form of ignoring and starving out the non profit, non governmental and social movement organizations – these are called Third Sector. Ignore the tables set up in front of your community centers that want you to be a part of environmental causes, or any cause at all. These are all corporate backed organizations that deplete an individual of rights and autonomy and many of them are disguised as “science based” or “rights based.” They’re not.

Any institution, whether it’s a school or doctors office that forces you to undergo a medical experiment in order to have access to its facility is to be starved out of existence. Simply walk away and find a new means of education and health care. This is called self care. It’s not selfish. Its survival. Ultimately though it’s your choice.

World War 3 is also a war on choice. If you’re an adult and you need that root canal for example, make an autonomous decision to get the care you need even if it means being forced to wear a mask. Vocalize your protest of this though. Children, however, are not in a position to make medical decisions for themselves.

Social media is not a tool to signal your compliance. You have not been defeated. World War 3 is still upon us. Use social media to your advantage to continue engaging in the war.

Show discernment. There are infiltrators in disguise. Stay away from thought leaders or self described authorities. No one holds the authority on information. You are the best authority of everything.

Do not attend protests. Protests are organized by organizations that benefit from this wasted energy and are designed by the state to cull you into places where you can be abused or arrested.

Your protest must be individualistic. Refuse to put on a mask when buying potato chips. Talk to the other renters in your building. Refuse to pay your rent in a collective autonomous move. Hand out leaflets to the public on the street with simple easy to read information about this current World War 3 government of occupation. One of the characteristics of World War 3 is a concerted effort to dumb down the innocent, especially the impoverished and working class. These people deserve to be informed and educated.

The managerial class, those with money who benefit from World War 3, are a lost cause. They are usually the Good Germans instituting policy, contracts and agendas that hurt you. They occupy the seats of government offices and they sit on the board of your local transportation agency. They work in the tech sector, medical fields and non profit sector. They’re not interested in fighting World War 3. They benefit from it. Ignore them. Or sabotage them. They are the enemy within.

Because World War 3 is a war on the people it will be confusing, messy, offensive and strange. This isn’t classic war where the enemy can be seen in uniforms marching down your street. Stay focused and be respected. In war, you are not looking for love. You need respect from like-minded people, or comrades, or whatever you want to call them.

Never forget this is war. This is war on you, the people. The war is an attempt to invert thought and skill. You have the right thoughts. Your mind is right. You have the skill to win this war.

World War 3 looks much different than anything you’ve seen before. It’s a complete infiltration of every corner of your life, from your transportation agencies including bus and train rides, to your work environment, to your family, to your markets, to your financial and medical institutions, to even some of your social media groups. This is because World War 3 is a war on the human experiences.

Corporations did a cost analysis and discovered they are not making enough money by allowing you to live a free and autonomous life. Every little experience you have by yourself or for yourself is an opportunity lost for them to make money. When your governments allowed themselves to be occupied by corporations, the marketing department decided to wage a psychological attack on you, their cash cow, to force you to re-think what it means to live for yourself with your own sense of purpose. Through skilled marketing, your perception of your own human needs and right to pursue self-driven goals in life shifted from happy, free, autonomous and exploratory to controlled, manipulated and enslaved. When you are told it’s good for the community to get a shot, for example, what you’re really being told is it’s good for the corporations for you to get a shot. It helps justify their next budget. It looks good on their quarterly review. The community doesn’t even factor into these things.

How you fight this corporate stranglehold is simple. Ask yourself, “Does this benefit me?” If it doesn’t, then be self-actualized through every. little. thing. Don’t be a slave to the corporations that have occupied your government. If you had a job where you worked like a dog for the company and the company manager beat you everyday and never paid you, would you stay at the job? No, you wouldn’t. You would say “Why am I working for someone who abuses me and doesn’t pay me?” In everything in life, you always have to ask how this benefits you.

Keep your sense of humor about this thing. You’ve been deemed nothing more than an employee who needs constant reprimanding but you’re still free-thinking. So, you should always remember that everyone who wants to assert their will over you, whether it’s a family member, your boss, your health secretary of your state, your bus driver, your mayor, your teacher, your priest or even the bagger at your grocery store, isn’t any better than you and it’s laughable to think they can have any control over the decisions you make for yourself. You never let the barista at your favorite cafe tell you what to do before. So why are you letting them tell you what to do now? Be silly about all this nonsense. Mark up the posters on the subway trains that pummel you with the messaging to wear a mask or get a shot. Crack jokes with the manager at your local farmers market.

Meditate, pray or concentrate. World War 3 is a psychological war and a propaganda war. There’s nothing to be afraid of. Your spirit and mind must be strong and courageous. Most of what you’re experiencing is fear from what you’ve learned about what’s happening. Be careful of information overload. Don’t let it paralyze you. This is also a tactic of World War 3: to allow you to see all the machinations of who and what is behind this inversion of what it means to be a human being.

World War 3 can only be won by the individuals doing what is best for them. Miraculously, though, by doing what’s best for the self, the collective movement against corporate-run policies now occupying our governments – who want to treat you like a bad employee – will become less and less influential in your day to day lives. Their power will fade and become brittle until it crumbles away.

Then we can start over and do it better this time. This is World War 3. It’s the Very Last War. We will win it by doing small seemingly meaningless individual things that chip away at it and undermine it. We will win it, because we still have autonomous will.

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