Anarchism has only one commandment: Thou shalt not rule. This is the only barrier which anarchism offers egoism. However, anarchist-egoism grants a thousand liberties which are forbidden in today’s society.

Envisioning a Post-Western World

If the society produced in Europe through centuries of bloody violence and subsequently unleashed to ravage the entire planet can be thought of as “civilization,” an intelligent human being can only conclude that this civilization is something which must be eradicated so thoroughly as to never again be obtainable.

Love Has Been Abolished

The task is to be a voice of reason in the midst of this mass psychosis.. The task is to awaken the masses from the trance they are in, dispel the fear that is governing them, and remind them of what gives their lives meaning.

Still Free

my true rebellion is in my refusal to submit to a lie that paralyzes the world

like a tuft of grass i sway with the wind

still free

‘Freedom Day’…what a joke that was…

Whatever our differences may have been in the past and regardless of the different perspectives we still have, we need each other in this fight for our basic freedoms. This is the fight of our lives and isn’t one we can walk away from because we’ll lose everything if we do. If we stick together and fight off the divide and rule merchants, there’s everything to gain…”