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The Covid crisis is being leveraged to impose the fourth industrial revolution (4IR), also known as the great reset, upon us. One aim of this piece is to look at what kind of a compliant populace is needed to ensure the successful imposition of this, and how they can be brought into line. For those wishing to impose the 4IR upon us, currently there are too many elements in the populace at large who, for a variety of reasons, will not comply with any imposition and indeed, may well go all out to resist and sabotage it. For the record, we count ourselves among those who will resist this with everything we have.

You don’t have to do a lot of research to ascertain that it’s corporate and other interests above the level of government who are pushing the 4IR agenda. Whoever is pulling the strings of the government when it comes to pushing them towards harsher lockdown measures alongside vaccine passports morphing into digital identity, it’s clear they have one aim… Namely to break us before remaking us into the compliant subjects required for the implementation of the 4IR.

Writing here in England and comparing the situation we have been in relation to other nations in the UK, many in continental Europe and also across the globe, it’s clear that so far, compared to them, we have got off lightly. So far because looking at the machinations and growing splits in the government, should Johnson eventually be ousted as prime minister, there’s a good chance that whoever replaces him will be more enthusiastically supportive of the 4IR project and a lot less squeamish about imposing the measures needed to bring it about.

Broadly the aim of this piece is as follows… To briefly look at the kind of future that we’re being railroaded towards. To look at how a population has to effectively be broken before being re-made so they will comply with whatever the dominant aims and the supporting narrative of the 4IR are. To look at how toxic divide and rule tactics as being deployed to get us at each others throats rather than confronting that which threatens us all. To then look at how an array of useful idiots and collaborators are being persuaded to a) do some of the dirty work of calling for tougher measures b) do the dirty work of divide and rule and c) to lobby for the transhumanist agenda which attacks the very essence of what it means to be human. We then conclude with our response to this and some thoughts on what has to be done to smash the 4IR project before it crushes us.

The techno-fascist, transhumanist hell we’re being pushed towards

Rather than re-hash a lot of what has already been written about the dystopian future we’re being forced into, we’re going to point you in the direction of a number of readings that will in various ways, indicate what that future is. This recent news item is just one example of the atomised, dehumanised future we’re being unwillingly forced towards: South Korea cuts human interaction in push to build ‘untact’ society – Raphael Rashid | The Guardian | December 10, 2021. One manifestation because obviously, there are cultural differences that will have an influence on how this kind of technological change is rolled out and accepted. Needless to say, considerable effort is being put into cultivating a cohort of eager boosters of the kinds of technology that will underpin the 4IR.

We’ve been accused of being ‘conspiracy theorists’ when we’ve tried to draw attention to the way the ongoing crisis is being leveraged to push us towards this grim future. We’d like to point you to these two pieces from trusted sources which explain the roles of the various actors involved in this process. Here they are:

The WEF and the Pandemic – Swiss Policy Research | October 6, 2021

How is the Davos World Economic Forum involved in the coronavirus pandemic?

The Davos World Economic Forum (WEF) is a premier forum for governments, global corporations and international entrepreneurs. Founded in 1971 by engineer and economist Klaus Schwab, the WEF describes its mission as “shaping global, regional and industry agendas” and “improving the state of the world”. According to its website, “moral and intellectual integrity is at the heart of everything it does.” The WEF has been involved in the coronavirus pandemic in several ways.

Conspiracy theories aside, there is something fishy about the Great Reset – Ivan Wecke | Open Democracy | August 16, 2021

Intrigued by the palaver around last year’s summit, I decided to find out what the WEF’s Great Reset plan was really about. At the heart of conspiracy theories are supposed secret agendas and malicious intent. While these may be absent from the WEF’s Great Reset initiative, what I found was something almost as sinister hiding in plain sight. In fact, more sinister because it’s real and it’s happening now. And it involves things as fundamental as our food, our data and our vaccines.

Also, there are those technologies that blur the line between being human and being a machine – the ones that are facilitating the rise of transhumanism. Here are a couple of readings that examine the consequences of this blurring:

The Disturbing Origins of Cybernetics and Transhumanism – Matthew Ehret | Off Guardian | June 26, 2021

This Borg-like deterministic faith in the human-machine synthesis that pervades the thinking of all modern transhumanists is both cultish, creepy and just plain wrong. However, without a proper evaluation into the historic roots of these ideas that threaten to derail global civilization into a dystopian collapse, it is impossible to understand anything fundamental about the past 120 years of human experience, let alone see where the fatal flaws are within the Great Reset/Transhumanist operating system.

A “Leap” toward Humanity’s Destruction – Whitney Webb | Unlimited Hangout | June 25, 2021

A UK nonprofit with ties to global corruption throughout the COVID-19 crisis as well as historical and current ties to the UK eugenics movement launched a global health-focused DARPA equivalent last year. The move went largely unnoticed by both mainstream and independent media.

When we were doing the research for this piece, we started to find some interesting material about the attitudes of some anarchists towards transhumanism. At one level, there’s still an open and healthy debate about how far we should embrace technology in order to enhance our lives and where to draw the line before we start to lose touch with what makes us truly human. This primer from Corporate Watch is a useful and balanced introduction to what could well end up being an absolute minefield of an issue: Tech: A guide to the politics and philosophy of new technology.

However, there are some anarchists who have positively embraced transhumanism:

Anarcho-Transhumanism – A journal of radical possibility and striving

A Tranarchist Manifesto: Transgender, Transhuman, Anarchism – u/dnm | Reddit

Let’s just say, the above two are a bit of an eye opener and explains a LOT about the hostility we’ve been getting from some parts of the anarchist movement when we’ve pointed out the negative consequences of a transhumanist future.

The above readings are just a fraction of the material that’s out there. More can be found on here on this blog: Readings: Dystopian futures. We would strongly urge you to conduct your own research into just what the 4IR will mean for us if it’s not resisted.

Breaking us

Here in the UK, it will require a lot of breaking and re-making to get people to the point where they’ll comply with what’s being done to us in the name of implementing the 4IR. Breaking and re-making the populace to ensure compliance has always been the aim of any authoritarian regime. Obviously the strategies and tactics used vary depending on circumstances and the resources available, both human and material. With the ongoing push towards the 4IR, the strategy and tactics being deployed against us have reached a new level of sophistication.

Constantly shifting the goalposts on restrictions and requirements until people are so confused and demoralised is one way of breaking people. The thinking being that people will reach a point where they will comply with pretty much anything just to have a chance of getting back to some semblance of a normal life. This constant moving of the goalposts is abusive. Intentionally abusive. In fact, it’s psychological torture with the aim of achieving a specific outcome. This explains why with the ongoing push for so called ‘booster’ jabs, people are willing to stand for two hours or more in a queue to get one. It has to be said that there’s a bit of an air of desperation with this one because the government and all of the other actors involved realise that a growing number of people are starting to question the narrative we’re being fed and are starting to push back.

While we obviously welcome the growing level of push back, it also has to be recognised that we are entering a very dangerous period. If the drive towards booster jabs falters, then the take of of vaccine passports also falters. With the take up of vaccine passports faltering, particularly when even the ‘boosted’ are rejecting them, then the drive towards imposing a digital identity upon us is seriously compromised. A digital identity is a key part of the 4IR. A lot has been invested in this. Those actors that have invested in this will not give up easily. Expect things to start getting really intense with the psyops that will be used with the aim of further dividing us and ultimately, breaking us.

Divide and rule

One part of the strategy and tactics being deployed against us is persuading a significant chunk of the populace to do the dirty work of divide and rule for you. Having an atomised, frightened populace makes the project of breaking and re-making us that much easier. Atomisation is a key part of the process. The lockdowns, restrictions and mandates that have been brought in to supposedly combat Covid have proved to be the perfect tool to atomise the populace. A process that is being accelerated by an increasing level of toxic divide and rule. This ranges from the demonisation of those who have refused to accept any of the vaccines to anyone not wearing a mask when required. The latest aspect of this is changing the definition of ‘fully vaccinated’ to having to have a so called ‘booster’ jab, effectively putting those with two jabs back into the category of being ‘unvaccinated’.

What’s truly sickening is the demonisation of the unvaccinated. One manifestation of this are the number of feature articles asking whether the vaccinated should associate with the unvaccinated over the festive period. With the UK government shifting the goalposts when it comes to defining who is and isn’t unvaccinated, that will soon include the unboosted. Then there’s the commentators such as Andrew Neil and Paul Mason who revel in demonising the unvaccinated, stating that they should be excluded from many aspects of life until they cave in and get jabbed.

What’s emerging is the demonisation of those opposing vaccine passports, even those who are double or triple jabbed. We’ve experienced this at first hand with people who wilfully refuse to make the distinction between opposing vaccine passports and the digital identity they will inevitably lead to on the one hand, and on the other, people opposed to vaccines. As we’ve written a good few times before, we know plenty of double jabbed people and those eagerly awaiting a ‘booster’ who are opposed to the idea of a vaccine passport, particularly a digital one. There is a lot more complexity and nuance to this that those actively pushing, or letting themselves get sucked into, the divide and rule agenda are prepared to admit.

Useful idiots and collaborators

The 4IR is a project that’s being facilitated, sometimes wittingly, sometimes unwittingly, by an array of useful idiots and collaborators. A fair number of them who now fall into the category of our now former comrades. People who we once thought would always have our backs turned out to be oblivious to the mental health consequences of lockdown after lockdown. Those who are veering towards transhumanism seem to relish the harm suffered by us so called ‘normies’.

The signs of this have become more evident with the rise of cancel culture and the censorious fanaticism that informs it. A fanaticism that has a disdain for the hopes and fears of most ordinary people. It’s these useful idiots and collaborators who are the ones that seem to relish the prospect of breaking us and then re-making us in their own, twisted vision. Trust us, we’ve seen some of these people in action and it’s not a pretty sight:(

With some elements of the Left, to be honest it’s not a surprise they’ve gone along with supporting many of restrictions and mandates in the name of the ‘greater good’. A fair chunk of them have always had a marked tendency towards telling people how they should be living their lives rather than trusting them to have the maturity to make their own decisions. There’s always been a puritanical element in the Left who want to dictate how other people should live their lives in the name of the ‘greater good’. It should of course be born in mind that there are elements of the Left who have always had a certain disdain for the working class up to the point of trying to deny their existence. This ongoing shitshow is the best opportunity they’ve ever had to dictate to us working class scumbags how we should live our lives. Let’s be honest – they’re absolutely loving this period in time and will be gutted to see it pass or worse, be defeated by the masses who just want to be left alone to live their lives as they see fit. Which makes them pretty much the perfect ‘useful idiots’ those seeking to break us desire.

What’s considerably more upsetting has been the response of many anarchists – a fair number of who we now categorise as former comrades. When the crisis first broke back in March 2020, we all went along with the social distancing and everything else because, as we were entering unknown territory, in the interests of keeping each other safe it seemed like the right thing to do. As we progressed through 2020 into 2021 and started to ask some searching questions about the situation, we adopted an increasingly sceptical stance. For reasons we’re still trying to fathom, many anarchists we knew stayed in the mode we were all in back in March 2020. They didn’t ask questions about how the crisis was being leveraged to usher in the 4IR. Many casually dismissed the concerns many ordinary people had about the adverse impact of lockdown. Far from showing any curiosity about the anti-lockdown currents which are a new and unique political development, they instead chose to denigrate all of them as ‘alt-right’. Sure, there are element of the alt-right trying to exploit the concerns and fears people have about lockdowns and vaccine passports but, that’s what happens when you ignore a new political phenomena and leave a political vacuum.

Earlier in this piece we briefly dealt with the positive stance towards transhumanism adopted by a number of anarchists. Given the degree of overlap between transhumanism and trans activism, and the number of anarchists who are trans rights activists, it’s not surprising that any serious critique of the 4IR is going to provoke a degree of hostility. To deal with this in the depth that’s needed would have to be done in another piece. Whether we want to get involved in the absolute s**tshow of a row this would inevitably cause is another matter…

Our response

All we can say is thank f**k we’ve stepped away from a movement where it feels too many of our now former comrades have been compromised and in various ways, wittingly and unwittingly, are playing their part in pushing at least part of the agenda of the 4IR. A trajectory that will rob us of what it means to be truly human, reducing us to atomised participants in the metaverse. The thought that some of our former so called comrades would be happy in such a future sickens us.

The plus side is that we have the freedom to say and write what we think and to research lines of inquiry that we would not have previously considered. In many ways, this represents a fresh start for us, albeit it has been a painful process getting to this point. This has freed us up to start finding genuine allies who we know will have our backs in the battles to come. Knowing we’ll find new allies and accomplices will help us get past the feeling of utter betrayal by people we spent a good few years standing alongside. People who’ve now turned against us and show no hesitation in smearing and vilifying us.


As ever with these pieces about the ongoing s**tshow we’re having to endure, as events unfold, they’ll inevitably date. This one will date as the early part of next year is pretty much crunch time in trying to stop the steamroller that’s the 4IR – one that can only be achieved by breaking and re-making us. On some days it feels like we could actually be making some real progress in fighting what’s coming down the line towards us. On other days, it feels like we’re hurtling towards dystopia and there’s nothing we can do to stop it. This is what the psyops that’s the constant shifting of the goalposts is intended to achieve – to break our spirit so we end up rolling over and complying for the sake of having some predictability in a life that will forever be hemmed in by mandates and restrictions.

This whole s**tshow is leaving scars – deep and permanent ones which in many cases will never heal. Scars from the social isolation of the lockdowns. Scars from not being able to comfort dying loved ones in hospital because of ‘Covid regulations’. Scars from not being able to give a deceased loved one a proper send off because numbers at funerals were limited due to ‘Covid regulations’. Scars from not being able to physically comfort someone who’s grieving at a funeral because ‘Covid regulations’ ruled out physical contact between people from different isolation bubbles. Scars from the rites of passage for young people such as prom balls never happening. Scars from receiving a partial education via homeschooling as opposed to a full one, face to face, on site. Scars from friends and family members falling out with each other as some start to ask questions about what’s being done to us while others just go along accepting the narrative. Scars that are leaving a growing number of people feeling they haven’t got much else left to lose. Scars that a growing number of us want pay back for…

As mentioned earlier, it would be great if the government, the corporations they serve and all of the other actors involved in this threw up their hands, admitted they got it wrong and took all the steps necessary to give us back our freedoms and a sense of normality. However, also as mentioned earlier, the bastards have way too much invested in this to simply give up and roll over. One way or another, these people have to be removed from our lives – permanently. That means that at some point, there has to be a revolution to achieve this. The harsh truth is that this will mean years of struggle and sacrifice. Harsh because that’s our plans for a quiet retirement down the pan! Still, at least we can say that in the last few decades of our lives, we will be doing something that will leave its mark on history.