Introductory Essay by MAA + Guest Essay by Paul Cudenec of Winter Oak Press & Nevermore Media

by Margaret Anna Alice and Paul Cudenec. Originally published on her Substack.

🙏 THANK YOU, Beloved Readers, for Two Years of Fighting for Freedom, Truth, Love, & Justice Together! 🥂

For my two-year Substack anniversary, I am publishing an essay I started last summer to accompany a guest article by Paul Cudenec. It seemed a fitting anniversary piece because it covers connectionscollaborationscommunity, and courage—four C’s that have defined my transformative experience at Substack. (Here is my one-year anniversary post if you’d like to read why starting a Substack was the best decision of my life.) I also articulate my core values and share why this is a partisan-free space where all hues of the political spectrum are welcome.

Sidenote: In celebration of connections and collaborations, I have added a Collaborations section to my Wake-up Toolkit, which includes ones with CJ HopkinsVisceral AdventureMeredith MillerSteve KirschDr. Tess Lawrie, and World Council for Health.

Lattice of Coincidence

by Margaret Anna Alice

“Thank you for such a warm and hearty welcome. It cannot be a coincidence that I am here. The dots always unmistakably connect. My life journey and experiences have led me here, and I am grateful and humbled to have the access.…

“I do sincerely wish that your work, and particularly your voice, receives the full support that it deserves in order to awaken more people for their own protection. I am glad that your voice is part of a growing Chorus that refuse to remain or fall silent in the wake of unprecedented covert Malevolent spiritual carnage.”
—“From a reader in Harare, Zimbabwe 🇿🇼” [email I received]

There are certain synchronistic pinpoints of connection that wind up having a cascade effect destined to alter the course of our lives.

One such moment occurred for me when I was applying for a job as an editor early in my career. I’d already spent my first year out of college in a similar position, but it was in a soul-putrefying urban landscape my husband and I felt desperate to flee, and this new position in a bucolic town surrounded by natural beauty represented our escape hatch.

I had emailed several of my professors about writing letters of recommendation, and one of them (now sadly departed) just happened to be visiting the town where I was to be interviewed that afternoon. Instead of emailing a letter, he delivered an enthusiastic in-person recommendation a few hours before my arrival.

There are certain synchronistic pinpoints of connection that wind up having a cascade effect destined to alter the course of our lives.

The interview felt like reconnecting with old friends. We instantly bonded over our shared passions for literature, typography, and exquisitely designed publications. I floated out of there sensing this was going to be my new workplace, and the phone call the next morning confirmed it. I probably would have gotten the job regardless as it was like sliding my foot into a Cinderella slipper, but given that there were more than fifty other candidates, my mentor’s personal introduction certainly didn’t hurt and remains with me as a testament to his friendship.

I recounted another example of a serendipitous connection in the introduction to my first guest piece, A New Journal of the Plague Year Three Centuries Later: The Pandemic, the Commercial Break, & the Lost Identity by Fernando Andacht, who meditates on my Letter to a Covidian. That meeting of our essays blossomed into beautiful exchanges with Fernando and his fellow Uruguayan eXtramuros Magazine writers, who have translated several of my essays into Spanish.

In my one-year anniversary post, I credited Mises Institute Board member Steve Berger with introducing me to individuals who have not only become some of my dearest friends but who have played an integral role in my journey as a dissident writer—including Lew Rockwell, faithful publisher of my work; Founder and President of Health Freedom Defense Fund Leslie Manookian, whose recommendation led to my Corona Investigative Committee presentation; and No College Mandates Cofounder Lucia Sinatra, whom I shared an inspiring note from in my last piece.

Humble, magnanimous, and kind, Steve is like the hub of a wheel connecting disparate spokes who otherwise may not have met, and together we are stronger for it.

Another such cascading connection occurred when my fairy tale got picked up by OffGuardian, and I encountered tweets by Crow Qu’appelle of Nevermore MediaPaul Cudenec of Winter Oak PressIain Davis of In This Together, and Cory Morningstar of @elleprovocateur, among others.

The Vapor, the Hot Hat, and the Witches' Potion: A Fairy Story (Book Cover)

I liked Crow’s tweet so much, I contacted him about using it on the cover of the book version. And that was the moment, the pinpoint connection, that was to branch into a friendship and lead to my becoming a contributor at Nevermore Media along with PaulIainJordan HendersonThe StirrerDerrick BrozeJohn DuffyJames CorbettWhitney WebbRozali TelbisNowick Gray, and Lee SimpsonTessa LenaMark Crispin MillerFernando Andacht, and Cory Morningstar also joined at my invitation.

“An anarchist journal of heresy and thoughtcrime,” Nevermore Media is a trilingual (EnglishSpanish, and Frenchmultimedia project whose aim is to revitalize the anarchist tradition and “bring together anarchists opposed to the medical-industrial-complex and the biosecurity state, that is to say, real anarchists.”

Canadian exile living in Mexico, Crow1 writes:

“The time has come to rise up against the tyranny of the biosecurity state, to declare that we will never again submit to tyrannical measures such as curfews, lockdowns, mask mandates, and vaccine passports.

“The time has come to say NEVERMORE!”

So am I an anarchist? I don’t know. Maybe. Following are my meditations on my values and political journey.

In Praise of Dangerous Freedom

Person Balancing on a Cliff's Edge to Represent Dangerous Freedom

Malo periculosam, libertatem quam quietam servitutem [I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery].… It prevents the degeneracy of government, and nourishes a general attention to the public affairs. I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical.”
Thomas Jefferson in a letter to James Madison, January 30, 1787

“In a constellation that poses the threat of total annihilation through war against the hope for the emancipation of all mankind through revolution—leading one people after the other in swift succession ‘to assume among the powers of the earth the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them’—no cause is left but the most ancient of all, the one, in fact, that from the beginning of our history has determined the very existence of politics, the cause of freedom versus tyranny.”
—Hannah Arendt, On Revolution (Kindlepaperbackaudiobook)

I possess a virulent anti-authoritarian strain dating back to my childhood (ask my father), and I have always found the concept of respecting authority for authority’s sake nonsensical. Respect is something you earn, not deserve. This gives me a natural affinity for anarchism.

Here commences the soundtrack for this post, which draws primarily from Repo Man, a zany anthem to the anarchist-influenced punk movement.

I don’t do labels, so I don’t call myself an anarchist, but I find we are aligned on the values I feel matter the most.2

Here are the core values I sketched out for myself:

anti-tyranny | pro-liberty

anti-censorship | pro–free speech
anti-collectivism | pro-individualism
anti-globalism | pro-localism
anti-surveillance | pro-privacy
anti-compliance | pro-resistance
anti–bodily violation | pro–bodily autonomy
anti–multinational corporations | pro–small business
anti-cabal | pro-people

anti-fear | pro-courage

anti-fragility | pro-resilience
anti–victim mentality | pro-warrior mindset
anti-disempowerment | pro–self-defense
anti-equity | pro-equality
anti-dependency | pro-responsibility

anti-hatred | pro-love

anti-war | pro-peace
anti-divisiveness | pro-cooperation
anti-envy | pro-gratitude
anti-intolerance | pro–open-mindedness
anti-nihilism | pro–sober optimism
anti–cruelty | pro–kindness
anti-bitterness | pro-joy
anti-destruction | pro-creativity

anti-illusion | pro-reality

anti-lies | pro-truth
anti-hypocrisy | pro-integrity
anti-corruption | pro-justice
anti-irrationality | pro-reason
anti-deception | pro-transparency
anti-hypnosis | pro-awakeness
anti-conformity | pro–independent thought
anti-ignorance | pro–critical thinking
anti–cultlike faith | pro-skepticism
anti–panic-mongering | pro–calm assessment
anti-astroturfing | pro-grassroots
anti–mainstream culture | pro–culture jamming

anti-destruction | pro-creation

anti-violence | pro-diplomacy
anti-technocracy | pro-nature
anti–medical-pharmaceutical complex | pro–natural, holistic medicine
anti–pollution | pro–stewardship

I find my fellow Nevermore creators both open-minded and open-hearted. We can discuss differing viewpoints without anyone taking anything personally. No one is fundamentalistic about their ideas, and we gratefully learn from one another as we strive to defeat tyranny.

I also don’t consider myself on the left or the right (Nevermore calls this being a NOR-ist). As I wrote in a Nevermore chat:

“The left/right paradigm is virtually meaningless now and is only used by the propagandists and their puppeteers to divide, sow hatred, and create in-group/out-group bias. TPTB want to divide the people and keep us busy fighting each other instead of them. Right now, all that matters in my mind is are you pro-freedom or pro-tyranny. The left has gone full-on authoritarian with its pro-censorship, pro-globalist/WEF/Great Reset/COVID agenda, whereas the middle and elements of the right are still open to dialoguing, diversity of thought, and rationality.… I no longer judge by party but by individual politicians’ values, words, and actions.”

In this videoMark Changizi describes how the political landscape has shifted from left–right to freedom–authoritarian:

Aaron Kheriaty sums it up concisely in this tweet:

Some would call the territory I’ve entered classical liberalism or the intellectual dark web. Others say I’m post-partisan or politically homeless.

Anne Gibbons: Any Ideas? (Politically Homeless)

I call it being politically agnostic. Really, I call it being free because jettisoning labels has been one of the most liberating acts of my life.

Apparently, I’m not alone. In this interview Paul Cudenec published at Nevermore Media, once-leftist Foods Not Bombs Founder Keith McHenry states:

“As free thinkers we can encourage a great transformation of the human spirit where we find solutions outside the left-right paradigm. That discussion and search must continue in earnest. I am done with the left-right divide. It’s now the humans versus the deadly robotic corporate state.”

I love this Russell Blake post so much, I wish I had room to quote it in full.

My close friend and collaborator Visceral Adventure created a striking video to illustrate this very piece:

Russell Blake: To Vote or Note to Vote (Video by Visceral Adventure)

Diane Perlman published this spectacular Declaration of Independents! in which she calls for us to “to liberate ourselves from dualistic, concrete, black-and-white, us/them, right/wrong, good/evil, all or nothing, right/left, Democratic/Republican thinking.”

And Mathew Aldred introduces the concept of a Decentralized-Distributed-Dissident-Collective-Intelligence-Network in this piece.

Modern Heretic Addison Reeves—a lawyer who “critiques U.S. political culture from a radical left perspective” and whose fierce It’s Just … Why I Won’t Submit earned a spot in my first Recommendations Roundup—wrote a blistering critique titled Why I Left the “Left:” How Democrats Are Endangering Democracy in which she concludes:

“Democrats are heavily invested in the authoritarian goal of divesting individuals of control over their lives and replacing a government by the people and for the people with a managerial, priest class that dictates to the rest of us how we must live. If Democrats fulfill their vision, we will be living in a society in which the government does not have to obey the will of the people; but rather, the people obey the will of the elite class who run government. We the people will exist solely as objects to be prodded and manipulated into compliance with the managerial expectations of government, expectations that serve to enrich Democrat politicians’ wealthy partners. We are the product, and Democrats are using the power of government to sell us to their highest bidders. No party that treats citizens like fungible commodities should be in power in a democratic republic.”

Addison nails the rot that defines the present Democratic Party, but that doesn’t mean the Republican Party is free of corruption. This is why I don’t do parties anymore.

Vote Moloch! Vote Baal!
The Two-Party System: Switching the Trolley from Red to Blue
The Illusion of Free Choice
The American Two-Party System: Two Moldy Oranges
Republicans and Democrats: Stuff They Agree On
They Have You Fighting Each Other Instead of the System That Enslaves You
These Chains Are Too Short! These Chains Are Too Long!

I pilfered most of these memes from this Nevermore Media post.

And here’s one from official Nevermore cartoonist Lee Simpson reflecting my own philosophy of focusing on uniting over division3:

Lee Simpson: Divided vs. United

As I write in my poem You Can’t Cancel Me:

We are not an Us and Them.
The only Them is They, who
have made We an Us and Them.
Keep thinking, keep questioning,
keep resisting, keep loving, 
and together, We can expose,
dethrone, and cancel They.

I don’t care who you voted for. I don’t care what party you’re registered under. I don’t care whom you’re planning to vote for. I don’t care if you don’t vote at all. All I care about is whether you are pro-tyranny or pro-freedom. If you’re pro-freedom, welcome to our karass.

One of the first things I noticed and appreciated about the community blooming at my Substack is your intellectual diversity:

“This may sound strange, but I may be most touched by the fact that you guys—based on where my articles have been reposted, tweeted, and shared—span the full range of the political spectrum.

“It shows me we are capable of transcending the artificial partitions erected to divide us. It shows me that when totalitarianism threatens the planet, those with eyes to see and ears to hear can set aside their differences to decry tyranny. It shows me there is a glimmer of hope that we can escape the dystopian future every instrument of authoritarianism is dragging us toward with the seemingly irresistible force of gravity—because we far, far outnumber them … if we can come together.”

After I drafted this essay, an artist, subscriber, and cherished friend named Susan emailed me something so uncannily similar to what I’d experienced, I asked her permission to share it:

“Reading a book outside in the sun this morning while I ate my breakfast (wishing I had an extra arm and hand), I discovered the answer to my own question …

“I had asked a question in my email to you, one which I’ve been contemplating from multiple angles. I know I’m not alone in having experienced a grand reevaluation of previously held beliefs, allegiances to particular thoughts, political persuasions, etc. This has been the experience of so many recently. We have found ourselves detached from what we had previously been attached to. I have described it as having my brain broken open. At times disorienting, emotionally challenging, even painful. A sense of groundlessness. While I have generally never enjoyed labels, I have found them necessary to communicate more easily with others, to more quickly come to understand others (or think that I do), so have reluctantly adopted them as I have shaped myself over the course of my journey through life. Lately, having gotten over the initial pains as my brain broke open wider and wider, and my vision expanded beyond what I thought possible, I searched for a new place to land. But I found nothing defined. Do we need a new name for what we are? Would it help explain this experience to ourselves and to each other? Again, I had my initial aversion to labels, but somehow it still felt necessary in this world we find ourselves living in to better communicate about this experience and more easily recognize and understand each other. Could we be more cohesive and effective in our work if we unified and gave ourselves a name? But then, this morning, barefooted with a book and simple breakfast in front of me, I realized what we are:

“What we are is free.”

(Cue Cat Stevens musical intermission4—or, if you prefer, Maude’s version.)

“And maybe freedom is uncomfortable at first, when you are not used to it. I’ve had many thoughts around this whole experience. I’m guessing you have, too? I’ve mostly seen people describe some of their disorientation when the world they thought they knew wasn’t what they thought it was (this is actually a somewhat different topic from what I’m talking about above), and their previously held beliefs radically change (more what I’m talking about above), but I haven’t yet read anyone write at length about it. Maybe you have? Direct me to the link, if so!”

And this was where I got goosebumps—because I had just been writing about that very liberation here, and Susan’s poetic reflection became another pinpoint of connection in the “lattice of coincidence” that has characterized this adventure of liberation.

Susan then shared this resonant conversation between Bret Weinstein and Neil Oliver chronicling their individual revelations and the unexpected roles they’ve found themselves playing:

In another congruent conversationMickey Z. and Cindy Sheehan discussed their own stories of deliverance from political bondage, prompting me to write this to Mickey:

“As someone who was moved by Cindy’s courageous stance against war, corruption, and neocon/neolib hypocrisy, I found this conversation incredibly heartening. I am thrilled to hear she is awake to the mass deception campaign of the past two+ years and has found her way to this liberating, post-partisan world in which we shed those meaningless labels and instead focus on our shared values of freedom (anti-tyranny), truth (anti-propaganda), and love (anti-hate).

“I have an article in the works that will be touching on my own journey toward political agnosticism and the unfenced landscape I find myself in today.

“I hope you can share this note with Cindy and convey my gratitude to her for her bravery—indeed, speaking out against the ideologues takes more chutzpa than even her past admirable acts as she is standing up to the multitudes rather than having them cheering her on.”

Subsequently, Cindy joined my mailing list, and it is a particular privilege to welcome this honorable woman of action and compassion to this community.

Cindy Sheehan

To add another rung to the lattice of coincidence, Kinobe’s “Running Free” just started playing on my Spotify Release Radar—the perfect score to capture this euphoric experience of emancipation:

Shedding my own labels peeled away the cognitive biases that had inhibited my ability to appreciate the perspectives of those outside my in-group, and it helped me see through the lies told to keep my in-group enslaved to an ideology that served the rulers rather than the people.

But that’s another essay—actually, the book I was contemplating writing before COVID totalitarianism altered my course and inspired me to launch this Substack.

If you’re curious, here’s how it started:

“I used to call myself a progressive because I was anti-authoritarian, anti-war, anti-corporation, countercultural, tolerant of diverse viewpoints, pro-truth, pro–freedom of speech, pro–freedom of choice, pro-justice, and pro-equality for all.

“I stopped calling myself a progressive because I am anti-authoritarian, anti-war, anti-corporation, countercultural, tolerant of diverse viewpoints, pro-truth, pro–freedom of speech, pro–freedom of choice, pro-justice, and pro-equality for all.”

It appears most of my Nevermore comrades-in-words have followed a similar trajectory.

It was Paul Cudenec’s sharing of my first essay, A Primer for the Propagandized: Fear Is the Mind-Killer, in an issue of Acorn that introduced Crow to my writing, and so the circle of pinpoint connections completes.5

Musical finale: Cue the closing scene from Repo Man, a fitting metaphor for flying free as scored by The Plugz’s celestial “Reel Ten”:

With that, I will segue to Paul’s invigorating essay, The Courage to Face the Truth.

The Courage to Face the Truth

by Paul Cudenec of Winter Oak Press / Nevermore Media
Originally published as “The Monstrous Truth” in Acorn #72 and at Nevermore Media
The Courage to Face the Truth; Woman Illuminating Darkness with Candle

“The secret of happiness is freedom and the secret of freedom is courage.”

It is hard to fully grasp the sheer monstrosity of the system under which we live.

Most people simply cannot imagine that anyone could deliberately inflict untold misery and death on others, purely in pursuit of their own selfish goals.

Instead, even when they are not happy about what has happened, they cling to the semi-reassuring notion that it must have been some kind of mistake, or accident, the unforeseen outcome of a collision of social circumstances or geopolitical forces for which nobody in particular could be held responsible.

Coincidence Graveyard

They consider it outlandish to suggest, despite the abundant evidence, that our own ruling clique has created, funded, and trained terrorist groups to attack its own populations so as to frighten them into cowed obedience.

They do not think it likely for a fake “pandemic” to be sold to a global public in a pre-planned and coordinated fashion in order to advance a certain nefarious agenda, with the vast and irreparable suffering caused by this scam regarded as acceptable collateral damage.

I'm Just Not Ready to Accept That Everything I Believed Was a Lie (Cartoon)

They struggle to see how it could really be true that the social and environmental goals and solutions offered to us by virtue-signaling “do-gooders” are nothing but lies, Trojan horses for yet more exploitation and destruction.

It is impossible for many folk to imagine that nightmarish military conflicts costing thousands, if not millions, of innocent lives, could be schemed up behind the scenes and sold to the public on false pretenses.

They cannot believe any of this because they, like most of us, fall into the “mostly good” category of human being, tripping and stumbling our way through life trying not to cause too much harm to others and still feeling uneasy, years later, about the times when we did not meet our own moral standards.

But the powerful individuals who pull the strings in this world are not like us and therefore behave in ways which we cannot begin to fathom.

Psychopath Eye

They are psychopaths, utterly lacking in empathy for their fellow humans and addicted to the taste of blood and power.

In their vile arrogance, they imagine themselves better than all the little people, all the peasants, all the nobodies and failures over whom they merrily trample in their quest for yet more wealth and glory.

Their sneering sense of superiority fuels their behavior. They see themselves as the glorious end product of neo-Darwinian “dog eats dog” evolution, the “fittest” who are destined to survive and prosper at the expense of the despised masses.

In truth, of course, the opposite is true. These liars and manipulators, these mass-murdering mafiosi, represent the very worst of humanity.

Only in their own inverted and amoral view of the world do the ruthless and greedy occupy any kind of high ground. They are the lowest of the low.

But as long as we continue to see the world from their perspective, which they present to us as the one and only truth, we will not be able to grasp this.

Take off the Masks; Turn off the TV!

We need to step right out of the picture they have painted for us, in which we will only ever be the background to the triumph of their own twisted will.

The first thing we obviously have to do is to stop listening to and believing their lies, refuse to base our understanding of reality on what they tell us, decline to take “sides” in the gruesome games they devise to further divide and control us.

We also have to shake ourselves free from the language they use and all the assumptions this brings with it. Enough of their “economy” and “growth” and “security” and “progress”! These are all just mislabeled facets of their ongoing domination.

As we strip away the fake reality they have painted, we will ditch all kinds of previously unchallengeable “truths”.

Most People Don't Really Want the Truth

No, we do not really have a “moral” duty to spend our lives working for the profit of the ruling class, just in order to live and eat and breathe!

No, our children do not belong to them, and we did not have to hand them over for obligatory slave-think indoctrination or for experimental drug injection!

No, we do not “need” their infrastructures in order to live our lives, and we certainly do not need “protection” from those who themselves represent by far the greatest threat to our well-being!

Eventually, after layer after layer of artifice has been peeled away, we will see the horrible truth about the psychopathic mafia and the physical and psychological slavery they have imposed on us for so long.

Once we have understood this, we will all know what to do next.

If the People Stand, the Game Is Over

About Paul Cudenec

Paul Cudenec
Paul Cudenec

Paul Cudenec is an English journalist and author whose writing appears regularly on the Winter Oak site and who is perhaps now best-known for his 2020 article Klaus Schwab and His Great Fascist Reset.

He said in a 2013 interview:

“Anarchism is the political label we give to a massive underground river of suppressed thinking that is flowing under the streets of our materialist capitalist civilization, waiting to rise up and sweep away its factories, prisons, and city halls. Ultimately, it’s the life-force itself and as such it’s unstoppable”.

Read Paul’s full bio here.

I was honored to connect Paul with the iridescent Tessa Lena and savvy Mickey Z. for the following invigorating interviews:

Tessa Lena

Mickey Z. on Post-Woke

Fascism Rebranded (by Paul Cudenec) Book Cover (Artwork by Jordan Henderson)
Artwork by Jordan Henderson

Paul’s book, Fascism Rebranded, comprises eighteen essays reflecting on the nature of tyranny in the wake of COVID.

He introduces the collection as follows:

“I didn’t see the COVID moment coming, of course. Who could have imagined, even at the start of 2020, that we were heading into a Brave New World of lockdowns and curfews, of travel bans, vaccine passports, and police-state restrictions on every aspect of our lives?

“But for many years I had understood that our society risked heading in a totalitarian direction and that, far from being the opposite of contemporary ‘liberalism,’ as we are always told, fascism was in fact a mode into which this hypocritical system could switch at any given time, when it felt the need.…

“Here we see how the dominant complex paints a false picture of historical fascism not just to smear its own current opponents, but also to hide its own close relationship with that very same monstrosity.”

Nevermore Media

To learn more, get involved, subscribe, or donate, visit the website and sign up for their Substack and social media:


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Nevermore Media Contributors on Substack

Being the rebel that she is, Rozali Telbis is using Ghost instead of Substack, although I hope she’ll be joining us here soon. You can find her blog here.

Jordan Henderson is contemplating setting up a Stack, but in the meantime, you can enjoy his artwork and essays here.

Undoubtedly, most of you are already familiar with Whitney Webb’s Unlimited Hangout, but it’s worth subscribing to if you aren’t already on her list.

You can find Fernando Andacht’s essays at eXtramuros Magazine (Spanish) and his guest piece for my Substack here.

Cory Morningstar shares a Telegram channel with Mike Yeadon and Robin Monotti.

You can browse official Nevermore cartoonist Lee Simpson’s portfolio here:

Lee Simpson Cartoon: Pandemic Amnesty

1. After I introduced Dr. Mike Yeadon to Crow, Mike wrote in a comment:

“Margaret Anna Alice: You & Crow are hard hitting, relentless fighters for the truth & against cabal hegemony.”

These words carried all the more weight considering how deeply I admire Mike and his own relentless fight for the truth and against cabal hegemony, as does Crow.

2. Nevermore Media’s Editorial Policy statement articulates our shared values well:

  • Nevermore prefers to post content that is relevant to an international audience.
  • We do not and will not support any political party. We tend to regard electoral politics as a sham and will normally ignore them.
  • We aim to be a safe space for controversial ideas and participants should be comfortable with a certain degree of controversy, including controversy for controversy’s sake. Dissent has been greatly stifled in recent years, and a major part of this is the fact that the fear of offending people has risen to an unreasonable level. For that reason, participants in Nevermore need to be comfortable with offending people. We also want to be respectful toward those of different beliefs and engage with them in a way that raises the level of political dialogue.
  • That said, we do have our limits and will under no circumstances publish content that is hateful or supportive of ideologies that are inherently hateful such as transhumanism, eugenics, fascism, white supremacism, imperialism, or ultra-nationalism.
  • We oppose censorship, including the censorship of our political opponents.
  • Nevermore is anti-war and pro-peace. This is not the same as pacifism, exactly. We do not and will not support any state military, but we think history has taught that political violence is often unavoidable. However, we oppose the glorification of political violence that has been common in radical left-wing circles in recent years (think Antifa).
  • Nevermore describes itself as NOR-ist, taking NOR from the phrase Neither Right NOR Left. We consider the terms Left and Right to now be woefully inadequate at describing the political reality of our world. Our politics could also be accurately characterized as “post-left anarchism.”
  • Our collective is not ideologically homogenous, and not every contributor is an anarchist. That said, we will generally avoid publishing articles calling for state-based solutions to any problem.

3. The following pertinent observations are excerpted from a reader email with his permission:

The central cause of our inability to fight back effectively is a MASS POLITICAL DIVIDE which has effectively paralyzed us.

Near no one WANTS to talk about this because the political landscape has been INTENTIONALLY poisoned with hostility and stupidity, but it remains at the root of our divide, nevertheless.

Though it can be ignored, it cannot be avoided nor overcome by such… and until we break this divide, it will continue to paralyze us until the elite win every last battle.

Sorry to say, “the great awakening will [not] flourish naturally,” save that we ALSO face the roots of our MASS division.

It’s complicated, of course (designed that way to resist resolution), but I’ll try to summarize it briefly.

It’s fascism 2.0

It’s a slow-moving reformulation of the great social divide which laid the groundwork for the successful Nazi coup in 1930’s Germany.

Essentially, the covid-normies are composed of 3 groups:

1) the neo-liberal (con artist) politicians, (Demoncrats) and presstitute media – whose job is to fan the fear and hate of Repugnicans (and the conservative MASSES) even though the two Parties are working together to screw us over.

2) the liberal MASSES, who generally mean well, believe in ‘fair play, democracy’ (and don’t like bigots like Trump) – but who are easily manipulated when frightened… capable of a sudden comfortability with a (fascist) protector; and

3) a badly-weakened, marginalized ‘radical left’ – which had become increasingly desperate (and dogmatic) after a 70+ year campaign of Imperial, hegemonic beat-down, such that, with covid sailing in and Trump in charge in 2020, they took the Faucian bait.

They wrote off all ‘covid-criticism’ as ‘right-wing Trump talk,’ which then gave REAL ‘right-wingers’ ROOM to join the critique (because there was now no one to call out their hypocrisy… to say, ‘Pretty words, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, etc but what are you going to DO about it?’).

At each stage of the covidian rollout (as things got worse and worse), the libs and lefties RETREATED into their ideological bubble… pointing to the ever stronger ‘right’ voice within the Covid-critique… Trump supporters… unwillingness to recognize etc – while they themselves were unable to acknowledge… they’re CREATING the very thing they’re complaining about.

To this colossal strategic error (committed largely by very smart,

arrogant young people), we must now add the HUGE karmic guilt and shame for the MASSIVE social pain this has caused.

And still they will not budge, because ‘the right’ is stronger than ever.

The immediate breakthrough solution is rather simple enough; but implementing it requires clarity ’round the importance of the matter.

The ‘solution’ is for covid-critics to repeatedly and consistently call for a rejection of the Two-Party system – to openly reject Trump as a key participant in the con (along with Biden and co) – and thereby give GENUINE, grassroots ‘lefties’ a way home again… with compassion and clarity for how they got sucked into the greatest act of political manipulation in human history.

Again, this may seem of little weight – precisely because near no one WANTS to talk about it.

It’s the elephant in the room which resists fruitful discussion – until enough people say, ‘enough!!’

4. Another coincidence: Shortly after I inserted the Harold & Maude reference, Susan quoted Maude in an email, writing:

“The symbol of the cage is appropriate to contemplate when exploring the concept of freedom. To quote Maude from one of my favorite movies, Harold and Maude, ‘How the world so dearly loves a cage.’”

5. A day after writing this, I decided to play Kinobe’s new album and discovered it is called Full Circle—more ripples in the pond of coincidences.

Adding yet another ring to the circle of connections, while I was writing this piece, Ed Brenegar surprised me with me a signed copy of his Circle of Impact: Taking Personal Initiative to Ignite Change, which articulates the model of “what we can create—together.”

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