by Citizen Nobody

( Art by Jordan Henderson )

Totalitarianism is being facilitated by a lot of little Hitlers. 

And a few Big Hitlers.

For within this collapsing social order there is open class war. 

Governments have been passing emergency laws that gives the state totalitarian rights over the people,

and using them to strip away every last remaining democratic process.

And the state has took all that power and wants to keep that power forever.

This must be stopped.

Covid totalitarians are those lovely people that are happy to criminalise their co worker, their carer, their teacher, their neighbour, their cousin, their brother, their wife or husband their very own mother –

within this illusion of society they don’t matter to them anymore.

Did they ever?

Treat them as they deserve.

The unclean, eh?

Maybe they’ll give the non vaxxed a leper colony to live in and call it compassion. 

So self identified are they with the system they cannot imagine a world without it.

This is the depth of their conditioning, happy to allow their own wives or husbands and even their children to be made second class citizens because they refuse to surrender the right to make their own decisions about their own body.  

Other Liberal democracies like Sweden,

have not locked down their population 

they knew their population would not allow them too. 

Their children have been going to school fine.

No child mental health crisis in Sweden.


in the Mother Parliament. 

Scummy politicians have grown fat with corruption,

and drunk on power.  

Anyone who thinks it is ok to criminalise a whole section of society for the crime of saying I will not give the state the right over what I do with my body does not believe in democracy. 

And this is what they call society. 

Cruel and selfish and mean and afraid. And one big fat fucking lie.

So deep are they into their levels of denial they lecture  about freedom and society. 

While asking many to be slaves to it.

And calls the unhappy slaves selfish.

Above all this division among the citizens –

The Big Hitlers like Jeff Bezos are flying into space in a giant dildo thanking his workers for the dream of a lifetime while those workers literally piss in a bottle. Bill Gates buying up every acre of land in America to grow potatoes to sell to McDonalds. Another resident of Epstein’s Island. A sociopathic system will always reward the sociopath. Why is the creep not in jail anyway? Instead of buying up covid testing companies like shares in a gold mine.

The World Economic Forum – the hornets nest of a Neo Fascist nightmare that seeks total domination of everything and everyone.

Covid is the mechanism they are using to take total domination.

This system has mined everything of its spirit, it was only a matter of time before spirit wasn’t enough and they wanted our bodies too. 

This system will not stop until it has consumed everything in its insatiable lust for destruction.

To the insane owners its all a game.

And they use game theory to play their game with the world. 

And yet the covid totalitarians choose to side in fear and ignorance with these insane rulers, 

And war against not them, but their brothers and sisters.

Governments everywhere are becoming tyrannical. 

Build. Back. Better. 

They all say together.

Seeking to reset the world and enslave it in its entirely to them.

First locking down its citizens like prisoners in their own homes and controlling all public spaces with masks of subservience that have been shown over and over to not only not work but to be harmful.

Destroying the innocence of a whole generation of children now trapped in a state of fear.

Criminalising those who ask questions.

Totalitarian laws and controls brought in to deal with the virus they said. 

A few weeks to flatten the curve they said.

And they now think those new powers are the new law forever. 

Yet we the people, have not given our consent. 

The western liberal democratic world is being taken over by totalitarianism.

These are not the acts or laws of a democratic government. 

And we do not live in a democratic state.

It’s political class in disarray unsure of whether to stick or twist.

This is class war

but – the dynamics have changed, its not just the working class that are being oppressed it’s everyone who refuses to allow the insane, sociopathic corporate state to inject them with Big Pharma against their will. To refuse to be force injected by an experimental, genetically modified for profit poison is now a crime in so called democratic societies.

This is fucked up.

This is totalitarianism.

This is fascism.

The total and complete merger of corporate and political power.

This is a coup of the so called Liberal Democratic world by an insane corporate dark state. The system is in crisis, state capitalism needs new markets and covid is giving those new markets. A kind of futuristic, dystopian nightmare and they are radically altering the structures of societies across the world and replacing them with corporate totalitarianism. 

We must resist it while we still have the power to do so,

this is not about left or right, 

vaccinated and non vaccinated, 

black or white, liberal or anarchist,

capitalist or socialist,

man or woman.

This is about freedom.

Vaccine deaths and horrific injuries ignored,

only covid deaths matter it seems,

millions of people walk the streets of London in uprising,

not shown on the news.

Rebellion in Greece, In Ireland,

Spanish courts say lockdown is illegal.

Millions rise up in France in revolution against Macron’s fascistic attempt to ban unvaccinated citizens from having any role in this fascist society.

To literally create a slave class.

Can’t go anywhere.

Can’t buy food from a supermarket.

Can’t leave the country.

No access to health care.

No right to work.

And next it will be no right to vote.

For the crime of asking questions and choosing your own answer. To be free to not do as you are told. By seeking to hold this diseased authority that eats our spirit and calls it freedom to account.

Those of us aware of this tyranny must unite and engage.

This is the defining moment of all our lives for it will define the lives of those who come after us. It will define our children’s view of us. Those who do not stand on their behalf now for their freedom are their enslavers. They will not thank those who did not think of them.

Covid totalitarian citizens that continue to serve the masters must be made to see this is not in their interests.

Not in their children’s interests either.

No one wants to enslave their children to tyranny. 

We must rise.

Everyone of us.

Many single rain drops become a mighty storm. 

We must become that storm.

There can be no division

It is transcendent of all secondary identities.

Covid passports are only the beginning.

Once you give them that right the genie is out of the bottle.

You no longer live in a free society.

For if the state is given the right to control what gets put in your body,

you have no rights at all.

To the insane corporate class we’re just a cow in a barn that they farm for our milk.

There are two kinds of fear.

There is natural fear and there is unnatural fear.

Unnatural fear is the fear put into you by those who control that society,

this fear is conditioned.

Governments use it because they know a fearful public is more compliant.

This fear is an illusion it only exists because in our minds we allow it to exist.

To remove it we have to stand together.

Natural fear is an energy from nature,

a power to keep you alive,

an extraordinary jewel.

You feel it when you are in danger like the Gazelle that smells the Lion.

And becomes filled with a tremendous power to run faster than it could ever have before.

This fear is power.

Use it,

don’t let it use you.

Covid totalitarians have to be confronted with reality.

They need to be awoken from this sleep.

Covid passports can never be conceded.

And it cannot end their either.

We must change this system so that this can never happen again.

This insane corporate class of vampiric sociopaths – those fuckers have got to go.

Political power must be taken out of the hands of authoritarians and decentralised into local communities.

It will take a revolution the likes of which we have never seen.

We have to be that revolution.

We have to become so absolutely free that our very existence is an act of revolution.

The revolution has begun.

Be the revolution.