Activating the power of life

The first step is to see through its smokescreen of lies and distraction to grasp that the threat to our existence comes not from “the virus” but from the system using this as a device for its own corrupt ends.

Los rebeldes volveran!

Siempre he estado orgulloso de ser anarquista. Estoy orgulloso de haber encontrado mi camino hacia el anarquismo hace unos 30 años, orgulloso de haber aprendido […]

Envisioning a Post-Western World

If the society produced in Europe through centuries of bloody violence and subsequently unleashed to ravage the entire planet can be thought of as “civilization,” an intelligent human being can only conclude that this civilization is something which must be eradicated so thoroughly as to never again be obtainable.

Liberalism: the two-faced tyranny of wealth

@henever economic liberalism finds itself under threat from “populism”, it quickly jettisons the principles of political liberalism to which it is theoretically tied. We might even define liberalism as being the deception maintained by capitalism to hide its true nature.

Fascism Rebranded: Exposing the Great Reset

But for many years I had understood that our society risked heading in a totalitarian direction and that, far from being the opposite of contemporary “liberalism”, as we are always told, fascism was in fact a mode into which this hypocritical system could switch at any given time, when it felt the need.

The rebels will return

I have always been proud to be an anarchist. That is why it pains me to have had to say that there are today some fundamental problems at the very heart of the anarchist movement, problems which reach deep into the very way it thinks and feels.

Smash vitaphobia!

Here already we are in the realm of separation, a lost awareness of our shared belonging with all that lives outside our personal experience, a psychological retreat into the narrowest and shallowest levels of identity which are defined in terms of what, and who, they are not.

Denying reality: a dangerous delusion

In destroying the full metaphysical meaning of words like “essence”, “nature” or “universal” by means of their straw man constructs, the conformists of contemporary goodthink are destroying our connection to reality.

The Death Machine

This relentless, hateful and frenzied assault on all that is living is what the Death Machine likes to call Progress.

Money, lies and power

With the totalitarian measures being introduced on the back of the Covid panic, it looks as if the ruling class has decided to ditch the pretence of “liberal democracy”. Will money be the next illusion to be dispensed with?