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Three years ago we published an article explaining how the idea of a nature-based philosophy had been smeared by its opponents.

Apologists for the industrial capitalist system, masquerading as “left-wing” and even “environmentalist”, constantly sought to suggest that there was something “fascist” about such an outlook.

We quoted “social ecologists” Janet Biehl and Peter Staudenmaier in their attack on deep green thinking, in which they claimed that so-called Nazi themes such as organicist holism “have a chilling currency within contemporary ecological discourse”.

And we noted that Alexander Reid Ross, a one-time editor of Earth First! Journal, had identified parts of the EF! network, as well as anarchists and left-wingers generally, as being affected by what he termed ideological “fascist creep”.

We went into great detail in order to explain why this was not a true picture. A love of nature was merely window-dressing for the Nazis, a way of harnessing anti-industrialist sentiment (disastrously spurned by the left) in order to win public support.

As Hitler’s cabal strengthened their grip on power, the pseudo-holistic “nature” thinking was ditched in favour of the real Nazi agenda, namely to build up Germany’s industrial and military power, build motorways, develop scientific racial engineering to strengthen “The Master Race”, explore the potential of nuclear physics, and ruthlessly eliminate “alien” human elements from German society.

Numerous real nature-lovers and enemies of the industrial megamachine were duped by the Nazis into supporting a project which was meant to bolster and expand that same complex.

And those same kind of people were stabbed in the back a second time, later on, by fake-greens like Biehl, Staudenmaier and Ross, who used the false equation of nature philosophy and Nazism to discredit contemporary opponents of the megamachine.

This analysis has been confirmed by the fact that Ross, so keen to expose “fascist creep” in eco-anarchist circles, has recently been exposed as a fake, an infiltrator of radical politics pushing a state-corporate agenda.

If we are revisiting this issue again today, it is because the same duplicitous process – of co-opting and then smearing pro-nature thinking – looks like it is happening all over again, in a new toxic cycle.

The starting point of this problem is the “climate capitalist” movement, which we (alongside Cory Morningstar and many others) have been at pains to expose over recent years.

It has now become very clear that this astroturf operation, using the Greta Thunberg brand and mobilising people under the Extinction Rebellion banner, is closely allied with the forces behind the Great Fascist Reset.

Like the original Nazis, these manipulators are cynically exploiting people’s very real concerns about environmental threats to our world, in order to sell their “solution” of a New Normal Order.

The brave new future they propose, despite its green window-dressing, in fact represents the intensification of the industrial project, which is why the likes of WEF chief Klaus Schwab refer to it as The Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Once again, then, we have the unedifying spectacle of people motivated by a love of nature being corralled into a totalitarian political project which aims at the expansion of the megamachine’s domination over human beings and our world.

Anyone who has been following our output on this site can hardly be unaware that we have stridently opposed the Great Reset which the ruling class are currently trying to impose on us under the false flag of “fighting Covid”.

We published Coronavirus thoughtcrime back in March 2020 and continued with Resist the Fourth Industrial Repression! (April 2020), Resistance update (May 2020), Uniting against the dictatorship! (May 2020), We will be victorious! (May 2020), Fascism, newnormalism and the left (July 2020), The uprising has begun! (August 2020), We are the 99%! (September 2020), Klaus Schwab and his Great Fascist Reset (October 2020), A system built on lies (October 2020), The Great Reset (November 2020), Guerrillas of the Great Reset (November 2020), A vile corporate conspiracy: exposing the Great Reset (November 2020), Rob Hopkins: transition to what? (December 2020), Dismantling tyranny (December 2020), Shapers of slavery series (January 2021), Ronald Cohen, impact capitalism and the Great Reset (January 2021), Controlling the left: the impact edgenda (February 2021), IMPACTOR ALERT! (March 2021), What are they trying to do to us? (March 2021) and Divide, rule and profit: the intersectional impact racket (April 2021).

Our Acorn bulletins have also been focusing heavily on Great Reset issues, starting with Acorn 56 in March 2020 (‘We don’t want your fascist future!’, ‘Fighting the coronazi clampdown’), continuing through 57 (‘Join the resistance!’, ‘The rebels will return’), 58 (‘Where do we go from here?’, ‘Exposing the lies’), 59 (‘Stand up to tyranny!), 60 (‘Resisting global fascism’, ‘We are not dupes!’), 61 (‘Libertà, libertà, libertà!’, ‘Us against them’), 62 (‘We will prevail!’, ‘Naming the enemy’), 63 (‘Breaking point draws near’, ‘Wanted: a new resistance movement’), 64 (‘The dictatorship will fall!’, ‘Shocktroops of the New Fascism’) right up to May 2021’s Acorn 65 (‘Humanity fights back!’, ‘Ten things we have learned during the Covid coup’).

In spreading a message of resistance to this new tyranny, we have not only lost a number of previous political allies, who have fallen for the scam, but also gained a lot of new freedom-loving political allies.

We have noticed that some of these are surprised by our rejection of the industrial world and our deep-green calls for a different way of living.

For them, this sounds suspiciously like the language used by collaborators and apologists for the Great Reset, who are increasingly using the “climate” weapon alongside the “virus” one to impose their new order.

This is very much a repeat run of what happened with the original Nazis’ co-option of the language of environmentalism.

Not only do these sly propagandists mislead people into going along with their project, but in doing so they also pollute the ideas they are abusing by means of their own association with them!

In view of all this confusion, we thought it could be useful to set out clearly why the green approach we have always promoted has nothing to do with the phoney version peddled by the climate capitalists, the WEF, Rob Hopkins, George Monbiot, Naomi Klein et al.

If you take Klaus Schwab at his word and believe his “nature-positive” hype, then you would place him close to us on a nature-loving scale.

If you then heard us insist that he doesn’t mean it, and that this is just greenwashing spin, then you might reply that we have no right to question the Supreme Ruler’s Sect of Sustainability and that we are obviously anti-environmentalists, probably funded by the oil industry.

If, however, you take our point, then you will have to consign Klaus (and Rob and George and Naomi) to the industry side of the scale where they belong.

We could then add another axis to this visual representation, namely that of freedom versus tyranny.

As we are proud to take a position of being entirely in favour of freedom, as well as being entirely in favour of nature, we find ourselves occupying an “extremist” spot at the top right corner of this diagram.

Since Schwab and his Great Reset are altogether opposed to freedom (for the greater good of us all, you understand) as well as to nature (despite their lies suggesting otherwise), they are consigned to the bottom left (authoritarian technocrat) corner.

Our position could therefore not be further from that of the Great Reset, which is presumably why, for our part, we spend so much time condemning and exposing it, and, for the WEF’s part, why they have blocked us on Twitter.

But what exactly does it imply, this belief in freedom and nature which places us on the other side of the barricades to Klaus Schwab and the technocrat-transhumanist project of which he is a figurehead?

Our commitment to freedom means, of course, that we totally reject the New Normal narrative that has seen the ramping up of authoritarian state powers to previously unimagined levels. Even the illusion of democracy and human rights has now been abandoned.

It means that, although we had many serious problems with the pre-Covid Old Normal, we know that we need to take a step back into that world so as to pull away from the cliff edge of outright fascism.

Our belief in freedom also informs the way in which we would like to see society evolve if we manage to see off this global tyranny and come together to think carefully about what we have learned about our society.

The Covid Coup nightmare has only been possible because of a global concentration of wealth and influence in the hands of one clique. Our future freedom, an authentic democracy, depends on the breaking down of the structures of this worldwide domination, not stopping short at national and regional levels but reaching right down into communities.

Power needs to emerge from below, from the people, rather than be imposed from above by a ruling class, in order to ensure that this kind of thing can never happen again.

As far as our love of nature is concerned, this does not express itself in the desire to exploit or monetise nature, or to use it as an excuse to destroy human cultures, as the ruling class plans to do with its New Deal for Nature.

Instead, we insist on the idea of nature as a living organism to which human beings inherently and unavoidably belong.

Human vanity in imagining that we are somehow not really part of nature, that we can simply consume it, destroy it and cast it aside in the pursuit of our own selfish material ends, has to end.

We will have to ditch the mechanistic industrial thinking that has narrowed and hollowed out our way of seeing the world for centuries now.

Instead, we need to rediscover the holistic wisdom of our ancestors, who well understood that our well-being and the well-being of the natural world are one and the same thing and that a human “progress” based on sawing off the very branch on which are sitting can only lead to a very uncomfortable coming to earth!

A love for nature means that we will need to bring down the all-devouring industrial machine that the Great Reset is intended to strengthen and expand.

There could never have been the threat of a Fourth Industrial Revolution without the prior existence of the First, Second and Third Industrial Revolutions (in fact Repressions) which paved the way by progressively conditioning us for lives of New Normal slavery.

We were born into the industrial prison, as were our parents and grandparents in most cases, and so it is not always easy to imagine another way of living.

Where will we sleep if we are no longer in our cells? How will we eat if there is no longer the prison canteen to feed us? What will we do when there is nobody in uniform on hand to bark out orders? Where will we go if there is no more razor-wire fence to stop us going there?

All of that is waiting for us to discover, together, when we finally escape.


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