2 Replies to “Faceless Today, Tomorrow Voiceless?”

  1. Always interesting to see just how the same stuff is being rolled out everywhere across the globe. Australia had a state Health Minister telling people (who are limited to an hour outdoors) not to strike up any kind of conversation , with a neighbour even, while out shopping. In Canada, a Health Minister stated that ‘social’ (physical) distancing’ was not just about stopping the spread of a virus, but also about stopping the spread of ‘misinformation’. And our fellow humans submit to this atomisation and silencing.

    1. Yes, indeed there is. Part of the reason that Nevermore has put such a focus on international reporting is because part of what needs to happen is that people realize that most governments are now controlled to a greater or lesser degree by globalist institutions.

      It’s easier to see that when you look at multiple different countries and see how the same plans are being rolled out…

      I highly recommend checking out this piece if you haven’t already: https://nevermore.media/2021/12/30/que-es-la-asociacion-global-publico-privada/

      Thanks for commenting.

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