Where the heck are we?

It would appear that the government has realised that leveraging the Covid crisis as a means of bringing about the changes needed to usher in the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) is starting to run out of steam.

Situation report – January 2022

Yet again, I’m going to attempt to summarise where we are in an increasingly weird and dystopian situation. Yet again, I realise that what I’m now writing could in weeks…days even…be overtaken by events. I’m persisting in producing these situation reports because they help me to marshal my thoughts in a bid to try and understand what’s happening.


by Raminder Mulla Over the lockdown period, a number of theories on the future of our society have been advanced. Some of them revolve around […]


(The following piece was written by our Croatian comrade, who previously authored this piece about a year of anti-lockdown organizing in Croatia. Check it out […]

Pandemic is Domestication

TRANSLATED FROM THE ORIGINAL SPANISH PIECE PUBLISHED IN CONTRA LA CONTRA #4 The magic word “security” imposes itself on the criminal as well as on […]

Coronavirus Thoughtcrime

Posted on March 27, 2020 by winter oak It is hard to believe what has happened to our “liberal democratic” Western societies over recent days. […]

Welcome to Nevermore!

We have watched over the proceeding year, meekly, quietly, as other anarchists have toed the lines drawn by state bureaucrats. We have remained silent whilst witnessing acts of hostility towards those who have refused to comply with state mandates. No longer. Nevermore.