Bloodborne ressurrected

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Agamben says that our house has already burned down and I honestly can’t disagree.
How or why did we let this happen?

Was it the time we let our hearts fall to their knees begging for steadfastness?

Was it the time we lost all track of time?

Martyrdom through isolation.

‘Who ever said no news is good news?…’ I think to myself as I try to swipe away the ongoing flux of new cases invading my locked screen on a daily basis.

Every country seems to be staring into our common pit of immunized futility coveting a different blind spot from behind a stained glass of mandates that tirelessly surfeits this fortified chapel of vilified misery to the point of instantiated eucharisation.

By this we mean the historical spirit eventually cowers under duress and concedes to its own disjection by partaking of the body politic in order to safeguard moral transcendence against annulment. Hopelessness enfolds despairing promises to stifle an inverted synaesthesia of redemption – the very taste of crucifixion.

A crypt in revelation. Premature epitaphs wash over living headstones that go uncherished. A deluge of self-sacrifices. Soft embraces grown into retaliatory charities. We go untouched and shrivel slowly. The skin is silent but the chest burns on the inside.

Will we ever recover from this fabricated calamity? No answer.

The world’s soul in arrest, its limbs mutilated in a tangle of paradoxes. Unexpurgated bliss lies dormant, expectant. Aborted futures veer towards the cliff. Truth patiently holds its breath until it breaks.

[2nd Photo: Ernesto Benavides. A woman prays outside the Monastery of Las Nazarenas, Lima, on 8 Oct. 2020. The Señor de los Milagros procession, which for more than 300 years has been going through Lima’s streets, was canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.]

Descending unto more secular rhetoric: current rate of vaccination here in Romania is 36,5% of the general population (technically 42% of those that are considered eligible).

Politicians keep walking on eggshells as they struggle to abstain from insulting the hesitant people which comprise the larger portion of the nation.

Already our former prime minister had to step down this autumn after just one year in office due to his utter lack of let’s call it diplomacy in handling the jabbing campaign (among several garnishing accusations of corruption).

Protests have been scarce but cogent. Same issues as everywhere else where they mushroomed in the aftermath of massive public intimidation.

Those reluctant to gulp down the main narrative are deemed backward conservatards and/or primitive religious fundamentalists. Allies become heartshatteringly effortless to discern. As far as I’m aware of in my close vicinity (both virtual and actual), I’m still the only leftist & anarchist not choking on consensus’ dick.

Most resistance is curtailed to social media feuds, but legal enforcement is also relatively mild compared to the great majority of countries around the world.

Unfortunately, that’s about it. Hang tight. You are loved.