Situation report – January 2022

Yet again, I’m going to attempt to summarise where we are in an increasingly weird and dystopian situation. Yet again, I realise that what I’m now writing could in weeks…days even…be overtaken by events. I’m persisting in producing these situation reports because they help me to marshal my thoughts in a bid to try and understand what’s happening.

Breaking and re-making us

One part of the strategy and tactics being deployed against us is persuading a significant chunk of the populace to do the dirty work of divide and rule for you. Having an atomised, frightened populace makes the project of breaking and re-making us that much easier. Atomisation is a key part of the process.

2021 – spiralling down | 2022 – ‘interesting’

Do you remember March of 2020 when it was ‘just three weeks to flatten the curve’? We do although given how far back that is now, the memory is not exactly an immediate one. It’s not even two years ago but it feels like a lot longer than that as we unwillingly become acclimatised to a new (ab)normal.

Little Hitlers and Big Hitlers.

This is the defining moment of all our lives for it will define the lives of those who come after us. It will define our children’s view of us. Those who do not stand on their behalf now for their freedom are their enslavers.

Liberalism: the two-faced tyranny of wealth

@henever economic liberalism finds itself under threat from “populism”, it quickly jettisons the principles of political liberalism to which it is theoretically tied. We might even define liberalism as being the deception maintained by capitalism to hide its true nature.

Fascism Rebranded: Exposing the Great Reset

But for many years I had understood that our society risked heading in a totalitarian direction and that, far from being the opposite of contemporary “liberalism”, as we are always told, fascism was in fact a mode into which this hypocritical system could switch at any given time, when it felt the need.

Us Vs. Them

It’s very simple, really. An ultra-rich, extremely powerful technocratic mafia is trying to enslave humankind for its own profit.

For Nature and Freedom!

Posted on May 11, 2021 by winter oak Three years ago we published an article explaining how the idea of a nature-based philosophy had been […]