by Paul Cudenec

1. Shattering their illusions
2. A system that hates life
3. Commonwealth coincidences
4. Cloneworld
5. We are better than them!

1. Shattering their illusions

Suppose, a few days after you read this article, a group of international bankers hold a historic press conference in Basle, New York or London.

Here they announce that they are in fact the real rulers of the world, that the pretence of democratic nation-states no longer serves any purpose and that from now on we will be living under an undisguised global dictatorship intent on pushing us all, regardless of our wishes, into a worldwide transhumanist digital slave camp designed to maximise profit and control for these same bankers.

Do you think that men and women across the world would simply shrug their shoulders, go back to work and tell themselves that they had better adapt to this New Normal?

No, they wouldn’t, because however hard it is for them to currently believe that we are really living under such a system, if it were actually rubbed into their faces they would not be able to accept it: it contradicts too many of the principles which they have always understood underlie the way our societies are run.

This is why, of course, the global dictatorship goes to such lengths to hide its existence, to maintain its illusions of democracy and self-determination, to cloak its plans for a harsh technocratic global order in soft and misleading terms like “sustainable”, “inclusive” and “equitable”.

This is why it angrily denounces truth-tellers as crazed “conspiracy theorists”, as dangerous and anti-social enemies of the liberal democracy it pretends to represent.

And that is why, from an opposing perspective, it is so important for us to brave their smears and to reveal to as many people as possible the unpalatable reality behind the global power complex.

2. A system that hates life

I am fed up with researching the ramifications and machinations of the finance-based global dictatorship, if I am completely honest.

It is not a spiritually-nourishing activity; instead it sickens my soul, deeply offends my ethical aesthetics of honour, justice, truthfulness and value.

Exploring and assessing the nastiness of the ruling crime gang leaves me feeling polluted and contaminated.

And it keeps me trapped on the level at which they operate: I yearn to turn my back on their corrupt and shallow world and explore instead all the timeless magic of our living that so interests me.

I want to plunge into the folklore and mythology of my ancestors and yours, searching out the currents and branches and offshoots and intertwinings that have created, over many thousands of years, the richness of our common culture, paradoxically united by its infinite diversity.

I want to feel and know and understand the way in which this wisdom grew slowly out of the soil and the hills and the plants and was spun and woven by our essential oneness with the natural world.

I want to know what it feels like to reach, feet firmly grounded in the earth, towards the sky, the sun, the stars; informed and inspired by the wisdom of our forebears, I dream of finding the great poetry that will bring me peace in my final days.

And yet, I know full well that the time has not yet come when I can simply walk away from that other mundane work, the task of describing the detail of what has gone wrong in our contemporary society.

I know full well that the system in which we are forced to live represents an existential threat to everything that inspires me.

This system hates and fears the tangled roots of life, the sap of vitality and freedom that sends its green shoots soaring forth in search of authenticity and fulfilment.

It hates and fears the belonging, and the knowledge of belonging, that makes us strong and proud and kind and just.

It hates and fears how powerful we become when we feel the energy of the cosmos itself lighting us up from within, when our understanding and imagination pulse and glow with something which will lie forever beyond its dull comprehension.

While this system still imprisons us, I will never find peace.

3. Commonwealth coincidences

I was recently alerted to the existence of an organisation called The Commonwealth Fund, which has been calling for a Covid-19 booster campaign in the USA, spuriously claiming this would save 100,000 lives.

Why on earth is “Commonwealth” in the title of this New York “healthcare philanthropy”?

Not only is the USA is not part of The Commonwealth, but The Commonwealth did not yet exist when The Commonwealth Fund was created in 1918.

This date corresponds, of course, to the end of the First World War, during which, as I explained here, a lot of people made a lot of money.

One of these was evidently the The Commonwealth Fund’s founder Anna M. Harkness.

Her late husband Stephen Vanderburgh Harkness had been an early investor with John D. Rockefeller and became the second-largest shareholder in Standard Oil before his death in March 1888. Anna inherited one-third of his fortune at $50,000,000 (equivalent to $1,507,962,963 today), consisting primarily of stock in Standard Oil.

The dividends rolled in during the profitable Great War, allowing her to set up her “philanthropic” organisation.

It seems like a bit of a coincidence that this money from the oil industry was used to create a Fund which today promotes modern “healthcare” products derived from that same oil industry.

It is also worth noting that those who had carefully planned the lucrative war in the first place were part of the secretive circles who would go on to rebrand the British Empire as the “Commonwealth”, the name Harkness gave to her fund.

I know from reading Carroll Quigley that the idea of The Commonwealth was already in the air in 1918 and that influential British imperialist Lionel Curtis had decided on the name as early as 1911.

I also know that the plan was to include the United States of America within this rebranded empire and that the merger of British and American financial interests was ongoing through much of the 20th century.

A third coincidence is that the Harkness family went on to establish something called the Pilgrim Trust in the UK: one of the main vehicles for the anglo-american financial conspiracy described by Quigley is the Pilgrims Society.

And a fourth coincidence is that although Mrs Harkness supposedly wanted to do “something for the welfare of mankind,” her organisation’s agenda was very much in line with that of the transatlantic conspirators!

As the Fund itself explains: “Almost since its founding, the Commonwealth Fund has invested in tomorrow’s leaders. Originally called Commonwealth Fund Fellowships, the Harkness Fellowships were initiated in 1925 to advance international understanding and encourage maintenance of the ‘special relationship’ between the United States and the United Kingdom”.

Yep, that’s right. Yet another one of those “young leaders” programmes with which the ruling clique grooms its obedient political puppets, as discussed here!

Until very recently, I would have regarded these “fellowships” as proof of US interference in British politics, as examples of American imperialism.

But now I understand that they are in fact part of the efforts to weld the two countries into part of the same supranational entity: no longer literally The Commonwealth but the larger undeclared empire of which that is part.

As I wrote in the article on the Great War, there is a direct line between British imperialism, US imperialism and globalism: they are all steps in one ruthless drive for world domination.

4. Cloneworld

I have looked at so many websites of foundations, think tanks and institutes like The Commonwealth Fund that I now have a strange feeling every time I go into one.

There is a peculiar sense of recognition and yet disconnection, as if I have visited this site before, many times before, and yet all the detail has been swapped out for something different.

These are clone sites representing clone organisations, with the template copied and pasted again and again to fill an entire world and leave no room for anything with origins outside the global finance-based dictatorship.

The logos, the section headings, the virtue-signalling verbiage, the little key words that hint, for the insider, at the real function of the organisation – all of this is utterly empty, devoid of any real animating spirit or independent intelligence.

They are trying to do exactly the same to the real world, copying and pasting their sterile ugliness wherever they can. Motorway service stations, airport departure lounges, shopping malls, cinema complexes: everywhere in the world they look and smell the same.

There is no more place, there is no more soul, there is no more organic life. There is just their model, reproduced again and again and again and dumped on us from a great height whether we want it or not.

Welcome to Cloneworld!

5. We are better than them!

If the global dictatorship were really as intelligent as they like to think they are, none of us would have any idea that they existed.

Their false “democratic” reality, their Spectacle, would be so smooth and watertight that we could all spend our whole lives inside it without knowing any better.

We would take their representatives and their rhetoric at face value, accept their false oppositions as real ones and happily respect the limits they place around thought and expression as sensible and necessary.

But they are not that good. They are shoddy and keeping messing up, time and time again. Millions of people with no inside knowledge of their activities are able to pick them apart simply by pointing out the contradictions in the information they feed us.

In their impatience to proceed with their Great Plan, they have recently been showering us with patent absurdities, which nobody with an ounce of intelligence should be able to swallow.

When you own all the power that money can buy, and all the money that power can provide, it must be easy to become somewhat complacent.

According to your understanding of reality, you have total control of pretty much everything and everyone, so what does it matter if the narrative has a few holes in it? What is anyone actually going to do about it?

It is here, I think, that we discover the importance of the other levels of thinking and being that I discussed above, the ones that seemingly lead us away from the direct struggle against the dictatorship.

These levels of being, which take us beyond the mundane and materialist world of the money-men, are fed by the throbbing energies of life itself, which gush out all around us, whether from the branches of a tree, the rays of the sun or the spark in the eye of a happy child.

The terrain on which we can defeat the dictators is not the one on which they like to operate: the one on which their money can always buy armies of agents to quash our opposition.

Our terrain must be the lofty levels they can never touch or even see, blinkered as they are by their base and compulsive craving for power and wealth.

The terrain for our battle will be above individual self-interest; beyond their sterile world of facts, statistics and balance sheets. It will be high up in the timeless realm of principle, where the truth is set free from the shadow of lies and where justice will always manifest with the majestic inevitability of the rising sun.

We will be armed with our knowledge, of course, with our words and our brains and our presence and our collective memory.

But our main weapon will be the soaring of our hearts.

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