The Stirrer

I’ve fully exited what I thought was an anarchist movement that pretty much turned out to be anything but… I also have no intention of attending any anarchist events such as bookfairs, protests, etc. I’m even avoiding events in the region I live in where there may be an anarchist presence. The reason being that I want to be free to say what I actually think rather than have to adhere to the self censorship that’s required of anyone attending an anarchist event such as the Anarchist Bookfair in London 2023 who issued this: Anti-Oppression Statement*. Suffice to say, saying what I want and then subsequently attending events where there’s an anarchist presence would lead to a certain amount of ‘friction’ that I really can do without!

One of the main causes of friction between me and what I thought was an anarchist movement where ideas could be freely debated (how wrong I was!) concerns the issue of gender ideology. One that, despite denials from some elements, is fully part and parcel of the transhumanist agenda. I’ve selected a couple of readings which among other issues, explain the way gender ideology is inextricably linked with transhumanism:

Eugenics, Propaganda & Transgenderism – Dustin Broadbery | OffGuardian | 30.9.23

And what’s really under attack here is not, woe betide, people’s feelings, delusions of identity or, indeed, right to immoral debauchery, but the fundamentals of our humanity.

The rainbow flag hangs from every public institution, the NHS is erasing the word ‘women’, schools teach 11-year-olds – manythat have just started menstruating – that if they feel uncomfortable in their bodies they’re probably transgender, according to Wikipedia there are 107 gender identities and counting, and ask Google if a man can get pregnant and the answer is unequivocally “yes”.

If the lessons from history are anything to go by, systems of authoritarianism usually begin with people’s attempts to strong-arm the population into the kind of collectivist wrong-think rife throughout trans-ideology; and typically accompany people’s attempts to hijack science and values, language, and culture.

Battling The Hydra Of Gender Ideology – Jennifer Bilek | The 11th Hour | 9.4.23

As a species, we are part of, and in relationship with, a complex biological system that is a continuous process of death and regeneration via sexual reproduction. We don’t live in isolated bubbles in space where we can individually opt out of this reality but inside an entire biological community. Our sex is our tether to this natural world. This is true even if we are not having sex. It is true even if some individuals don’t or can’t reproduce. It is true even if some people’s sex characteristics are not biologically ordered as usual for our species. We are still, as a species, sexually dimorphic mammals and are rooted in the material world by this fact. We must hold fast to this root when battling the hydra of gender ideology.

Gender ideology was corporately constructed to break this bond, to introduce us to new ways of reproducing our species. The ideology was seeded everywhere before it was dropped on our societies, promoting a human rights movement. It is deeply entrenched in all our institutions, corporations, media, and the market. More problematic is its solidification in our minds. Even those attempting to resist this anti-human agenda want to hold fast to the concept of beings outside our species’ boundaries.

Then there’s this piece from Paul Cudenec about what can best be termed as ideological capture. It looks at both the environmental movement which has been captured by the climate change agenda and also, the way anarchism and other radical movements have been captured by gender ideology. More importantly, it looks at the web of funding from and links between the organisations orchestrating this capture:

Shining light on the climate of manipulation – Paul Cudenec | Winter Oak | 31.7.23

In this debased modern world we often find ourselves in the dark.

Ours is a society built entirely from artifice and illusion, and so in this labyrinth of lies, this demonic hall of mirrors, it has become extraordinarily difficult to distinguish fact from fake, reality from spin.

Indeed, we have pretty much now arrived at a stage of complete inversion.

The best indication of something or somebody’s integrity is that they are denounced as criminals by the system and the strongest warning sign of misinformation is when a certain proposition is presented as sacred truth, protected from contradiction by a special taboo status.

So there you have it, three readings which I hope will shed more light on why we’re in the weird situation we’re in at this point in time. Some of us saw what was coming and exited the anarchist movement. Many sadly did not see what was coming and effectively allowed themselves to be captured. Suffice to say, I’m in a better place now than I was six years ago when I was still in what was becoming an increasingly toxic environment in what I thought was anarchism. In the interests of transparency, this is my account of why I made my exit:

Why do I do this to myself? 12.4.23

Why has the frustration and pain of being an activist got worse? I’ll try to explain. I used to be very tribal. Once I’d found a political home, I’d defend it and my comrades vigorously. Any nagging doubts I had were packed away in a box and hidden in a dark cupboard. That was until the point when it started to become clear that what I thought was a ‘for ever’ political home was changing and going off in a direction I couldn’t travel in. That was the point when the doubts packed away in their box were making so much racket, the box had to be opened up and the doubts had to be acknowledged and acted upon.

There are only so many times that can happen before the realisation dawns that thinking for myself, drawing my own conclusions and accepting the consequences of that is a better and more honest approach than tribalism and blind loyalty. That started to happen not long after I joined the anarchist movement in 2010. It didn’t take long for me to realise that the movement, such as it was, had a tendency for self division that would put an amoeba to shame! Rather than side with one faction or another, I started to try to dispassionately assess the issues at stake and then draw my own conclusions.

What can I say? It’s certainly been a journey, that’s for sure! We live in what can best be termed as ‘interesting’ times. Ones in which the old political and social divides are becoming less relevant and even redundant as new ones emerge between those of us who cherish freedom, and those who bend towards authoritarianism ‘for the greater good’. During such times, there will inevitably be confusion and doubt aplenty as we all struggle to work out just what the f**k is actually going on. Hopefully I’m in a place where the people I associate with cut each other a bit of slack while we try to improve our understanding. That’s what I’m hoping to achieve with these occasional presentations of selected readings.

* As an interesting aside, while the collective behind the Anarchist Bookfair in London 2023 would be odds on favourites to sweep the board with awards for virtue signalling, having combed through their website, there’s one omission. Namely there’s no mention of Covid ‘precautions’ such as masking up, social distancing and ‘advising’ people to be up to date with their ‘vaccines’. It’s like a collective amnesia has descended upon the bookfair collective. Weird…